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25 Gorgeous Lip Tattoos to look out for

Do you wish to flaunt the love you have for your lover in front of everybody? Get lip tattoos instantly! Lip tattoos are very much in vogue nowadays as more and more teens are opting for it to express their love for their loves and also to express their feelings and desires! You can get a sexy lip tattoo on your waist, or a cute little red smooch inked on the inside of your wrist, lips blowing kisses at the back of your neck or nape. You can even show your boyfriend how much you love him by getting a lip tattoo with your name written beside your boyfriend’s!

Celebrate love by getting your lip inked in a unique way as well. So why only get a cute lip inked on a part of your body when you can rather get your lip inked in a cool way! Show your love for your favorite actors or some famous personality, sports, literature or even music by getting this imagery inked on your lips. People usually ink themselves with red color lips. But now you can go for lips black in color as they would look more highlighted and bold. Team it up with pretty pink or any other color skulls making a boundary around your sexy lip tattoo.

So let us have a look at 40 best lip tattoos in vogue at present and choose the one which defines you the best!

1.  The Super Macho Lip Tattoo Design:macho

Now you can show your “macho-ness” by getting a macho looking moustache inked on the inner portion of your lip. You need not have to be a guy to get this tattoo. We girls can get daring too! Go girls!

2. A Lip with Questions Tattoo:question

Life comprises of questions at each and every stage. So why not get this intriguing looking “what” inked on the lips to express your thoughts and questions more explicitly!

3. A Danger Skull Lip Tattoo Design:skull

Get feisty by scaring the living daylights off people by getting this skull tattoo inked on your sexy and pouty lips! Guys Beware of these chicks as they can wound you with their dark side!

4. Creative Lip Tattoo on Finger:lips on fingers

Now you can fool around with people by getting sexy red lips inked on your fingers so that when you place it in front of your face, it gives and impression of real lips!

5. A Cute Little Bow Lip Tattoo Design:bow

Every second of our life is a precious gift any human being could be blessed with. So celebrate this unique gift by getting your lip inked with this cute looking black bow.

6. “Expressing your emotions” Lip Tattoo Design:respect

Tattoo your lips with the word “Respect” because it is such a powerful word with deep rooted meaning. You deserve respect so show it to the people who put you down!

7. Eye inked on the Lip to create Illusion:eyes

Explore the creative side in you by getting a beautiful eye inked on your equally beautiful lip.

8. A “Pi” inked on Lip:pi

If you are a math lover then you should definitely get your lips inked with this cute looking little “pi” symbol!

9. Cobwebs on the Lip Tattoo Design:cobwebs

If you are an ardent insect lover then get your inner lip inked with this creepy looking spider web! Do not get entangled!

10. Lover’s name on the Lips:lover's name

Does your lover’s name remains on your lips the entire day? Then you should get it inked on your hand or wrist next to a cute looking fiery red lips. Show love!

11. Marilyn Monroe inspired Tattoo:marilyn monroe

If you are an avid fan of the acting diva Marilyn Monroe then you should get this tattoo for sure! Get yourself inked with this tattoo spelling out Marilyn Monroe next to a sexy looking pouty lips.

12. “A Last Kiss” Tattoo with a lip:a last kiss

Never want to let go off your beloved? Then get this romantic tattoo inked on your body and profess your desire to him or her in a romantic way.

13. “Crazy” inked on the Lips:crazy lips

If you are a nutty person in real life who enjoys life to the fullest and put smiles on other’s faces with their antics then you should get your lips inked with this particular tattoo!

14. A Kiss on the Back:kiss on back

If your back is super kissable then you should get this bold and black color lip inked on your back and swoon the world!

15. A Refusal Lip Tattoo:refusal

Your lips belong to you and you should have the power to refuse to accept anybody’s kiss. Show off this power by getting this refuse tattoo on your lips!

16. Tattoo showcasing Self-confidence:self confidence

Arouse the confidence in you by getting this tattoo inked on your body!

17. Enjoy your Freedom Lip Tattoo:freedom

Enjoy the freedom that you completely deserve in your life by getting this “free” tattoo inked on the lower portion of your lip.

18. Ship sailing in the Lip:sailing ship

This design comprises of an evil looking ship capturing a ship within its grasp and not letting it go! Get creative!

19. Proud to be Vegan Lip Tattoo:vegan

Show your love of being a die hard vegan by getting this vegan lip tattoo.

20. Sexy Red Lips:sexy red lips

Get neck-kissed by getting this sexy looking red lip tattoo inked on your neck.

21. Lips on the Chest Tattoo:lips on chest

Add to your charming looks by getting your chest inked with red lips, exactly over your heart!

22. Passion Red Lip Tattoo:passion red lip

Show off your passion with this red lip tattoo inked on your wrist or hand.

23. Pirated Lip Tattoo:pirated lip

If you wish to look cool then you should get this tattoo with pirate!

24. Lip on waist:lip on waist

Show off your gorgeous waist with this tattoo!

25. Zombie Tattoo:zombie tattoo

This tattoo is a must for those you believe in zombie’s and apocalypse!


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