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Laser Hair Removal: Is It The Best Way To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair?

All women wants to feel and look fabulous to experience the confidence that is brought by the beauty. But, too much of body or unwanted hair is causing problem among women and it varies from one person to another. It can be ugly, which causes embarrassment and loss of self confidence. Hair removal is always considered as a big problem and time consuming work for almost all.

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair, but the relief is always for short term and just trying to choose the method to use can be very painful for many women.

Shaving is the most commonly used technique and it helps you in having smooth and beautiful skin. But, the re-growth of hair is normally very fast after shaving and shaving delicate areas is a big problem for many women because it can lead to irritation, cuts and rashes. That is the reason why you should use foams, creams and moisturizers before shaving, this is one of the best and cheap ways of removing unwanted hairs.

Hair removal creams also can be used on many parts of the body and face. The creams normally work quickly, only in 10 minutes by dissolving the hair. Applying cream to bigger areas of the body can be messy and complicated and can also cause allergic reactions and irritation in some women. The re-growth is fast in this process as well and hair may come back in a week just like shaving, it removes hair from the skin surface and doesn’t get inside the root of the cause.

Waxing is another method of removing hair, waxing can give long lasting results since the hair is pulled out from the root. You will not see the re-growth of hair until four weeks after waxing. Waxing is very painful and risk of ingrown hair is more, which can cause irritation and infection also.

But, there is one hair removal option available for everyone and it gives permanent results and that is laser hair remove. Laser hair removal is quick, easy and safe, there is no mess or ingrown here in this process.

Laser hair removal works by damaging the hair follicle below the skin permanently so the hair falls out and it is not able to grow back. Laser hair removal can be done on any part of the body or fact. The treatment is not painful and comfortable. You can really enjoy your smooth and hairless skin after laser hair removal.

On an average six treatments are required for the body and 8 sittings for areas near face, normally with a gap of 6 to 8 weeks in between the treatments. The best part of this treatment is that there are no major side effects and the results are very good after the first couple of treatments. After every treatment the hair will be remarkably thinner than before and the hair unable to grow back. The cost of laser hair removal begins from £50 per sitting and because of small amount of treatments required to remove body hair the overall cost is considerably less when you compare with lifelong shaving or waxing.

Laser hair removal is getting popular every day. Since the treatments are very comfortable with minimum effort from your side and mess, this method is liked by many women.

So what is laser hair removal? Is it the best option for you? Some reasons why it could be beneficial for you have been mentioned below:

  1. It is very effective and can give amazing results quickly for many users.
  2. Once you complete few sittings, this technique has displayed its effectiveness in giving hairless skin forever.
  3. The main problem with electrolysis is, it is effective, and it can damage your skin. On the other hand, laser removes the hair without harming the skin.
  4. Laser is not painful at all.
  5. Laser hair removal can be done on any part of your face and body.
  6. If you are experiencing unwanted hair problem on large part of your body, like, chest, legs and back, it can take lot of time to remove them with other methods. But laser can handle the area only in one session and give effective results.

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