10 Most Unusual Dress Patterns

It is not uncommon of girls to be bored of the usual everyday dress patterns. However, one can always find dresses with unusual patterns instead of the usual everyday thing. Here are a few examples of them.

The busy patternDress Patterns

Like the name suggests, this pattern will keep your eye busy. It is heavily mixed with lots of prints on it of same or different colors. It is a pattern made to confuse the eye and is not at all simple in nature. This kind of pattern is good to wear once in a while. It will give you the different kind of look that you want.

No pattern at all

No, I ain’t talking of the short black dress with no pattern. How about a dress in bright colors such as green or yellow with no pattern at all on them? You could wear a full sleeves or a 3/4th sleeves one in order to add to the style and wear shoes of a completely contrasting color. You can also wear the dress along with a stylish jacket or accessorize it to give it an extremely trendy look. The fact that the dress has absolutely no pattern gives you a lot of scope to experiment on it. So, why not, go all out and have all the fun!

Gaming patterns

Well, if you are a gaming fan then how about showing it off? Don’t you think a picture of a scene from counter strike or midtown madness will look cool on your dress? It will not only set you apart from the rest of the girls but will also get the boys talking. Moreover, you won’t need to put in extra effort to hook them up to you. All you will have to do is flaunt your dress. So, what are you waiting for? Go, get that game pattern imprinted on your dress.

Arcade games

Not a gaming fan? No biggie. How about chess or ludo patterns on your dress? They will look equally trendy and will make you look elegant and girly. If you are wild enough you could have a carom pattern or a Sudoku pattern on your dress. Exciting no?

The superheroes

Well, we all have loved batman, superman, he-man and spider man. So, why wait for having them imprinted on your dress. As the saying goes, carry your hero in your heart. What are you waiting for, get it done soon.

Words words and more words

Are you a bookworm? And you can’t stop talking about a certain Paulo Coelho? Well, get lots and lots of words randomly printed all over your dress. Ain’t it a better idea than randomly printed flowers? It will look more appalling if you do it on a black or white dress. Remember to print the words in white if the dress is black and vice versa.

Those witty quotes

Who says witty quotes or only for t-shirts. Change the trend by wearing a dress full of witty quotes. Well, do not overdo it. Each dress should have just 1 witty quote and not more than that or else, you will just come across as silly.

The newspaper print

How about getting random newspaper prints on a plain white or black dress and setting yourself apart with a new trend? Don’t you think it’s a really cool idea? So, why don’t you go ahead and do it?

For the music fan

This will become a favorite of those who like music. Let there be the imprint of the face of your favorite singer on the dress with the lyrics flowing all over it. Make sure the lyrics are really cool and a little readable or else the whole point of them will be lost.

Express yourself

Girls are known to be expressive species. Well, it isn’t anything to be ashamed of, for sure. So, why not go ahead and wear a dress full of smileys imprinted on it. This way you will not only come across as gadget friendly but will also look better than the rest. Moreover, you send across a message that you are freely expressive and do not hide your emotions. Isn’t it great then to wear a dress with smileys on it?


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