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Inside Celebrity Homes: A Look at How the Other Half Lives

Not all celebrity homes are insane sweeping vistas with pools, tennis courts and all the crazy bells and whistles no mere mortals could ever need or afford but let’s be honest, a whole lot of them are. The celebrity homes on this list range from the modest to the extravagant but this is only the tip of the iceberg. We’ve got more celebrity homes to share with you in the coming weeks, so make sure you come back. Let’s start off with the most famous, and most ridiculously luxurious celebrity home I’ve ever seen.

image credit: Bauer Griffin

Aaron Spelling’s Manor – Beverly Hills, California

While Aaron Spelling is no longer with us and the Spelling mansion is no longer in the family (it was purchased by 22 year old Petra Ecclestone for $150 million), it remains one of the luxurious homes in Beverly Hills which is saying quite a bit, all things considered. So what makes this home so luxurious, aside from what is quite obvious in the photo above? Well, beyond offering all the standards, this sprawling estate also offers a room dedicated to wrapping Christmas gifts and a ridiculous computerized wardrobe system that was installed for Daddy’s Little Princess, Tori Spelling. The value of that wardrobe system? Oh, somewhere in the neighborhood of  $50k. Honestly, I’m quite certain the house I live in wouldn’t be valued at that much and I know for darn sure my car isn’t. So what else does ‘The Manor’ boast. Glad you asked. The Spelling Manor features:

  • 57,000 square feet of living space
  • 23-26 bathrooms (Candy Spelling, who inherited the home after her husband passed away, wasn’t sure how many bathrooms there are exactly)
  • 3 kitchens
  • 2 swimming pools
  • a tennis court
  • a bowling alley
  • a beauty salon
  • enough parking to accommodate 100 (!) cars

The luxury doesn’t end with the Spelling Manor although to be fair, you’d be hard pressed to find anything more ridiculously extravagant. Again, it’s important to point out not all celebrities feel the need to include computerized wardrobes in their homes or dedicate entire rooms to wrapping Christmas gifts. Let’s look at some (slightly) more modest celebrity homes. First though, why don’t we check out some more photos of the opulent Spelling Manor?

image credit: Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin.com

George Clooney’s Italian Villa – Laglio, Italy

I can’t even imagine living in a home this beautiful. Clooney has said, “A house is a place you live in but a home is a place that your family and friends are part of.” While he was talking about his Los Angeles home at the time, one has to imagine the sentiment carries over to his Italian villa as well. Beautifully landscaped and sitting mere steps from the water, this is truly a house I could easily call a home although if George just wants to let me come over for a weekend visit, I’d be happy enough with that too. A night in a house like that is an experience everyone should have at least once.

image credit: Bauer Griffin

Halle Berry’s Beach Home – Malibu, California

I couldn’t do this post without including Halle Berry’s gorgeous house on the beach in Malibu. The view from those floor to ceiling windows much be absolutely incredible. I could just imagine waking up, making a cup of coffee and just getting lost staring out at the ocean for hours. I feel more relaxed just looking at it. While I’ll likely never get to experience that first hand, this is still a fairly modest property for someone of Halle’s stature. So is the beautiful Beverly Hills hideaway shown in the gallery below that Halle once owned.

image source: hookedonhouses.com

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s Rental Estate – Long Island

So Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have homes in France, Germany and various parts of the United States but when it came time for Angelina to film a movie near Long Island, the decided they needed another estate to hole up in while filming was underway. They opted for this estate – awesomely named Sassafras – and I can’t imagine why. When I talked about bells and whistles in the intro, I was specifically thinking of this estate. What does it include? I think we need a bullet list for this one. Sassafras features:

  •  48 acres of waterfront property
  • 22, 000 square feet of living space
  • 8 bedrooms (and probably at least that many bathrooms)
  • A private dock
  • 2 helipads (!)
  • A guesthouse with 6 bedrooms
  • A staff house with 11 bedrooms

I’d have to imagine there are also a few crazy things in there like a living room, kitchen etc. It seems far too extravagant to be real but when you think of the size of the Pitt-Jolie brood, maybe it isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds. Except, of course, for the helipads. One should really be enough, shouldn’t it?

image source: hookedonhouses.com

Kirstie Alley’s Pretty Pink Oceanfront Cottage – Islesboro, Maine

I love Kirstie Alley and I love this house, although I have to be honest. I’m not sure I love all the decorating choices she’s made inside. I like pink as much as the next girl but this one might be a bit over the top. The house is stunning though and offers five bedrooms and five bathrooms, all on an island reachable only by ferry. Talk about privacy! Although Kirstie sold this pretty cottage a few years back, had I had $2.3 million, I would’ve jumped all over this one, assuming, of course, there was a little money left in the budget for a few buckets of paint and some re-upholstery. Check out the photos below for a look inside this beautiful home.

