10 Best New Year Resolutions

All right, all of us decide to go on a diet, work harder, cut down on alcohol and smoking etc. on every New Year and never manage to keep it up. Here are a few ideas to make sure that no body screws it up. Tell your resolutions to all your friends and bet some money on the person who keeps up with his resolution and wins the money at the end of the year. This should work well. However, do not set up a resolution beyond impossible. Here is a list of whacky resolutions you could do for this New Year.

To change your dressing styleSome proposed resolutions for the New Year

All right, you do not have to do a weird dressing style like Ross in friends but you could try something subtly new and different from what you usually wear for this 1 year. It won’t be such bad idea after all.

To wear a trendy hair style

So, you are one of those people who fret away from getting a hair cut. Getting your locks chopped is a dreadful thing for you? Then, take that dreadful step this year and see the change in your looks and your attitude.

How about a spirit free year?

So, you love alcohol and gulp down at least 1 peg every day. Well then, before this turns into an addiction, it is recommended that you kick the bottle at least for this year.

Writing a dairy

If you always wanted to write a dairy and never got to a start, this is a good time to begin. What better date to start your dairy than 1st January.

Be as punctual as possible

If you have always been branded as a late comer then this is a nice opportunity to change things. Resolve to come on time this New Year and make sure you keep your resolve.

Explore a new place or 2

Each one of us has always wanted to travel to an unknown corner of the world but the same has not been possible for all of us. Resolve to explore 1 or 2 unknown travel destinations this year. You get to keep your New Year resolution and have fun both at the same time.

Learn something new

A lot of us have wanted to learn many things and have never gotten to it. This is a very good time to resolve to learn a new thing. It could be anything from music to driving or simply learning a new language.

Introduce a new activity to your daily routine

Introduce something like going for a walk, reading a book, drawing or painting etc. to your daily routine. It could be something you really like doing but never get the time for it. You could do it just now. Go ahead, have fun with it.

Pick a new book

You have always wanted to read XYZ series but never got the time, right? Resolve to finish them all within the year and drown into them day in and day out.

The spiritual year

We all know there is God but completely ignore him/her all the time. Make it a point to involve the God you believe in with your life this year. You are bound to see some changes or the other.

So, ditch the traditions, resolve something new this year and keep your resolutions in the same while. Have a fun and Happy New Year.


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