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10 Pregnancy Symptoms That Shoud Send You To The Gynaecologist

Your health should always be one of your concerns. It is advisable to see a doctor whenever you feel that something is not right inside your body, even though the symptoms are not very accentuated. When you are pregnant, you should pay an even greater attention to your health and any symptoms that do not

Can I Get Pregnant On Birth Control Pills?

There really, honestly, is no such thing as completely safe sex unless you’re choosing not to have sex at all, and that includes those of you in committed, monogamous heterosexual relationships – assuming of course you’re trying to avoid having children. You can be certain that you’re partner isn’t having an affair and you can

What Causes Birth Control to Fail?

By far, the most common reason birth control pills fail is improper use. You absolutely must take your birth control pills as directed or they will be less effective. If you aren’t sure you understand the directions – they can be complicated sometimes, after all – make sure you ask your doctor or pharmacist to

10 Things Every Woman Should Do Before Deciding to Get Pregnant

The decision to have a child shouldn’t be a decision that is made lightly. There are a lot of things you need to consider; money, stability and maturity to name just a few. Having a baby will change your relationship, your life and how you view yourself as a woman. You’re not longer just responsible

Eating Nuts During Pregnancy Can Reduce Allergy in Kids

Many women think that eating nuts when they are pregnant might have an influence on the resistance of their child to allergies. Till recently, doctors suggested staying away from nuts since there was the risk that child might get asthma or nut allergies in future. But, a recent study held in Denmark has proved that

Planning To Conceive? Know The Exact Time of Ovulation

It normally takes up to a year to get pregnant for fertile and healthy couple. Are you trying to get pregnant and hoping to see a positive pregnancy test result quickly? Find out when you are fertile and can actually increase your odds in this article below. Why tracking ovulation is necessary? Women who are

Choosing A Midwife For Homebirth

Parenting is nothing but all about challenged and choices, and complicated questions arise when we realize we are pregnant. Choosing a right healthcare provider is one of the essential things to be done by pregnant women. Expecting mothers who are experiencing low risk and healthy pregnancy may plan to see a midwife for their prenatal

Appropriate Age For Having Kids

If you ask a group of mothers of various ages that when is the best time to get pregnancy, you will definitely hear different answers. The fact is, there is no proper age to extend your family. Let’s see the benefits and drawbacks of having kids at various stages of life: Twenties Normally, women are

Weaning The Baby: Things To Know

Is it the right time to wean your baby? We often hear this question from moms. When you ask this question to your family members and friends, you will get a range of suggestions and advices, some may say, “definitely, any time you like” and some may say “your baby should take that decision and

How To Prevent Miscarriage in Early Stages of Pregnancy

About twenty percent of pregnant women go through miscarriage. So, how to prevent it? Read this post to see how you can prevent it and know how to identify the signs that could lead to miscarriage. I don’t think any woman likes to think about miscarriage while going into a pregnancy, everyone wants to be