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The 10 Best Latest Tattoos: Top 10 Countdown

Tattoos and all the art related to tattoo making is gaining rapid momentum with each passing day. There is such a rush in almost each and every tattoo parlor located at any nook or cranny to get tattoos. So it can be easily said that the demand for tattoos are rising steadily. And as the demand is rising, people are getting more particular about the designs to choose from as tattoos are usually permanent in nature and ever-lasting. This article would greatly help those who would like to know the latest tattoo designs creating havoc in the tattoo industry at present! Nothing is better than being updated with all the latest news related to tattoos as well as new designs doing the rounds in the tattoo circuit!

So get ready to know what designs are currently ruling the tattoo industry, get inspired from the designs and get one for yourself right now!

1.Tattoo Designs inspired by Animals:animal1


The most interesting tattoo choice that the tattoo lovers all over the globe are now making is that of including animals in their designs. Tattoo lovers are opting more and more for animals who exhibit qualities such as strength and fierceness, mostly animals such as lions and tigers. People prefer to associate themselves with the qualities possessed by these animals and easily relate to them. Apart from inking the designs of tigers and lions on their body, people also ink themselves with the designs of various other animals such as dogs, zebras, giraffes which show their love for the animals they love.

2.Tattoo Designs inspired by Beautiful Flowers:floral1


It is now becoming a kind of a trend to get tattoos showing beautiful designs of flowers and the best part of this trend is that not only women but also the men are joining this tattoo trend and getting inked with designs of flowers on their backs or torso’s. The rise in this popularity of this particular design is due to people’s love and appeal for beauty and grace. That is why more and more of people are choosing such floral designs to be replicated as a permanent tattoo on their body!

3.Tattoo Designs inspired by Dark and Goth Culture:goth1


As mentioned in few of my previous articles, skeletons symbol has always been misinterpreted as the bringer of death or bad omen. But nowadays the trend of tattoos showing images of skeletons has been brought back to life and more and more people are adopting this design. People like getting inked with tattoos showcasing their dangerous and adventurous streak. It can also be said that as gothic culture is being adopted more by the teens nowadays, they prefer to get themselves inked with designs which are more on the darker side and show their love for danger.

4.Tattoo Designs inspired by Melodious Music:music1


There isn’t a single human being on earth who could deny their love for music! People nowadays are portraying their blind love for music by getting inked with tattoo designs comprising of music notes, symbols, lyrics, songs and even their favorite musical instruments! Such is a craze for music that the tattoo lovers have made tattoos inspired by music as one of the most loved and popular one! So go get one if you are an avid music lover!

5.Tattoo Designs inspired by Holy Symbols and Images:holy1


There aren’t many people on Earth who would say that they do not believe in God. God has been a guiding star for all and sundry in their goods as well as bad times. So what better way to portray your love for God than by getting his image inked permanently on your body and soul for always? Tattoo with the designs of God (of all the religion) is gaining popularity amongst the tattoo lovers and ardent followers of Gods. It can be easily said that the design which is the most popular amongst all Holy signs and symbols is that of a Holy Cross. A sacred symbol on your arm or any part of your body shows the good qualities that you possess.

6.Tattoo Designs inspired by our Mother Nature:nature1


People nowadays are sporting the designs inspired by nature which shows their great attachment and love towards Mother Earth. The designs usually comprises of elements of environment around us such as bees, birds, stars, sun, trees and many other designs to which the tattoo lovers feel they are closely related to.

7.Tattoo Designs inspired by Sports:sports1


Sports are the most important extra-curricular activity in the life of a person and loved both my small and adults equally. People get inked with the designs of their favorite sport or favorite sport personality. This shows the sport loving nature of a person as well as the high regard he or she holds for their favorite sport!

8.Tattoo Designs inspired by Astrology:astrology1


With an increase in the count of people choosing to believe in astrology, star signs and sun signs, more and more of them are choosing to get themselves inked with the zodiac signs they belong to. If you belong to zodiac sign Taurus, Scorpio or any of the rest, I can assure you that it has become a trend to wear your zodiac sign on your body nowadays!

9.Tattoo Designs inspired by Birds:bird1


If you think that the tattoos inspired by animals are the only one in vogue today, then you too wrong! People are nowadays choosing to get themselves inked with the tattoos of birds too! Few go for the cute looking birds to get inked with. However most go for the ferocious looking birds who represent strength and courage.

10. Tattoo Designs inspired by Abstract Art form:abstract1


Abstract designs are being chosen and preferred by many tattoo lovers in recent time. You can use these abstract designs as your base for the tattoo and merge any one or more of the other tattoo designs mentioned above to get a fresh and customized tattoo look!

So which Design are you getting inked with?

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