10 Cool Nail Arts for Christmas

So girls wanna add flair to your look? Wanna look different this Christmas? Wanna win the heart of all the boys? Simply try doing something different from all other people! Thats nail art! Normally people find it difficult to do nail art at home but girls it isn’t that difficult also. Just a little splash of your inner talent  would make you look gorgeous on every occasion and what more does any girl want anyway.

Just  follow these simple steps and there you are with your pretty nails.

1) Firstly remove your old nail paint.

The first thing you should do is to remove your old nail polish as you always should start with a clean surface. Its better to use a cotton instead of cloth while removing the old nail polish from your nails. You can easily get a nail polish remover in the market. Then cut your nails if needed, file them and shape it up as you need. Now we go on for some variety….

2) Snowy


So if you want it to be simple and sweet,  French manicure always helps you. But to add spice to it, we can do it differently. You can apply light blue or light green for the base and then where you usually apply white while doing the normal French manicure, apply it. So instead of keeping the base plain, simply apply light blue or light green. A snowy look would be perfect for this Christmas!

3)Red Christmas balls!

Christmas trees decorated with red balls look beautiful and so will your nails if you get some balls drawn on them during the festive season. So things that you actually need are green nail polish, red and blue markers and a transparent nail polish. So first you need to get the base done green and let it dry. Later draw balls using black marker and fill it will red colour marker. After that apply transparent nail polish so that your creativity will remain safe.

4) Small Christmas trees.


Well this would work if you have got long nails for Christmas So we all have learned how to make Christmas trees in school. Simply apply white nail polish if you have or you can even keep the base plain. Then with a black marker draw small a small Christmas tree on each nail. Colour it with green and if you are really creative then you can even decorate your Christmas tree.

5)Cute little elf

Elves are our favourite. Elves on nails look cutest! But before trying it on your nails you need to practice!  Drawing elves isn’t that easy. Practice a little on rough sheets and then try it on your nail. Base for this can be light colours like blue, baby pink, light orange, etc.

6)Bow! Keeping it simple and sweet?

You need a bow! A pretty bow on your nail would make you look much more prettier! So get a white nail polish and cover the base and draw a pretty bow on each nail! You can even go for two small bows on each nail depending on your nail width. Then let it dry and later just put up transparent polish so that it remains for a longer time.

7) Snowman!

Why not a small snowman on you nail this time? With the base light blue and the snow man with black out-line and white inside would look much prettier than anything else in the party you are in! Just be a little careful as this is a little complicated than others. But once done perfectly, it is worth the pain. Make a small red nose also to give effect. Never forget your transparent nail polish at the end but only after your creative designs dry.

8) Golden nails


Golden colour nail paint is not that difficult to find today but still people don’t know much about it. Why not you show them how beautiful they look! Grab a bottle of golden nail polish and some green embeds. You can get the base golden and then stick to it some green embeds. This will look damn very pretty! You can even try silver for the base for alternate nails…

9) Glitter nails.

Glitter on the nails is evergreen for any party. Christmas brings reasons to sprinkle some glitter on your nails. Any base of your favourite colour plus sprinkled glitter with a transparent nail polish at the end would just be perfect. You can even wear the base which matches to your dress. This would enhance your look. You can even use as sparkler if you have to give outline to your nails i.e. on all four borders. This art would look perfect for the Christmas party if done neatly.

10)”Bells” Say Jingle bell Jingle bell Jingle on the way!

Yeah! bells on your nails! Our very famous Christmas song got the jingle bells then why not our nails! Pretty bells on pretty nails! Normally two bells would look pretty. So a base as usual of your favourite colour but light blue would be pretty in this case. Then you need some markers to do your drawing on the nail. After drawing and colouring the same let it dry for about 15 minutes. Then you can cover it with a transparent nail polish. You can even add sparkles to this. These bells would be perfect for the Christmas evening.

 So these were few tips on as to how to do your nails for a Christmas party but before you do anything, try spending some time for a perfect manicure. Get it done from some good parlour. Before starting with nail art, always remember to to apply scrub on your nails. This will keep your nails fresh all the time and your nails would also look healthier. Also, remember to soak you fingers in warm water before doing anything to your nails. You can start with the nail art after scrubbing your nails and dipping them in hot water.

So finally you’ll have pretty nails done all by yourself.  Isn’t it easy? Go try it out girl! Nail that party!

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