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27 Stunning Polynesian Tattoo to look out for

If tribal designs are what make your taste ticks, then Polynesian tattoos are definitely made for you. The intricate designs which are tribal in nature and which narrates the sacred and intriguing tale of the past is what all Polynesian tattoo is about. The Polynesian tattoos take its inspiration for designs from the Hawaiian counterpart and add to it a dash of danger and intriguing mystery. The tattoos usually draws inspiration from the wildlife, hence animals, flora and fauna of the nature and various other abstract patterns. Bold lines are what the Polynesian tattoo is all about.

The trend to get inked with various Polynesian tattoo patterns is in vogue nowadays and one can get it inked on any part of his or her body. The Polynesian inspired tattoos are usually just in single color (black) but you can get creative by using blue color to get inked with too! Often when it comes to these tattoos, you would find an animal or a bird as the usual selected design for tattoo. So a person’s back is the most ideal place for getting a Polynesian tattoo as more the space, more the beauty of the tattoo!

1.Curvy Polynesian Tattoo Design:curvy

The intricate patterns shown in this tattoo picture surely looks gorgeous and is an awesome tattoo to get etched with as it is quite neat and clean!

2.Sleeve Polynesian Design:sleeve polynesian

Now you can get a Polynesian tattoo in the form of a sleeve tattoo which looks pretty awesome! You can take a look at the picture here to confirm all your nagging doubts!

3.Triangle Tattoo on the Shoulder:triangle

This triangular shaped tattoo inspired from the Polynesian designs looks beautiful on the shoulder of the lady wearer.

4.Finely Intricate Design:finely intricate

What is more better than to get inked with an intricate looking Polynesian tattoo design? The confounding mazes in this pattern surely gives this tattoo a totally psychedelic look.

5.Black Traditional Polynesian:black traditional

You can take the traditional route by opting for this traditional Polynesian tattoo which looks beautiful on the arm of the wearer. It comprises of various haphazard curves, motifs and cute animal faces!

6.Geometrical Polynesian Design:geometrical

If an intricate tattoo is what your hear desires, then you should definitely get hooked up with this Polynesian tattoo which would spell out just one word from the mouth of all the onlookers- fab!

7.Black Polynesian Cross:black polynesian cross

This tattoo is pitch black in color, which is a natural characteristic of any Polynesian tattoo. It also comprises of crosses and various curves which mingle together at one point in the tattoo.

8.Dramatic Polynesian Tattoo:dramatic

This tattoo looks quite dramatic with the way the geometrical figures and symbols are etched upon it!

9.Forearm Polynesian Tattoo:forearm

This rich black sexy Polynesian tattoo inked on the forearm of the wearer is simply to die for!

10.The Circular Polynesian Tattoo:circular

Circle enclosed within a circle is all that is about this Polynesian tattoo which makes a man’s muscular forearm look quite gracious and stunning.

11.Bold Sleeve Tattoo:bold

This bold looking tattoo inked on the upper arm of the wearer, with the black colored arrows pointing vertically is a stunner.

12.Curvy Tattoo on the Foot:curvy on foot

This curvy design inked on the foot of the wearer makes the lady’s foot look beautiful and graceful!

13.The Back Polynesia:back polynesia

This tribal design with all the cute black triangles makes the back of the wearer look spectacular!

14.Gorgeous Polynesian Tattoo:gorgeous

The tattoo with all the right curves makes it look gorgeous and enticing.

15.Heart to Chest Polynesia:heart to chest

This tattoo as the name suggests commences from the shoulder and ends at the wearer’s heart. This is quite an intriguing tattoo and what makes it royal is the design of the king’s face enclosed in the tattoo.

16.Snake Polynesian Tattoo:snake

The tribal tattoo depicting a snake is quite dangerous and yet artistic piece of work.

17.Polynesian Elephant motif:elephant

As mentioned previously, a Polynesian tattoo is considered almost incomplete if no animal motif is included in it! This one beautifully depicts the face of a graceful elephant and is a masterpiece.

18.The Polynesian Face:polynesian face

The tattoo here is shaped quite wavy, with it starting from the shoulder and ending at the chest in the form of a circular laughing Polynesian face!

19.The Polynesian L Tattoo:polynesian l

If you wish to get inked with a tattoo shaped as letter L then this is probably a best example to inspire you with!

20.Half Sleeve Polynesian:half sleeve

Polynesian tattoos are not always black in color. And this statement can be proven through this wonderful tattoo which employs both black and blue color!

21.Flower on the Waist line:flower on waist

Here you can see an intricate looking flower sitting delicately on the waist of the wearer which looks very beautiful.

22.Varied Polynesian art work:varied

From these pictures you can see the various Polynesian patterns and designs to choose from whenever you are planning to head the tattoo parlor next!

23.Old man Polynesian Tattoo:old man

In this tattoo you can check out that the theme of the tattoo is once again tribal and it also comprises the face of a cute looking old man enclosed within the design!

24.The Polynesian Heart:polynesian heart

The theme of this tattoo can easily be defined as that of the wildlife, which is quite the common theme of every Polynesian tattoo. Here it shows a bear slowly treading its way on grass in the wild.

25.Floral Polynesia:floral polynesia

The wearer has inked these beautiful three flowers of varied sizes on her adorable shoulder. This tattoo with flower motifs of different sizes looks really curvy and beautiful on the wearer’s body!

26.Polynesian Curves:polynesian curves

The curves splashing on the upper chest portion of the wearer makes it appear as mighty waves is in fact a mighty octopus which looks spectacular and wonderful!

27.Masculine Polynesian Tattoo:masculine

This tattoo looks every bit as masculine as the wearer and hence suits his personality completely. With this beautiful curvy tribal tattoo gracing his upper arm, he surely exudes all machoism!



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