The Newest Trend in Transport: Shipping Wars

No longer is it an expensive hassle to have something a little bit large or unusual transported across country from one place to another. People who want to buy an old vintage car from somewhere far away and have it shipped to their home can actually get several different transport companies to go into a bidding war over the job. Someone who decides to raise alpacas and sell them can send a pair of the fuzzy animals from Kalamazoo to Timbuktu using shippers who compete for the contract by placing bids through a transport service group like U-Ship or Anyvan. Instead of paying an arm and a leg for a standard shipping company to toss your object on a truck with all their other anonymous packages, you can vet your potential shipper by checking references and feedback, and have the shippers compete in an auction-style bidding war that lets you choose the lowest bidder, or the transport company with the best feedback.


How Does Auction Shipping Work?

Imagine any odd-shaped, over-sized or special-needs item that you may need to transport. Professional transport companies, usually small, family-owned businesses or sole proprietorships, register with a courier and delivery auction service. Their credentials are checked, and feedback from prior shipping customers is clearly posted on their profile so references are provided. Then, the person who has the item to transport posts their job on the delivery service website. Shippers who have their profile set up for your particular kind of shipment are notified of a job available or else they find the job posted on the job board, and then they place a bid.


You’ve  Probably Seen it on TV

An A&E reality television show called ShippingWars has become quite popular recently by showing what goes on with these transporters as they compete for bids. They try to calculate what it will cost them in expenses to transport the item, deciding if they have to invest anything extra into their shipping vehicle, like renting a trailer, or if there are other costs involved in loading, like renting a crane. Then they place their bid. Other shippers place their bids, and the war is on to see who can do the job for the lowest price. Some shippers stick to their guns on certain jobs and refuse to lower their prices just to win a bid because they know that certain shipping jobs require their particular brand of expertise or a special vehicle they have.

Ship Your Unusual Item For Less

So don’t worry about shipping your pet goat from North Carolina to California, and rest easy about sending the odd carnival ride from Canterbury to London. Just go online to your friendly delivery and transport service website, post your job, and let the bidding begin! You can either award your job to the lowest bidder, or choose the one with the best references. Shipping unusual items is a whole lot easier these days because of this new trend in shipping that lets the shippers compete for your business.


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