Choosing A Midwife For Homebirth

Parenting is nothing but all about challenged and choices, and complicated questions arise when we realize we are pregnant. Choosing a right healthcare provider is one of the essential things to be done by pregnant women.

Expecting mothers who are experiencing low risk and healthy pregnancy may plan to see a midwife for their prenatal care and also plan for home birth with the help of a midwife.

What is the intention behind home birth?

Only a certain percentage of mothers choose or plan to give birth at home in United States, though this type of labor is getting popular these days. Hospitals are well equipped now than before and the science has also advanced to a great extent recently. So, why anyone would still think of having home birth?

Though that small percentage may not be very important statistically, bit still it is reasonable large group of women. There are many reasons to choose or plan for a home birth, and they are:

1. Personal choice

2. Desire for labor and birth that is family-centered

3. Considering homebirth as the default option for a normal and healthy pregnancy

4. Fear of doctors and hospitals

5. Considering birth and labor as normal, instead of dangerous or risky

6. A natural parenting philosophy

7. Insurance and financial problems

8. A good history of quick labors

Is homebirth safe?

According to some studies, they shook the community of homebirth when it indicated homebirth was linked with a reduced rate of complications, but that it increased mortality rates of babies. This is very scary for majority of women.

So what is the reason families are planning to have home births? Though every couple may have their own reasons, many women like to have home births as they believe that majority of the time childbirth and pregnancy are normal functions for the body that is healthy, it is not a life and death crisis that needs the supervision of a doctor.

Having baby at your home means you won’t have any hospital resources available to you. But you will get more personalized and good care from a midwife who will take care of you during the labor. They will make use of their traditional skills and help you through the labor and birth, but if complications occur at any time, they will immediately transfer you to a specialist in hospitals.

What is the rate of safety in home birth when compared with hospital birth? A researcher thoroughly examined various studies of homebirth backed up by a hospital system in comparison to planned birth at hospitals. He studied about twenty five thousand births from different countries.

The outcomes were that there was no considerable difference in rates of survival between home birth and hospital birth. But, there were many important differences between these two groups. Minimal medical interventions occurred in the group of home birth. Very few home born babies were born in poor situation. The mothers of home birth faced lesser lacerations during birth. They didn’t go through induced labors or augmented by medications or had c-section, vacuum extract or forceps deliveries. When it comes to maternal deaths, there were no reports of deaths in either group.

If you want the hospitals to encourage and support normal birth, then insurers and doctors have to press their desires for profit and efficiently. Normal birth takes lot of time and it doesn’t involve any procedure that needs to be billed. It is very slow and affordable and since it is slow, the staff of the hospital tends to speed it up and speed up the process giving huge incentives to do something when it is not necessary, supportive or helpful.

In homebirths, you will be away from any types of interventions and the people who force them on you. There is no one to push you for an epidural, constant monitoring or pitocin at home. Medical obstructions act like a snowball coming down the hill. You are put up on a bed with monitors strapped on your back, which makes your labor more painful, so you tend to go for an epidural which makes the process of labor slow, you move to Pitocin which can stress your baby and you end up having a C-section. You won’t have to go through all these things in home birth.

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