image source: pacificcoastnews.com

Sandra Bullock’s Gothic Vacation Home – New Orleans, Louisiana

Few things about this one before we get into the details. First, I’m not entirely sure this home still belongs to Sandra Bullock as it was purchased by her and her then husband, Jesse James, before all of the unpleasantness. Second, some would argue vacation homes don’t belong on a list of celebrity homes but it’s owned by a celebrity (or was, at least) and it’s a home so it counts to me. Now, I absolutely adore this house. I’m a big fan of Gothic style homes and this one is a real beauty. It offers 5 bedrooms, 4 and 1/2 bathrooms and 6, 615 square feet of living space. If I could choose to live in one of the homes on this list, I think I’d have to go for this one.

image source: hookedonhouses.com

Christina Aguilera’s Luxurious Mansion – Beverly Hills, California

When a house has a closet with a beauty salon inside, you know it’s going to be quite the house. One would expect no less from a diva like Christina Aguilera. After purchasing this 10, 000 square foot, 6 bedroom, 9 bathroom mansion from Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne (who made the house famous when they used it as the setting for their reality show, The Osbournes) Christina made, well, a few changes. It’s dramatic and over the top with bold decor only someone like Christina could pull off. I love this house and if I’d had a few million to spare, I could’ve bought it when it hit the market following Christina’s divorce. Check out the photos below for more pictures of this insane celebrity home.

image credit: Thorpe/Bauer-Griffin.com

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ Ocean View Mansion – Pacific Palisades, California

What a gorgeous home with a gorgeous view. This is certainly a beautiful piece of property, very fitting for a woman like Catherine Zeta-Jones. This woman has so much style and class and her home is certainly no exception. Certainly luxurious, it still isn’t quite as showy as some of the other celebrity homes out there and check out that landscaping – beautiful.

image source: hookedonhouses.com

Tommy Hilfiger’s Stone Hill Estate – Greenwich, Connecticut

When Tommy Hilfiger put Stone Hill up for sale for $27.9 million back in 2008, we got our first glance inside the opulent estate and boy, it was not disappointing. Boasting 20, 000 square feet of living space, 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, 4 garages and 8 fireplaces, it is no wonder this place came with such a hefty price tag. What else does one get for that kind of money? Cashmere and leather wall treatments, an infinity pool, a tennis court, a sauna, a spa, a wine cellar, a grotto and an indoor gym. Not enough? How about an indoor basketball court and an indoor squash court. Just take a look at the photos below. This place must be seen to be believed.

image credit: Bauer-Griffin.com

John Travolta’s Luxurious Mansion – Brentwood, California

With a spacious front lawn, a swimming pool, a tennis court and all sorts of little extras, John Travolta’s mansion in Brentwood is certainly what one would expect when it comes to celebrity homes. I can’t even imagine having a tennis court on my property but I have to assume it’s pretty damn awesome.

image source: hookedonhouses.com

Jennifer Aniston’s Modern Home – Bel Air, California

Probably one of the more modest celebrity homes on this list, Jennifer Aniston’s modern style Bel Air home is probably one of my favorites. Although these photos are from the original real estate listing, I can definitely see the potential in the house. Check out those incredible floor to ceiling windows that offer views of the city and the ocean. The house sits on three acres of land and has its very own vineyard. The house also features a garden, a pool, a wine cellar and a guest house. Check out more photos of Jen’s stunning home below.

image credit: Bauer-Griffin.com

Sylvester Stallone’s Mansion – Beverly Hills, California

With the exception of the Spelling Manor, Sylvester Stallone’s Beverly Hills mansion is undoubtedly of the most luxurious celebrity homes we’ve talked about thus far. The crazy part? This mega-mansion is actually a tad bit more modest than Sly’s home in Lake Tahoe as that home boasts seven (yes, seven) fireplaces while this one only has four. Honestly, this is just kind of a little over the top for me. I have no idea what anyone could do with all that space. I could house my entire family in there with room left for all of my friends. Perhaps that wouldn’t be so bad after all.

image source: Oprah.com

Paula Deen’s Charming Home – Savannah, Georgia

I have to admit, I’m not terribly familiar with Paula Deen’s work but I am a fan of her personality and imagine I would find her food delicious. While I don’t know much about her as a person, I know I’m loving these photos of her home in Georgia. While there aren’t many photos to share – I’m especially missing the photos of Paula’s kitchen which I’m sure is beautiful – the pictures that are here are look luxurious but still comfortable and homey. One would expect no less of Paula. Check out the gallery below for a look inside  Paula Deen’s house and make sure you check out the guest house. I’d be happy with that all on its own!

image source: Bauer Griffin

 Johnny Depp’s Castle – West Hollywood, California

I saved the best for last. This is, by far, my favorite home out of all the celebrity homes we’ve looked at today. Originally built for Bela Lugose, this house takes the old saying, “A man’s home is his castle” literally. The architecture of this home is stunning and the history makes it impossible to resist. It’s no wonder Johnny plunked a reported $3 million on this home back in 1996. What a stunning house in a stunning location. Absolutely incredible. I can’t even imagine how beautiful the inside of that home is.

Love getting a glimpse inside celebrity homes? Make sure you come back for more in the coming weeks. There’s plenty more to share.

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