How to Do Anna Kendrick’s Wavy Medium Length Hairstyle

Anna Kendrick is a fantastic actress and an incredibly stylish young woman. While this is certainly a more casual look, it can still work for more formal occasions which makes it not only beautiful but versatile. It’s also great for a variety of different face shapes although it really works best on round, oval or heart shaped faces. This isn’t simply one of my favorite Anna Kendrick hairstyles. It’s one of my favorite medium length hairstyles because it is stunning and can be done in the comfort of your own home – no trip to the salon is needed.If you’re currently having a short hairstyle you may need to get real human hair extensions to add more length to attain this hairstyle.

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Anna Kendrick Medium Length Hairstyle

For this style you’ll need:

  • Styling mousse
  • A comb
  • Radial brush
  • Blow dryer
  • Hair clips
  • Large barrel curling iron
  • Hair safe wax or pomade
  • Smoothing shine serum
  • Hairspray

Step One: Wash your hair as you normally would and towel dry until your hair is damp.
Step Two: Put some of your styling mousse into your palm and work it evenly along the shafts of your hair.
Step Three: Part your hair straight down the middle using the end or corner of your comb.Step Four: Now it’s time to blow dry but we’re going to be blow drying a bit differently than normal. Start in the back at the nape of your neck and separate a small section of your hair closest to the nape. Place your radial brush under that section of hair. Push the rest of your hair out of the way. Put your blow dryer above the nape section of your hair and start brushing out the section. You’re going to start with the brush and the dryer at the roots of the section and work your way to the tips, making sure the brush and dryer are working together. When you reach the ends, twist your brush to curl the ends under. Continue doing this until the section has been dried completely.
Step Five: Now it’s time to move on to the sides. Start by separating a small section of hair from the front and securing the rest of the hair with a pin or clip so it stays out of your way. Once again, you’re going to put your radial brush under the section but this time, when you start brushing, you’re going to pull the hair forward so you’re brushing it around your face. This gives your hair the extra body Anna has in the photo above. Finish blow drying the sides by placing the brush under the hair, the blow dryer over the hair and pulling it forward around your face, twisting the brush at the ends so the ends curl under. Continue doing this on both sides until the hair is dry completely.
Step Six: Take your large curling iron and begin curling the rest of your hair as you normally would.
Step Seven: Finish up by pinching the ends of your hair with your wax or pomade then spritzing with a light mist of hairspray. This look takes a little time but the results are most definitely worth every minute.

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