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10 Best Ambigram Tattoo Designs for All

Do you want to have something fun yet beautiful inked on your body? Then the Ambigrams are just made for you! Now few of you would be wondering what ambigrams actually are. Ambigrams are writing which when viewed upside down, right to left or left to right appear same as the original writing. It means that the writing appear the same when viewed from whichever direction. For example, word such as “Dollop” can be taken as an example of ambigram because when viewed from any direction and in any manner, it appears as the same! So if you are more of a fun loving person, then ambigram tattoos are just meant to be inked on your body.

Hence tattoos depicting flowers, animals or some Miami Ink inspired ones are not the only one doing the rounds in the tattoo world right now. And you would surely fall in love with the Ambigram tattoo designs by the time you finish off with this article. So sit back and read on to check out our 10 best picks of the Ambigram tattoos. Get ready to be inspired!

10 Best Ambigram Tattoos

1. The Ambigram tattoo design of a Face:face1


It is said that a person’s tattoo is a reflection of that person’s nature and personality. Before getting an ambigram tattoo, you should be sure whether you want it or not because tattoos are something which is permanent and kind of painful! And if you have decided to get an ambigram inked on your body then what better than a face ambigram which shows angel when viewed from one angle and a devil when viewed from exactly opposite angle! This type of tattoo is the best one if you want the world to know that you are little bit of sugar as well as spice! Let the world know that you are a cocktail of an angel and devil by getting this face anagram tattoo at once!

2. The Ambigram of your Name:name1


A person’s name is his Identity and hence the most important aspect and part of that person. So why not get an ambigram of your name inked on your body? For example, check out this “Austin” ambigram which reads the same when viewed from roght or left. Cool isn’t it? So go get one for yourself. And to make your name look more fun add vibrant colors to your tattoo to liven it up!

3. Ambigrams inspired from Zodiac Signs:zodiac1


Each one of us is born under a unique zodiac sign. These include Scorpio, Taurus, Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Leo, Libra, Capricorn, Sagittarius, Cancer, Pisces and Aquarius. So why not show off your unique zodiac to the world by inking the first letter of your zodiac sign like an ambigram on your body! Here are the pictures of the zodiac ambigrams to give you an idea of how fun they would look after being inked on your body.

4. Ambigram of the word “Live”:live1


It is said that Life should be lived to the fullest. So why not honor and respect life by inking the word “Live” on your body in the form of an ambigram. This is one tattoo that will hold an important meaning in your Life forever.

5. An Ambigram with a 3-D Effect:3d1


If you wish to give your tattoo a more realistic look, then you should get an ambigram and add the ever famous 3-D effect in it. I assure you that they would look extremely tangible! This kind of tattoo is a must have essential tattoo for tattoo lovers out there as it combines the uniqueness of a 3-D technology with the scientific characteristic of an ambigram!

6. Write down your Accomplishment in Ambigram form:An-accomplishment1


How can there be life without accomplishments. Be it losing weight over the months through rigorous workout sessions or turning a complete vegan after toiling like a pig (with your self-control!), no accomplishment is huge or small. And as these accomplishments mean a lot to the person, they can show off their achievements through an ambigram tattoo! Check out the pictures here to know more about the tattoos.

7. Ambigram Tattoo that says words “Knit” & “Purl”: knit and purl


If you love knitting and are devoted too much to your wool friend, then this ambigram tattoo which says Knit & Purl would suit you the best and would be an impeccable choice for you. This tattoo sure looks simple but spell out “Fun” as well!

8. A Random Ambigram Design:random1


Ambigrams  does not always mean words. Instead of getting yourself inked with an ambigram word, you can go for any random ambigram design as well. You can choose black or any other vibrant color as well. Your only aim should be to get a design which would look different yet extremely stylish. Thus this random design would be a perfect way in which you can get your body branded uniquely!

9. Ambigram spelling out the word “Love”:love2


Who doesn’t need Love in their life, be it love for the family or for a lover. It is an emotion which is almost as necessary as water in everybody’s life. So why not rejoice in your love by getting yourself inked with a unique Love ambigram which would read out the same word when viewed from any direction! Give a meaning to your loving life by getting this “Love” ambigram tattoo.

10. Ambigram of the word “Faith”:faith2


Faith is a word as important as Love as faith in somebody gives birth to love as a consequence. Faith is a confidence that a person hold’s in his heart despite of all the hardships he is facing in his life. So honor your faith in life and in yourself by getting inked with Faith ambigram tattoo! Here are some pictures showing a faith tattoo in ambigram fashion which other than exhibiting beauty, also exhibit the strong belief of yours that you hold in your life.

So Happy Tattooing Fellas!

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