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27 Stunning Polynesian Tattoo to look out for

If tribal designs are what make your taste ticks, then Polynesian tattoos are definitely made for you. The intricate designs which are tribal in nature and which narrates the sacred and intriguing tale of the past is what all Polynesian tattoo is about. The Polynesian tattoos take its inspiration for designs from the Hawaiian counterpart

Must-Have Women Essentials inspired by Men

Who said women cannot borrow from men at all when it comes to clothing sense? We surely can! Be it awesome looking suits (tailored), brogues as well as great looking button ups, these are the stuffs which can be borrowed from the boys with ease. Of course you need to add few things to make

Top 20: Gorgeous Techniques of wearing White Eye Liner

Are you tired of wearing the atypical black and blue colored eyeliners? And are you the kind of person who believes in the notion that only black eye liner can bring out the beauty of the eyes and make it pop out gorgeously? Then you couldn’t be more mistaken! This season, give a well deserved

19 Brilliant Techniques of applying Blush Brightly

Gone are the days when bronzer was the only makeup tool which could bring out the beauty of your rosy cheeks. Blushes are back in vogue in today’s time. We usually take a look at our favorite stars gracing the red carpet every now and then. What do you think has made a comeback in

14 Gorgeous Lip Glosses to get Yummy Kissable Lips

Who doesn’t wish to get perfect kissable lips. Lips are an essential part of a girl’s face and getting yummy deliciously plump lips aren’t a tough job in today’s time. If you’re going out on a “First Date” what is the most essential tool which you should carry in your bag? Lip gloss is your

10 Cool Nail Arts for Christmas

So girls wanna add flair to your look? Wanna look different this Christmas? Wanna win the heart of all the boys? Simply try doing something different from all other people! Thats nail art! Normally people find it difficult to do nail art at home but girls it isn’t that difficult also. Just a little splash

The Walking Dead: 30 Scary Zombie Tattoo Designs

Are you a believer of apocalypse? If yes then you must also believe in what comes after apocalypse. Confused? I am talking about scary Zombies of course! The mere idea of a gooey, filthy and scary looking zombie walking amongst us humans is enough to bring chills down our spine! But that is a totally

Mesmerizing 25 Sleeve Tattoo Designs to Die for

Tattoos are something that can be worn on any part of the body which you prefer, be it your hand, leg, back or arm. It totally depends upon the fact whether you wish to be discreet or openly flaunt your beautiful tattoo. Just the way there are two sides of a coin, similarly there are

Cute Tattoos: 25 Marvelous Shooting Stars Tattoo

Stars are something that have always held the avid interest of the human beings forever. Usually on a starry night we glance up at the sky and are awed by the beauty of the twinkling stars that hold our gaze for a long long time! And to add to the beauty of the stars are

30 Hard Core Bad Ass Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are considered a style statement by the wearer in today’s world. It is a style statement which reflects the personality and nature of the wearer. The tattoos have evolved awfully lot from the time they came into being in ancient cultures. So now more and more of the people are preferring to wear their