3 Natural Hairstyles for Black Women with Medium Length Hair

There are no rules when it comes to hairstyles. You should wear whatever appeals to you and whatever you feel comfortable with. At the same time, you need to know what looks good and you need to know you can trust your stylist to be honest with you. You also need to know that you can trust your stylist to get you the look you want. This is especially important for black women. A black woman’s hair is not the same as a white woman’s hair. You need to know your stylist recognizes that. Look for someone who has experience working with black women. Otherwise, you might end up with something much different than what you’re expecting. Any stylist that knows a thing or two about black hair should be able to do all of the styles on this list for you although there are some you can do on your own. We’re going to stick to natural hairstyles in this post but our posts on black hair won’t end here. We’ll also be covering short hairstyles for black women, long hairstyles for black women, medium length hairstyles for black women and updos for black women in the near future so make sure you come back for those posts.

Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

There is nothing wrong with rocking a natural hairstyle for black women, white women or women of any other ethnicity. There are tons of gorgeous natural hairstyles for black women out there to choose from. To get a natural hairstyle, you’re going to want to skip relaxers and other heavy stylish products and opt for more naked hair. That doesn’t mean you can’t do something special. Some of these looks feature braids, dreads, twists and buns to take the looks to the next level.

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Yvette Nicole Brown Natural Curls

I love Yvette Nicole Brown. She’s absolutely fantastic on NBC’s Community and her hairstyle suits her perfectly. It’s fun, classy and youthful and beautifully compliments the shape of her face. All you need is a little smoothing gel and a shine serum to get that gorgeous shine. This is one of my favorite natural hairstyles for black women because it is a style that looks fantastic on any black woman regardless of face shape or hair texture. Not all women are blessed with these gorgeous, bouncy curls but if you are, you should definitely embrace it.

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Annie Ilonzeh Asymmetrical Cut with Natural Curls

This is an absolutely stunning hairstyle for black women who want to keep their hair more natural and all you’ll need to get the look is a little smoothing gel and some shine serum.You can choose to use hairspray if you want to but the look works just as well without it. Although similar to Yvette’s style above, the big difference is the cut itself. The asymmetrical style gives the look a whole different feel even though you’re still working with your natural curls.

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Jill Scott Natural Hairstyle

The natural hairstyle Jill Scott is rocking in the photo above is a fabulous look and is quite possibly my favorite natural hairstyle for black women. It’s classic and stylish but still really makes a personal statement about who you are and how you want people to see you. While Jill has gone with bold statement earrings to complete her look, you could just as easily go with something a little more muted like gold hoops or even understated studs.

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