Get the Classy Look in 10 Easy Steps

Always wanted to look classy? Always envy the other classy girls? Here are 10 simple steps which will help you look classy as well.

Straighten your hair

Hair plays a very important role as far as looks are concerned. And if you want to look classy, make your hair look classy first. So, if your hair is messy or bushy, get it straightened and make yourself look neat and tidy. Now, whether you tie your hair or you leave it open, you are going to look classy on face.

Manicure and pedicure

Get your hands and legs pampered. They ought to look neat and tidy too. After all, you are going to shake hands with a lot of other classy people. So cleanse your hands, shape the nails well and apply a nice shade of nail polish that goes well with the classy look you are trying to achieve.

Dressing sense

If you are going for the classy look then it goes without saying that you got to dress classy. Buy things like an A cut tight fit skirt, a dress, a fur jacket etc. Jeans and shorts are a complete no-no as far as the classy look is concerned. You might want to try Indian formals though. Or a frilly short skirt would do as well. Make sure, you keep the class in mind while you are at it.

The shoes

Shoes are one of the most important things to be thought of while dressing up. Now that you are opting for the classy look, you cannot buy slippers or floaters.  You ought to buy toe pointed stilettos or pencil heels. Gladiators are not a bad idea either. Boots might look good sometimes but if you can avoid boots, do so.



Dressing up and styling alone won’t help. You will have to behave like a classy person. You will have to be polite and considerate. You will have to remember your Ps and Qs or else, you will come across as a highly pretentious person.


No, you can no longer walk with drooping shoulders or your hands in the pocket. You ought to keep your back straight and your shoulders in line with your knees. Do not bend your knees while walking; walk straight. Same goes for while sitting and standing; sit straight and stand straight, do not lean.

While eating

You can no longer eat like you stay in the jungle. Eat like a human being. Use forks whenever necessary. Try and avoiding using your hands as much as possible but make sure, you do not go over board with it.

Be aware

It helps to be well read and to always know what is going on around you. You can always hold up a conversation and also, if you are pulled into conversation mid way then you’re aware of what’s going on and you are never caught off guard. So, make it a point to read a lot and always keep up to date about the current affairs and on goings.

Stay fit

You have to stay in shape if you wish to be classy. No one is going to consider a fat and lousy body type as a classy one. You have got to be healthy and fit.

Keep yourself clean and well groomed

You don’t just have to appear classy but you actually have to be classy. Keep your body clean and by keeping your body clean I do not mean spray it with gallons of perfume. Just keep it clean. Have a clean bath and brush your mouth fresh. You will feel good about it yourself as well. It harms no one to stay clean.

Thus, remember these 10 steps and you will come across as a classy person. Also, remember you don’t just have to act and look classy but you also have to feel classy.

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