Eating Nuts During Pregnancy Can Reduce Allergy in Kids

Many women think that eating nuts when they are pregnant might have an influence on the resistance of their child to allergies. Till recently, doctors suggested staying away from nuts since there was the risk that child might get asthma or nut allergies in future.

But, a recent study held in Denmark has proved that pregnant women can have nuts without worrying that they will pass on the allergies to their children. The study was held in Statens Serum Institue in Copenhagen by Ekaterina Maslova and fellow researchers.

The Study and its important results

To know the relation between allergy in kids and consumption of nuts during pregnancy, around 62000 mothers were chosen and they were asked to complete the questionnaires related to food frequency in mid-pregnancy with importance on tree nut and peanut consumption. The researchers also analyzed the off-springs’ medical records of these mothers from eighteen months to the age of seven years.

Some facts about eating nuts during pregnancy

There are many misunderstandings about eating nuts during pregnancy. Though there are many health advantages of nuts, pregnant women are always careful of eating nuts as they are a very common allergen.

1. Nuts are a good source of healthy fats like polyunsaturated and monosaturated fats and are very helpful in lowering the bad cholesterol. So, even though nuts are full of fat, they are recommended by the doctors during pregnancy.

2. Nuts are a good source of vitamins B and E and are full of minerals like zinc, copper, potassium, iron, magnesium and manganese. All these minerals are important for the development baby inside.

3. Expectant mothers who are vegetarians are strongly recommended to combine nuts in their diet as nuts are high in protein as well.

4. Nuts are good for expectant moms, they can have them in the form of snacks. When consumed in limit and moderation they help the mothers to get daily potion of nutrients during pregnancy.

Most recommended nuts and their role

1. Pistachio: They are the most important part of healthy diet during pregnancy. They are loaded with vitamin A, fiber, calcium, potassium, iron and folate, but they are low in calories at the same time.

2. Almonds: These are one of the most nutritious nuts. Almonds are the best sources of magnesium, phosphorous, monounsaturated fats, iron, and vitamins B and E.

3. Walnuts: Omega 3 fats and proteins are very essential for the development of baby’s brain and eye, walnuts are the great sources of omega 3 fats and proteins.

4. Cashews: Cashews can be consumed in the form of snacks and they come under the category of healthy snacks and are rich in minerals and vitamins. Cashews are also loaded with copper, magnesium, vitamins C and K.

5. Peanuts: Peanuts are the best source of minerals, vitamin R, niacin, protein and iron. But, they should be consumed in moderation like other nuts, particularly if you have a family history of nut or food allergy.

6. Macadamia nuts: one of the fattiest nuts is macadamia nuts but most of the fat in these nuts is in the form of monounsaturated fatty acids. These nuts are popular for improving blood profiles. But, since they are rich in fat, they should be consumed in limits.

Now that you have a complete knowledge about the advantages of nuts, you should not worry about eating nuts to satisfy your cravings for nuts when you are pregnant. All you have to do is eat all these nuts in moderation and make sure that the nuts are of good quality and fresh. Taking precaution and being careful if you have a history of allergies to particular nuts or other foods is very important, especially during pregnancy.

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