How to Handle Curly Hair?

You have Curly and messy hair? Seems absolutely unmanageable? Whatever you do doesn’t seem to work? Here are a few tricks and tips about how to deal with those round locks of hair.

Hair gel

Well, whatever way you style your hair in, use hair gel and settle them down. If your hair is rough beyond help then use a hard gel, otherwise a soft gel will do. Do not over do it. Apply as much as is necessary to make your hair sit.

Water it down

Well, if you are not over the top curly then you can simply wet your comb a bit or wet your hair from the top and then comb it in whichever way you want. This way you will not have to use things like gel etc. in order to convene your hair in place.

Use live in conditioner

Apply a live in conditioner and then comb your hair. You ought to do well with that. Then, whether you are going to a beach party or you’re going for a swim; nothing can spoil your look. You will look smart, come what may.

Tie-up your hair while it is wet

So, you have got like extremely curly hair? Well, it is not like there is no hope. Tie it up immediately after the hair wash. If you do not wish to tie up the whole hair then make a half pony out of it. So, later when you open it or when your hair dries up, the tied part of the hair will look neater and assembled and you can proudly go around, showing off your curls.

Use hair oil

Oil your hair regularly goes without saying but also, when your hair refuses to behave then use little oil and put it on the part of your hair which is flying out. This will do the trick of keeping your hair in place without making it look oily or ugly.

Use shampoo meant specifically for curly hair

There are lots of shampoos in the market meant specifically for curly hair. It is more beneficial if you use them instead of normal shampoos. They will set your curls correctly and not make you look like a mess. These shampoos are mad specifically to strengthen the curls and sort them out. Use these shampoos.

Use a hair brush instead of a comb

A comb will make your curls look displace whereas a hair brush will congregate them together and make them look like a luster of curly hair. So, comb your hair in whatever style you want, using a hair brush over a comb.

Moisturize your hair

Well, believe it or not, moisturizer acts as an amazing hair gel. So, if nothing is helping you settle your curls down, apply moisturizers. Hair gets groggy only when it is dry, applying moisturizer will make them hang downwards and look well in place.

Accessorize your hair

Use as many hair accessories as you can but obviously, do not over do it. Use bob pins, clips, rubber bands, hair bands, caps, scarves, hats etc. accessories suit the best on curly hair. Use them on your hair. Use 1 or at the most 2 accessories at a time. More than that would mean going overboard. Also, make sure, the accessories match with your dress. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking very funny.

Pull it all together in a pony tail

If literally everything fails, then pull all your hair together and make a high pony out of it. Sometimes, you are left with no option but this. However, there are times when even the pony tail looks funny. At such times, put water on the front portion of your pony and then tie your hair. You should be fine that way.

Curls are very difficult to manage. However, once they have been managed, they are the sexiest thing ever. So, try and get your curls sorted with the tips given above and you will look fine. Good luck with those curls.

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