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6 Best Foods For Skin!

Whatever you have on your plate is as important as what you apply on the skin for your skin. In order to get clear and healthy glowing skin, you need to pay attention to your diet too. Here is a list of food items which will help you to achieve a healthy younger looking skin, of which you have always dreamt of. If you want to get clear and smooth complexion and soft skin, you must buy the food items mentioned below next time you go to the grocery.

Tomatoes – On top of the list, tomatoes has been placed. It is the best defense for your skin. Tomatoes contain lycopene which is an antioxidant. Though still researches are being carried on to come to a solid conclusion about lycopene, but general studies do reveal that lycopene can help the skin from getting damaged in the sun rays.

The body can absorb the lycopene better when the food is cooked or has been processed. Therefore you should try to eat tomato sauces, tomato ketchup, tomato pastes et al more than the raw tomatoes. This will definitely help the skin to safeguard itself from the UV rays of the sun. Lycopene is soluble in fat which means, when it is consumed with fat, it absorbs faster. So when you take tomato sauce or paste along with olive oil and eggs or avocado, you will see better results.

Green Tea – Now everyone knows the benefits of drinking green tea ; it is not a secret at all! It is the powerhouse of antioxidants. Green tea also has anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing qualities, which is because of high amount of catechin compound in it. One can use green tea both orally and also topically. It protects the skin against skin cancer related to UV rays and sunburns. According to some studies, effects of sun damage can be totally reversed if one drinks at least 2 cups of green tea daily for a continuous period of 6 months. Green tea also can cure redness on the skin and broken capillary veins.

Green Beans – This low calorie green beans can help you get thicker hair and also healthy nails. Green beans is a source of silicon ( silicon should not be confused with “silicone” which is used in breast implants and lip surgeries!) Though the recommended daily intake of silicon has not yet been published but 10mg of it per day is sufficient for the skin. It really strengthens the nails and hair, a recent research has proved so. Get organic green beans for yourself, they retain a higher amount of silicon in them from the soil. If you do not like green beans, then take the help from mineral water derieved from volcanoes like Volvic to get your fix of silicon.

Red Meat – As red meat contain cholesterol and saturated fats, we generally avoid red meats and stick to lean meats which is high in zinc and also protein. However, a recent study has given out that red meat can treat acne problems on skin far better than an antibiotic can. Our skin needs amino acids like proline and glycine to produce the collagen. And the protein content in red meat is high in these two amino acids. Zinc is also important for production of collagen. Zinc is anti-inflammatory too. But in case you are a vegetarian, do not think you are going to miss out your doses of these amino acids. Sea foods are rich in glycine, while cottage cheese and cabbage do have proline. Zinc can be obtained from raw oyster, lentils and kidney beans.

Yougurt – Yougurt can be found in your favourite smoothies. It is a natural probiotic, so it can replenish the useful bacteria in the body and controls the yeast. If you are suffering from gastrointestinal problems, this will definitely be helping you out. In fact it also helps in yeast infections. Yogurt helps a ton in curing the breakouts from acne, eczema and also dandruff problems. However, do go for a low-fat and low-sugar yogurt only, because often sugar aggravates inflammation. But if your breakouts are associated to dairy products, skin yogurt totally, and take probiotic supplements.

Walnut – We have always heard of that, salmons are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. But let me tell you, walnut is also high in omega 3 fatty acid. Walnut can help you if you are suffering from acne breakouts, wrinkled skin, inflammation, blotchiness, redness. The omega 3s found in walnut is actually plant-based and therefore is anti-inflammatory in nature. They helps to lock in the moisture content in your skin and protects the skin from any toxins and chemicals. Omega 3s also do have ALA, that is alpha-linolenic acid, helps in combatting dryness which the skin often faces due to ageing, leading to wrinkles. Not only walnuts, increase the intake of Omega 3s in your diet by having olive oil, almonds, flaxseeds.

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