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10 Ideas for Las Vegas Bachelorette Parties

It is time to throw your best friend a bachelorette party in Vegas, but what should you do? There are so many options, but you want to make sure that you pick the perfect one. Vegas is a popular wedding destination, so you are sure to run into some other brides that evening, and you can see what brides before have chosen for their parties. Let’s now go on to look at ten ideas for Las Vegas bachelorette parties.

1. Hitting a Nightclub

Hitting a Las Vegas nightclub is a great option when you want to do something fun and maybe even a little wild. There are dancing and lots of fun to be had at nightclubs. Most nightclub tours also involve plenty of drinking. You can even take a nightclub crawl which is called a crawl because you’re going to go from bar to bar drinking until you have to crawl.

2. Dining Out

Whether you want to have breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can have some of the best food in Las Vegas. And one thing is for sure – you don’t want to party on an empty stomach. There are plenty of places that offer great eating experience along the strip, and some have specials for bachelorettes so make sure to look around and see what you can put together.

3. Tea Time

If your friends are on the calmer side, you might want to try a nice tea time. Some amazing tea rooms will allow you to get what you enjoy a quiet atmosphere and great views. One of the places you could go to have tea is The Tea Lounge. Fine tea, pastries, and light sandwiches are on the menu. You can also get a glass of champagne.

4. Spa Day

Ah, yes! Spa day. Any girl loves going to the spa for a day of pampering. Check to see if the spa you are considering has a private party room that will allow your party to get together without anyone else in your business. You can set up different packages for your spa night and get exactly what the bride wants.

5. Get Gun Happy

In case you feel like trying out your gun skills, you can see how you are at hitting the target at a Las Vegas gun range. Machine Gun Vegas is only ten minutes from the strip if you want to try their girls-only package. There is a wide array of guns available for your party and even a VIP lane. This is a unique idea and something the bride-to-be is going to remember forever.

6. Get Your Shop On

Brides and bridesmaids love to shop. There are endless places to shop in Las Vegas, and you can get pretty much anything that you could ever want on the strip. If you want to pick up something sexy, there are lingerie boutiques that allow you to get sexy outfits for post-wedding fun. Group shopping is a great experience, and you can ask different stores if they will close down and allow for a private shopping party.

7. Hanging Out by the Pool

Hanging out by the pool is fun and relaxing. Whether you are having some fun in the sun or you are hiding underneath a shelter, a poolside bachelorette party is a guaranteed good time. Most hotel pools offer cabana or daybed rentals, so be sure to ask if they have them available. This is an easy place to catch up on girl talk and to avoid the cover charge of clubs.

8. Pool Party

Pool parties are a mix of your favorite club and a pool. The DJ, lots of booze and lots of dancing. Nothing could go wrong here. I’m sure that you’ve seen some of these cool party spots on television. One of the pool party venues Bagatelle Beach at the Tropicana. There are plenty of lounges, daybeds and lily pads so you can have as much fun as possible while you’re taking in all the drinks you can handle. This is a favorite for brides-to-be. It’s to get all wet and dance the day or night away.

9. Shows You Can Watch

If you don’t want to do too much, but you want to be entertained, there are plenty of shows you can watch. There are some stripper shows that ladies can’t help but drool over, but you can also go a tamer route like a Boy II Men concert. There are many different concerts and shows that you can go to watch so check out the Vegas website for more details.

10. Shows With the Bride

If the bride likes to be the center of attention, you can check out pole dancing class at Stripper 101 in the V Theater at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. Try burlesque at XBU at the Flamingo. It’s very sexy and can get you in the mood for your wedding night.


There are plenty of options for bachelorette parties, but why not do multiple things when you are having this special time? With all of the ideas above, I am sure you can pick a few that you are going to love. It’s Vegas baby, and that means it is time to get wild.


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