Two Toned Hair: Three Ways to Wear Two Toned Hair

Two tones hair is hot. There’s no doubting that. It seems everywhere you look these days some stylish young starlet is rocking this look. The great thing about two toned hair is that you can go for a dramatic look or you can go for a demure look. Be creative and imaginative but make sure you’re comfortable with the look you choose. It is your hair after all. The three looks on this list are my favorite ways to wear two tones hair but you don’t have to choose these exact looks. Play around with your color. Talk to your stylist and choose something you love. Go for one of these looks or use them as a jumping off point. With two toned hair, versatility is a big part of the appeal. Make it work for you.

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Jaime King Two Toned Hair: Blond Hair with Blue Tips

This is probably my favorite way to rock this look because it’s fun, youthful and unique. It also still retains the versatility that makes the look so appealing. While this may not be a two toned hairstyle in the most traditional sense of the word as it really is more a two color hairstyle, I still think it fits. Jaime has taken the trend of bold hair colors and blended it with the two tone hairstyle trend to create a dramatic, showstopping look. There’s a reason Jaime is one of my personal style heroes. Blue isn’t your cup of tea but you like the idea? Try another bold color like green, pink, purple or even bold red or black. There are lots of ways to get this look without completely copying what Jaime has done here.

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Lea Michele Two Toned Hairstyle: Caramel Highlights

Not everyone is going to want to go for a look as bold as Jaime King’s, so why not get in on the two toned hairstyle trend with a more subtle look by going for Lea Michele’s more muted look. By adding hits of a soft caramel color to the ends of her hair, Lea has taken a rather ordinary look and turned it into something special. The caramel highlights soften her naturally dark brown hair and compliment her beautifully. ¬†Of course, you don’t have to stick to dark brown hair with caramel highlights. You can go with another base color and complimentary highlights is you’d feel more comfortable that way. Again, what you do with your hair is up to you but this is a great look for someone who wants to get in on this trend while still keeping their look a little more grounded.

image credit: George Pimentel/WireImage

Whitney Port Two Toned Hairstyle: Subtle Ombre for Blondes

I adore this subtle two toned hairstyle Whitney Port is sporting in the photo above because it proves you can get two toned ombre style hair without being forced to go for something dramatic and bold. The subtle difference in Whitney’s blonde tones is flawless. By choosing a darker shade that is only slightly darker than her base color, she’s managed to get a look that is as subtle as it is stylish. Both shades beautifully compliment her skin tone and her eye color but also compliment each other. This is a fabulous look and a great example of how a blonde can get in on the two tone hairstyle trend without straying too far from their natural color.

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