Appropriate Age For Having Kids

If you ask a group of mothers of various ages that when is the best time to get pregnancy, you will definitely hear different answers. The fact is, there is no proper age to extend your family. Let’s see the benefits and drawbacks of having kids at various stages of life:


Normally, women are physically fit in their twenties. They can carry babies without any problem, they have lot of energy and enjoy deliveries and can handle sleepless nights without any problem. The best part of having baby at this age is, their bodies get back to normal from pregnancy much quickly.

There is a disadvantage of having kids at this age also. Thinking about starting family when you are still young may restrict your opportunity to enjoy your personal time with your partner. Additionally, younger couples may not be very stable financially when compare with older couples and they may be still in middle of settling down with their career. You may be still under the burden of student loan and you may not even be able to afford a home for you and your baby.


This is the age when couples may be financially stable to think about having children and starting family. Their careers may be stable and they have had enough opportunity to understand each other as a couple before taking up the responsibility of starting a family.

Women can conceive easily in their thirties, and they have enough energy for the most part of the pregnancy. It is normal to feel tired during their pregnancy for women in their thirties and they can’t handle the sleepless nights like in their twenties. The risk of complications in pregnancy and delivery increases as women age.

The best and appropriate time to conceive is late twenties according to me. This is the time when you are stable financially with a good career and more experience in life, you will be prepared to face an emotional up and down of pregnancy. Your physical shape is also very good at this stage, so there is nothing to be concerned about.

Fertility starts to decrease in your thirties. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t conceive and have kids anymore at this stage. The great benefit at this stage is that you may be more secure and stable economically. Trying for a child when you are above 35 can be little tricky. At this age women will have to be very careful if they want to have baby as the chances of having birth and health issues are pretty high this time. Generally, many people would consider their late twenties and early thirties for getting pregnant.

Twenties and Thirties are definitely better than compared to forties

Women in their forties feel exhausted at the time of pregnancy. They may also have had problems in conceiving and may have needed assistance to get pregnant. They are at a greater risk for problems throughout pregnancy and birth, and the risk of birth defect for the baby is also high at this stage. When women get pregnant in their forties, they are monitored constantly throughout their pregnancy and many develop absolutely healthy kids. But they may find it very hard to lose weight and regain their energy after the delivery.

There are various advantages of having children in forties, first of all you are more secure financially at this age. You are more matured and responsible towards your child. You and your partner understand each other very well as your relationship have withstood the time. You may have your own house and also may be able to hire a help. Women in their forties experience difficulty in conceiving, but they don’t have uncertain feelings about their pregnancy and they know what they exactly want.

There is no appropriate age to get pregnant, the appropriate time for you may not be the right time for another woman. The most important thing is to know what is right for you and that your are emotionally, physically and financially prepared for it regardless of age.

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