Comparison of MAC Studio Finish Concealer with Revlon PhotoReady Concealer

A concealer is the best friend of many women who are having dark circles, blemishes, and any type of imperfections on the skin which one wants to conceal. You can blend the concealer in and around the imperfections which will help to conceal the blemishes and acne marks. This makes the complexion of the skin appear uniform. You can get a variety of shades of concealer ranging from light to dark. There are colored concealers too, like white, green, blue, purple. However generally we do use the concealers which match with our skin tones or one to two shade lighter than our complexion.
Today i am going to compare two concealers – one from MAC cosmetics, that is the MAC Studio Finish Concealer and other from the drugstore brand Revlon, which is Revlon PhotoReady Concealer.
The PROs of MAC Studio Finish Concealer :


  • MAC Studio Finish Concealer is a light-weight concealer but is having a creamy consistency.
  • Its a long-wearing concealer which gives a great coverage to any kind of blemishes on the skin.
  • It does not have any scent, and is resistant to water.
  • Now this concealer is really concentrated so even a little amount of the product can give almost opaque coverage to the skin’s blemishes, scars and discolorations.
  • The concealer makes the dark under eye-circles almost invisible when one is wearing it.
  • The packaging is quite compact and also sleek.
  • The concealer gives an almost natural finish to the skin.
  • Blending of the product is just dream!
  • One layer of the concealer is just fine to cover anything you want to conceal on the skin.
  • This MAC concealer does not cake, that is the best thing.
  • Also you get SPF 35 in the concealer, that is an added advantage.
  • Also as you need only a bit of the concealer for everyday purpose, this is going to last a long time.
  • It comes in a large variety of shades, unlike any other brands.
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    The CONs of MAC Studio Finish Concealer :

    • You need to use the right amount of product because if you go on adding and adding, you will be getting the cakey effect
    • Though the quality is impeccable but it creates a hole in the pocket. MAC products are expensive.

    The PROs of REVLON Photo Ready Concealer :

    • It has got photochromatic pigments in it which “bend, reflect and diffuse light”.
    • It camouflages the imperfections on the skin and also hides the dark circles around the eyes.
    • Some stick concealers are hard and not easy to be applied on the skin, but this glides on smoothly and there is no tugging or dragging of the skin.
    • This Revlon concealer has a creamy consistency and is also smooth.
    • It gives a pretty natural finish to the skin
    • Glides on easily on the skin, and blends well.
    • This does not fade out as the time passes, but holds on well.
    • Though Photo Ready foundation have shimmer in it, that is not the case with this concealer. The concealer does not contain shimmery particles.
    • Unlike liquid concealers there is no wastage or spilling of the product.
    • Travel-friendly concealer!
    • It has got SPF 20 in it.
    • Even if you don’t use a primer before putting on the concealer, this stays well.
    • The coverage can be built up as you want. It provides a fantastic coverage.
    • The packaging is neat and clean, comes in a twist up stick like shape.
    • The price is so very affordable.

    The CONs of the REVLON Photo Ready Concealer :

    • As the day goes on, sometimes it might get cakey on the skin.
    • If you are having dry skin, and forget to moisturise properly before putting on makeup, the concealer might settle into the fine lines especially around the eye contour.
    • It might need touch-ups at times.

    It is not possible to determine which one is the best amongst the MAC Studio Finish Concealer and Revlon Photo Ready Concealer, as both have a huge price difference in between them. So if you are on a budget and don’t mind using drugstore brands, you may pick up the Revlon one. It gives almost the same effect as that of the MAC Studio Finish Concealer, except the cakiness. However, many women all over the world, are MAC lovers, they are ready to spend a few extra bucks and get the best product. So if you want only the best then go for the MAC one, though be ready to shell out a few extra dollars.

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