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26 Astonishing Finger Tattoo Designs

So do you think that nail varnishes and nail rings are the only things that could be made use of to enhance the beauty of your hands and feet? If you feel so then you are greatly mistaken! With beautiful tattoos inked on your fingers I guarantee you that they would increase the beauty of

Top 20 Tongue Tattoo Ideas to Look Out for

Are you a daring person, challenging yourself each and every day to try something adventurous. Well if you are such kind of person, and over 18 as well, then trying out tongue tattoos are a fun way for you to challenge your extremities! This can be categorized under extreme art. But if you are not

25 Gorgeous Lip Tattoos to look out for

Do you wish to flaunt the love you have for your lover in front of everybody? Get lip tattoos instantly! Lip tattoos are very much in vogue nowadays as more and more teens are opting for it to express their love for their loves and also to express their feelings and desires! You can get

17 Hawaiian Tattoo Designs to Die for

What comes to your mind when you hear of Hawaii- The sun, the sand and of course the cool water. But these three things are not the only aspects Hawaii is famous for. Almost everybody is well versed with the captivating tattoos that originated in Hawaii and is still practiced here. And I would like

23 Glamorous Diamond Tattoo Designs for 2013

You must have studied in chemistry that diamond is the most hard element found on earth. So it is obvious that Diamond is the symbol of strength and beauty which if rare to find. It comprises of various facets which results in it sparkling like a beautiful bright star in the night sky. The lights

Top 18 Miami Ink Tattoo Ideas for All

Would you like to know what kind of tattoos are the ones most in vogue nowadays? Ask any tattoo expert this question and their one and only answer would be- Miami Ink Tattoos! Yes, these beautifully vibrant tattoos are the ones favored most by the tattoo lovers in the tattoo fraternity nowadays. They are extremely

Top 10 Scorpio Tattoo Designs to Die for

Expressing one’s self through art has become a trend right now. But expressing one’s self, nature and personality through a tattoo has become widely accepted and popular all around the world. So why not flaunt the zodiac sign you fall under as well? Today in this article I would throw light on the zodiac sign

10 Best Ambigram Tattoo Designs for All

Do you want to have something fun yet beautiful inked on your body? Then the Ambigrams are just made for you! Now few of you would be wondering what ambigrams actually are. Ambigrams are writing which when viewed upside down, right to left or left to right appear same as the original writing. It means

Top 10 Sunflower Tattoo Designs for All

Tattoos and the art of tattoo making are much in vogue nowadays, maybe the most! It is the most celebrated body art doing the circuits all around the world now and the most sought after too. Be it celebrities and divas or commoners like us, everybody have embraced this art enthusiastically. If one thinks why

Top 10 Countdown: Latest Dragon Tattoo Designs for Girls

Tattoos define a person’s statement of style which remains inked onto them permanently! But dragon tattoos are the ones which is the most popular and the most common choice being made by the tattoo lovers all around the globe nowadays. Dragon is seen as the symbol of immense power, strength, courage and ferocity. Usually people