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10 Best Facial Tattoo Designs Ever

Face tattoos have been in trend since before time now, since the time when tribesmen used to get their faces tattooed in order to make themselves differentiate from each other. Tattoo inked on a face usually makes a person stand out in the crowd and is said to be the medium of their thoughts and expressions. So if you are a bold, brave and daring person, the face tattoos are just meant for you as they can be an impeccable reflection of your very own personality. Tattoo on face are said to exhibit the self expression of an individual. Here are few examples of the facial tattoos that you can choose from if you plan to get it anytime in near future. Get ready to be garbed with a dearth of information tattoo lovers!

Face Tattoo Design No. 1: Portraying your Emotions through a TattooTo-portray-a-continuous-emotion1

continuous expression2

Several times are faces wear a monotonously expressionless look and to make sure that such a repeated look does not remain on your face, you can get a facial tattoo portraying your favorite emotion. Be it a happy face or a sad face, you can get your favorite like via a face tattoo. This idea has been inspired from the clown who don varied expressions on their faces by painting their faces!

Face Tattoo Design No. 2: Colored Tattoo all around the facecolored face1

colored tattoo face2

A tattoo to be inked on a face should be selected with extreme care and precision as it is a part of the body which is the most prominent and always visible. So if you want to go for really intricate and complex tattoo design, go for tribal designs which could comprise of various striking colors to make your face look really attractive and beautiful! Make sure you choose the right design because tattoo being something permanent, you would not want to destroy the attractiveness of your face.

Face Tattoo Design No. 3: A Patriotic Tattoo Designpatriotic1


Are you a patriot who wishes to show your jingoism towards the country in which you were born? What better way to portray your love for your motherland than by getting inked with the flag of your country, and that too on your face! People are too proud of the place where they were born. If you wish to show your loyalty towards your birthplace, the most passionate way would be to get a facial tattoo having your country’s name or flag! Way to go patriots!

Face Tattoo Design No. 4: Facial Tattoo matching your other Tattooscontinuous tattoo1

continuous tattoo2

Sometimes people get inked with a particular tattoo of a particular design all over their body and to keep a continuity with the design, they can get a tattoo of the same design on their faces so that the chain of continuity does not break! S if you have a particular design all over your body, get a face tattoo of the same design to ensure you do not break the continuity and your body is stamped in art from head to toe!

Face Tattoo Design No. 5: Tattoo indicating membership in a Ganggang tattoo1

gang tattoo2

Many a times, members of gangs get their faces tattooed with the same design to show unity amongst each and every member. So your tattoo design can be inspired from the tattoos flaunted by various gangs. The design can comprise of various messages or symbols written all over your face (or forehead) or tribal (abstract) designs imprinted all over the face.

Face Tattoo Design No. 6: Tribal Designs inspired from Africatribal tattoo1

tribal tattoo2

In most African tribal culture, the tribesmen often tattoo their faces and bodies. These tattoo designs are a symbol of the identity and individuality of their revered culture. In some tribes, when a girl crosses over the threshold of womanhood, their faces are inked with tattoos as a sign of courage and beauty. So get inspired by the abstract art adopted by these tribesmen and get a strikingly beautiful design for yourself!

Face Tattoo Design No. 7: Cute Tattoos to Brighten up Facecute tattoos1

cute face tattoo2


If you are an avid lover of cartoon characters like hello kitty, mickey mouse or Minnie mouse then what better way to show your love for your favorite character than by getting them inked on your face! Yes, get yourself inked with a character of your choice to brighten up your face further more! This surely sounds fun!

Face Tattoo Design No. 8: A Facial Zipper Tattoozipper tattoo1

zipper tattoo2

Explore your artistic nature by getting a facial zipper which can extend from your lips to all over your face! It would give an intriguing illusion of unzipping whenever you will be opening your mouth to speak. This happens to be a very interesting and popular tattoo which can be inked in black as well as vibrant colors to brighten up your face!

Face Tattoo Design No. 9: Face Tattoo inspired from the Tribestribe inspired1

tribe inspired2

It is a known fact that facial tattoos have been derived from the tribes of ancient times. You can go for a Maori Styled tattoo or an Aztec inspired tattoo to give your face a tribal look. You can be innovative in your experimentation by adding vibrant colors or other effects such as 3-D in your abstract designs to make it look more enchanting!

Face Tattoo Design No. 10: Tattoo a Skeleton on your Faceskelton2


If you are more of a daring and adventurous kind of person, you can get a skeleton inked on your face. Skeleton tattoos imprinted on face looks really interesting if done with finesse and precision. This kind of tattoo would probably scare the living daylights out of people and can be categorized more as a gothic style. But this tattoo art is sure to get you appreciative glances wherever you go! So go get inked with it now and be a center of attraction in a jiffy!

Armed with all the necessary information regarding facial tattoos, so what are you waiting for? Stand apart and express your indiciduality by getting these tattoos!

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