Top 10 cars for women drivers

Always been troubled by the stigma of girls are not good drivers, girls do not drive well, girls do not know how to park, cars are not meant for girls; it’s a guy’s job and what not! You do not have to take it anymore! Buy that awesome car you have been waiting for all along and prove your point. True, it is difficult to pick on which car suits you best but some or the other has to. Thus, pick one car to the best of your knowledge and tastes and go full throttle. Here is a list of female friendly cars in order to help you do better.

Chevrolet Aveo

Chevrolet Aveo

A car with the sleekest design ever; if one only looks at the designing of the car, it could pass of as the middle class Lamborghini. The amazing make has taken away the hearts of millions of people. A large number of those people happen to be women. Except for a faulty pick up, the car seems to be running absolutely fine. Smooth ride will be given to you by a superb gearbox and an even better average. Take it for a spin and you will know what you are in for.

The Honda CRV

It is the best combination of huge and bulky and sleek and feminine. Nothing could fit the definition better. It has an amazing ride and looks extremely feminine. It is one hell of a machine to take for a ride. Although , a little expensive than the other city cars, it offers a jolly good ride. One cannot deny the fact that it is worth every paisa spent on it. If you are a woman in the market for cars and do not mind shelling out a few extra bucks then this is “The car” for you. Shut your eyes and pick it up because you are going to like it, come what may!

Volkswagen Beetle

Volkswagen Beetle

Oooooooh! Yep that’s exactly what is going to happen when you go out in your beetle. Old school, yet the best thing to ever happen to a woman! No woman can resist a beetle easily. The cutest car in the market and the competition cannot even reach it yet. It is one heck of a car. Sleek looks and good drive; you are going to have a hell of a time if you can buy yourself that beetle. Just the looks of it can kill! No kidding! They really can!

Honda City

No, it is not a man’s car and by far! It has got a design and look of extreme femininity. From the bonnet to the rear, it is designed for a woman. One absolutely cannot doubt that. It is a woman’s car, right from the word go. The windows, the bonnets, the interiors, all scream of femininity. All of it combined together is exemplary and spectacular femininity. The accessories, the rear, the front, the wheels all are made for the women of today. It is absolutely spectacular to drive around in a city. It is the best combination of antique and modernity.

Hyundai Vernia

Who says only boys can cut through traffic? Vernia is a smart car and anybody can cut through traffic in it. It is very normal in it’s make and this normal make of the car gives it a subtle touch of femininity. It is the kind of a car women who are proud of themselves and their achievements would love to show off. It is highly ideal for the corporate women. Just pick this car up without any thoughts if you can afford it. You are going to relish this beast for a lifetime.

Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador

Nothing! Absolutely nothing in the world could have a look more feminine than this car. One of the fastest cars in the world, it will sweep anyone off their feet. Literally anyone! It is that kind of car. You are obliged to fall in love with it. Such is the make of the car. You can make it silent and yet ride on full speed in the 7th gear or you can make a huge roaring noise and announce that you’re here in the Lamborghini. Give it a try! In fact, take it up girl! You can’t give up a Lambo if you can afford it!! Nothing should stop you from buying this right off the nose of the shop keeper.

Maruti Suzuki swift

Yep, a swift looks a little odd right after a Lambo! But then everyone has their own budgets. You can very well buy a swift if not a lambo! The swift is a car made for normal city roads. It is small and can be parked anywhere. Inside, it is highly spacious and gives the driver a very smooth ride. It is a speed monster on empty city roads and will help a great deal in wading through the traffic. It is one car the city ought to salute! So, why should women from any city stay behind! Pick it up and set it rolling. Floor it baby!

Chevrolet spark

Small and cute! That is the best way to define a spark. Bad pick up but doesn’t matter. Easy to floor and a large number of college going girls own a spark. It comes in varied bright colours such as pink and green and just like it’s name suggests; it literally sparks! It might also spark up your day. It is not so bad an idea to give it a try. Take it for a spin and see how you feel of it. Then you may decide whether or not, you want to buy it.

Maruti Suzuki Alto

Once again, a Maruti on the list, this small car can absolutely not be avoided. It is small and normally built. 4 people will comfortably fit into this car. It is economical to buy an alto if you do not hang out with a very large group. Plus, if you travel on the unbeaten path often, then something as small as an alto is exactly what you need. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, take it up!

The TATA Nano

The TATA Nano

This one has been showered with so much criticism ever since it’s launch; simply because of the price at which it is on offer. However, it is a very cute car and if you have a very small family and a dicey budget then this is the thing for you. One major drawback of nano is, it takes quite a while to arrive after placing the order. However, sweet are the fruits of patience. I’d suggest that you rather wait for this than be sorry with another.

Cars are not a man’s thing! Buy one of these cars, roll it, floor it and prove it!

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