Makeup and Outfit Trends Which Will Rock The Night

As you all know, day makeup and night makeup are entirely different, so you just cant wear the same kind of makeup for the 24 hours of the day, at least you need a little bit of changes in the look. So these days, we see a lot of makeup trends for the night, which can be followed to get the perfect night look! I am going to lay down some of the basic trends which I have noticed.

Dewy complexion
You need to have a dewy look. A luminious glowing skin is ideal for the night time look. So you can mix a bit of illuminator or luminizer with a regualar foundation which you are comfortable using, and apply it all over your face and exposed parts of the body. You may also forego the foundation and just use the luminizer. Its better to pick up a liquid luminizer instead of a powder one, just like the Hard Candy Go All The Way Skin Luminizer.
Orchid Eyes
The black smokey eyes are a thing of past these days. Girls are opting for the orchid eye look this season. It is fresh, yet sexy – just perfect for a night time makeup look. If you just have something akin to the Midnight Amethyst eyeshadow from Too Faced cosmetics, that will do. Take a bit of the eyeshadow and swipe it all over your eyelids up to the crease. Don’t go beyond the crease, as you will end up looking the ‘80s woman then.
Rich, Red lips
The nude or the light pinkish lips should be reserved for the day time makeup, go for bolder lip color – think red! It’s a sexy color, don’t you agree? But choosing the perfect red lipstick or lip-gloss for your lips is not that easy as you might take it to be. It should be opaque and not sheer, but at the same time it should have a shiny finish to it. Your red shiny lips are surely going to allure men. Lancome Red Stilleto Lipstick is a great pick.
Coral Cheeks
Throw away the pink and peach hues, pick up something in coral for your cheeks. Or else you can mix the pink blush and peach blush together to get a nice shade of coral. This hue gives an appearance of faux blush, which is hard to resist for any men. Take some of the blush on to the powder or blush brush and then apply it directly to the apples of your cheeks, and then diffuse the blush towards the jawline and the temples. The Maybelline New York Cream Blush in the color Candy Coral is a good choice.
Jewel-toned Nails
After doing your face so perfectly, you do not want your nails to spoil the look. So pay attention to your hand nails. Get your nails pampered, go for a manicure. Nothing is worse than chipped nails, so if you have any nail polish remaining on the nails, remove it quickly with a nail polish remover. Then pick up a jewel toned nail color which has glitters in it, and paint your nails with that. This step is definitely going to add more hotness to your look. I like the Sally Hansen Gem Crush Nail Color in the shade Lady Luck, which is actually in ruby red color.
Your makeup is complete, but what about the dress? Are you going to with your floral short dresses as usual or the little black dress kept aside for the night time looks? Don’t you think, these outfits are too boring, and you need a bit of change in the outfit department too?
Dresses are the last option which we will be talking about in this article, but before that there are several options which you can think of picking from.
Mini-tunic is just so hot and many celebs are seen in tunics this season. They were always in fashion, and even today they rock. But please do not wear those billowy huge tunics. You can go for a sequinned tunic in dark colors like in black or navy blue. You can try on a waist-defining tunic too. In case you are uncomfortable showing off your legs, you can wear any bright-hued leggings. Leatherette tunics are also good.
Denim Jacket
Denim Jackets give you an edgier look. So bid good-bye to your leather jackets, and say hello to the denims. This is the only thing which you can wear both at day and night, without looking out of place. Colored denim jackets are a favourite of many girls.
Peplum tops and dresses
This season you can wrap peplums around your waist, and look gorgeous. Peplum blazers are ideal for the winter season, its slick and structured, and gives a geometric shape to the body instantly irrespective of what you are wearing under the blazer.
If you are having slight bulge in the middle section of your body, peplum tops will be helpful for you. You can pair it up with a pencil skirt.
Peplum dresses must be suitable for your body type – so choose one wisely. It must be well structured and streamlined. But the peplum on the dress might be mistaken sometimes as frills. So just don’t go for too large peplums on the dresses – it looks comical!
Meshed dresses/tops
The mesh dress or top can be a perfect outfit for nights. It comes in various types and patterns. Assymetrical mesh dresses and tops are hot favourites. Go for any colors – like red, black, blue. You can wear a printed jeans with the mesh top or just strappy boots to go with the short mesh dress.
Tribal designs
Tribal trends is all about bold, statementy, graphic prints. Wear tribal printed dresses, the safari inspired outfits are certainly going to rock the night. Gladiator sandals go the best with this type of dresses. Ethnic spiky earrings will add up the glam quotient. Cutout dresses with tribal prints on it, are sported by celebs like Rihanna and Jennifer Lawrence, so why not try that out?

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