Top 10 Ancient Beauty Secret

Women of old age had many beauty secrets that helped them achieve legendary gorgeousness. They only used what was provided by nature in what actually can be called “world’s first cosmetics”. We now have many other makeup options, based on chemical compounds. However, it may be interesting to take a look at the beauty secrets of ancient women:

1. Dead Sea Salt

It is said that both the legendary Queen of Sheba and the beautiful Cleopatra used sea salt, for their beautifying effects. Dead Sea salt is said to have amazing effects on the skin: it is used to soften, to rejuvenate the skin, as well as to alleviate symptoms of eczema and psoriasis.

2. Mineral cosmetics

Ancient women used to beauty themselves as well. They liked their faces to be stunning and used mineral cosmetics to achieve this effect.  Mineral cosmetics may be found today as well, but be careful to check them out. If real, they should contain such ingredients as mica, titanium dioxide and zinc dioxide, but no methylparaben.

3. Frankincense

Frankincense is actually the hardened resin of a tree called Boswellia. It was used in many different ways throughout the ancient world. Egyptians used it as eyeliner (the famous kohl) whereas the plant itself was considered by the same people a great hair removal. Moreover, Arabs would perfume their bodies with frankincense and Chinese people would use it for medical purposes.

4. Almonds

The Egyptians, as well as ancient Greeks and Romans all used almonds in different ways. The Egyptians treasured almonds for cosmetic purposes. They used bitter almonds, but sweet ones are great too, and are used today as a basic ingredient in many beautifying products.

5.  Milk baths

This is one of the “least secret” ancient beauty secrets: Cleopatra is famous for her milk baths that enhanced the beauty of her skin. Ginger Garett mentions this ritual in her “Beauty Secrets of the Bible”. According to her, you can recreate Cleopatra’s beautifying baths at your home by mixing together, with the help of a food processor, 1 cup of quick-cooking oats, 1 cup of powdered goat’s milk and rich milk wash.  Be careful though, not to be allergic to any of the ingredients!

6. Olive oil

The benefits of the olive oil are known since Biblical times. Women gave great importance to the beauty of their skin and used it to maintain its youth and the smoothness. Moreover, there is no better moisturizer than olive oil, and Jewish, as well as Egyptian women knew it.

7.  Henna

One of the secrets of the ancient world that are still known today is henna. Henna is a flowering plant which has been used since the Bronze Age for dyeing hair, finger nails and skin. It was commonly used in Northern Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, but also in the Roman Empire and in Spain.

8. Honey

Honey was taken advantage of as far as 10.000 years ago.  In ancient times, it was applied on the skin and was an important part of the bathing ritual. Apparently, when applied on dump skin, honey is not sticky anymore. It gives the skin a beautiful glow (according to Christopher Watt, professional skincare).

9.  “The mask of youth”

The aristocrats of the middle ages would have done anything to highlight their status and to look as elegant as they possibly could. An important sign of their rank was the light skin- symbol of a privileged indoors life.  Thus, they used to make their skin look even lighter by using powder as well as white lead, even though lead was very poisonous and caused great skin problems. Queen Elizabeth I of England was an adept of lead and created a look called “the mask of youth” based on it.

10. The beauty secrets of Geisha

One cannot make a list of ancient beauty secrets and not mention the world’s most famous entertainers-the geisha. Geisha are supposed to master the art of beautifying, which dates from the beginnings of this profession. Geisha painted their lips with the help of crushed safflowers, they used rice power (they originally used lead, but they noticed the devastating effect it had for the skin and stopped using it) and charcoal for the eyes. Also, crystallized sugar added luster to the painted lips.

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