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How to Break Up with Your Boyfriend With Class

No one likes to go through a break-up. Even in the best case scenario-truly mutual, respectful and friendly-it’s still something of an emotional scar to bear for a while as it’s hard not to think about where things could have gone better. However, everyone has to go through a break-up at some point and many

Are Women Really More Forgiving Than Men?

A new study that was just released suggests women are more forgiving than men. The study, which was conducted by Spain’s University of the Basque Country, also found that parents are more forgiving than children. Many women, and men, might think that this entire study is hogwash, as it has long been believed and held

How to Kiss a Guy To Drag Him Off His Feet

Kissing is an art that requires you to be a master in this trade if you want to win the person opposite you. A kiss is a channel that drives you sailing through the romantic waves. Your first kiss is what is remembered throughout life and it is the kiss which registers your impact on

Top 10 Single Princes in the World

Single princes seem to become an extinct species these days. If they are all gone, who to dream about, I wonder? Well, there is no need to despair; there are still many young, handsome and –most importantly-royal men to choose from!  Here is a selection of 10 bachelor princes that should fit all tastes: from

Top 18 Miami Ink Tattoo Ideas for All

Would you like to know what kind of tattoos are the ones most in vogue nowadays? Ask any tattoo expert this question and their one and only answer would be- Miami Ink Tattoos! Yes, these beautifully vibrant tattoos are the ones favored most by the tattoo lovers in the tattoo fraternity nowadays. They are extremely

10 Best (Romantic) Places to Get Married

Each of us has her own opinion on what are the world’s most beautiful places to get married. This is why I tried to include as many different gorgeous locations as I could, so as to fit your different tastes. Enjoy this list and feel free to come with some more ideas! 1.  Hong Kong