Hymen Repair – How to Get Virginity Back?

Hymen repair is common nowadays and it is not a taboo anymore. Girls now easily get the hymen repairing whenever they like to! In those parts of the world, where girls’ virginity is considered to be much important for marriages, girls are going for this repair procedure. And even in the rest of the world (where virginity is not a big issue), girls are prone to hymen repair. Well, this is because of regaining the sexual pleasures. In a capsule, hymen repair is pretty common and the central talk in today’s scene.

What is Hymen?

It happens to be a thin and most delicate crust (membrane). It can easily be compared with the skin but in actual it is hugely thin and consists of flexible and chewy tissue. In many of the gals, hymen partially makes the covering of the vagina’s opening (introitus). The young gals possess the vascular hymen. The menopausal ladies have much thinner hymen. And the adult virginal ladies have the hymen that encases the opening of the vaginal more and sometimes less.

Hymen Restoration Surgery

Hymen repair is called the Hymen Restoration Surgery and even termed Hymenoplasty as well. Hymen is termed for a woman’s virginity, so when she experiences the intercourse for the first time, the bleeding takes places and it happens when the woman’s hymen tears due to the penetration of the penis (a man’s organ to do intercourse). Thus hymen repairing (surgery) pulls the woman’s fibrous tissue back together for restoring the virginity intact again. There are examples of women’s tearing the hymen unintentionally and they are unaware of it like when they insert a tampon, play sports, riding the bicycles-horseback or doing gymnastics. Plastic surgeons are ones who perform the hymen repair surgery by the time they are approached by the ladies with the request of the same. As mentioned in the beginning of the article that mostly the women go for this surgery due to their cultural or religious reasons but there are certain ladies who turn up at the plastic surgeons’ clinics for hymenoplasty just because they want to heighten the sexual pleasures because post the surgery, the walls of woman’s vagina get tightened like a virgin.  

The surgery of hymen takes around two hours at length and it lets the ladies resume their jobs or works by next day. It’s not complicated at all. Before the women go for hymen restoration (surgery), they must arrange the consultation with the surgeons and undergo the complete gynecological examinations. And the ladies are also required to get the complete knowledge of hymenoplasty – the benefits and the possible risks.


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