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10 Best Maori Style Tattoos Ever

There are various designs that tattoo lovers all over the world opt for to get inked with. Maori tattoo designs are becoming a rage amongst tattoo fans since quite some time and are gaining great momentum steadily but strongly (when first brought to New Zealand). There are quite few people who have no idea what Maori means, leave alone knowing about the Maori tattoo designs! I am writing this article to aide those who would love to explore more the world of Maori tribesmen and their art of tattoo making which had been spreading like a forest fire through ages.

Before commencing with the Maori designs, I would like to give a background information of who actually the Maori were and what influenced them to make such great tattoo designs and delve so deep in such artwork. The Maori tattoo art originated in the East part of Polynesia where people noticed the tribesmen of Maori indulged in their tattoo making art. The tattoos made by Maori, especially the ones on the face are known as moko and the art of tattoo making is referred to as ta moko. The Maori usually decapitated the heads of their foes, tattooed the severed head and kept them in sacred boxes as souvenirs. Despite of having less information about the exact origin of Maori tattoos, there are several books which has been published about this tattoo style which has always been described as beautifully intricate throughout the history of tattoo art and tattoo making.

So let us take a look at strikingly beautiful Maori tattoo designs to influence all the tattoo lovers. Do get them!

Maori Tattoo Design No. 1: The Maori Design on Handmaori on hand1


maori tattoo on hand2

Do you have a penchant for something simple yet beautiful and elegant? Then go for the Maori tattoos inked on hands. These designs can take form of anything, be it a heart, bows and even the arrows. They look neat and clean yet extremely sophisticated and elegant covering a good portion of the hand. Take a look at Maori designs on hand in the pictures below and get your very own!

Maori Tattoo Design No. 2: Tiny Maori Tattoo Designsmaori tattoo tiny1


The tiny, teensy weensy Maori Designs are not gigantic in size and extremely simple in appearance. Despite of being too small, they still look gorgeous. One such example can be shown here. You can get a glimpse of how small yet intricate this Maori Design looks on the side of the finger. Endorse simplicity and go get this beautiful tattoo now!

Maori Tattoo Design No. 3: A Simple and Sober Maori Tattoo Designsimple maori tattoo1

simple maori tattoo2

Instead of always choosing some extremely complicated design, one can also choose a very simple Maori Design. Take a look at this picture and you will get an idea of what a simple Maori Design means. These designs are uncomplicated and also not cover much area of the body where it is inked. These designs can be inked on wrists, arms and even the face. A simple design looks beautiful especially on hands and it should be remembered that these are not just patterns, but carry meaningful messages hidden in each and every design and symbol!

Maori Tattoo Design No. 4: Maori Tattoo Design with a Faceface1


Few designs of the Maori tribesmen also comprises of face expressions which hence can be conveniently used in the form of a beautiful tattoo design. These facial expressions can also be merged with other intricate designs which would make the tattoo look eye catching and attractive in its entirety. Check out the example of facial tattoos here and get inspired by them!

Maori Tattoo Design No. 5: The Maori Tattoo Design at Backon back1

on back2

If you have a well-toned muscular back, then these forms of Maori designs are just made for you. Several designs are perfect to be inked on the backs which despite of having abstract qualities carry worthwhile meanings. These designs are the symbols of strength and protection and look really good when inked on the backs. So if you have a really good back, go get this design that would exhibit the strength which you possess!

Maori Tattoo Design No. 6: Au Naturale Maori Designnature1


Designs which are natural in nature such as leaves, feathers and trees are also adopted in the world of tattoos. The designs can comprise of any natural made elements that you feel you are related to or which is a strong reflection of your personality.

Maori Tattoo Design No. 7: Maori Designs showing Animalsanimal1

animal tattoo2

If you are an avid lover of animals, you should surely try the animals of Maori designs. As you can see in the picture, lizard is the most popular of all the animals when it comes to getting inked with Maori styled animal design! Go get one!

Maori Tattoo Design No. 8: Colorful and Vibrant Maori Designcolorful1


If you think that Maori designs are just made in black ink then you can never be more wrong! Add color to your beautiful tattoo by getting a colored Maori tattoo design to flaunt!

Maori Tattoo Design No. 9: Maori Design in the shape of a Starstar1


Stars are also usually used when choosing Maori styled tattoo art. The designs and what the tattoo should express all depend upon the person who wishes to get inked. A person can go for a plain and simple star design or a colorful star with more colors concentrated in the middle of the star. The choice is of the wearer!

Maori Tattoo Design No. 10: Maori Design consisting Flowersfloral1


If you can find stars in the Maori designs then you are sure to find flowers too! People who love flowers go for these forms of floral designs which whether black in color or colorful looks chic and elegant on the wearer’s body!

As this art form is becoming prominent in the world of tattoo, you should go get one for yourself and look beautiful at the same time! Happy Tattooing!


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