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14 Gorgeous Lip Glosses to get Yummy Kissable Lips

Who doesn’t wish to get perfect kissable lips. Lips are an essential part of a girl’s face and getting yummy deliciously plump lips aren’t a tough job in today’s time. If you’re going out on a “First Date” what is the most essential tool which you should carry in your bag? Lip gloss is your answer my love. Getting perfect lips is very easy. Deciding the perfect lip gloss which goes with your attire and which goes with the occasion. Look utterly hot this season because there are shades which will make you crazy and are available to make your lips look yummy and kissable. It is not tough at all if you have the perfect lips to attract to hunk you’re out with.

We look at models and actors and wonder how beautiful and gorgeous their lips are. Now getting lips like you wish for isn’t tough. Get perfect shade to make your lips more attracting and beautiful. In the following article you’re going to learn the new tips and tricks to make your lips utterly hot and delicious and best part about this article is that it will accompany with pictures which will help you better. Getting yummy kissable lips are a cake walk now.  You must know that Hunks dig in sexy lips and now working on it is pretty easy. Now every girl can have lips like models and actors without spending a lot. I hope that this article will help you look like a Hot Diva.

1.Raspberry Blast on the lips :raspberry

This utterly hot lip gloss by imported designer Mark is important for all the girls to include in their vanity. The sheer color gives you a perfectly stained lips which will make guys fall on their knees. This lip gloss have flirtatious all over it.

2.Elegant Natural Lip gloss :elegant natural

This lip gloss has a double advantage as it gives you perfectly sexy lips plus it is beneficial to your lips as it provides nutrients. Color with Nutrients what else does a girl requires.

3.Lip plumper to get lips like Angelina Jolie :lip plumper

This product by designer Laura Mercier is a lip plumper which helps to get perfect plump lips which makes men crazy for women. And this product comes in various shades which helps pretty girls to get plump lips with perfect color.

4.Awesome Hydrating Lip gloss :hydrating lip gloss

Lips get dry after lots of kissing in order to keep your lips hydrated here is this product by Hourglass which keeps you lips hydrated for a long time.

5.Lusty Pink Lip gloss :lusty pink

This sexy lusty pink lip gloss by famous designer Mark Jacobs is a product which every girl should have. This lip gloss gives you the perfect pink kissable lips which will make your guy drooling over you. This lip gloss gives you the feminine touch which a girl needs . Get this lip gloss fast girls.

6.Sexy Lip Tints for lips :lip tints      

This sexy product by M.A.C is a lip tint in pen like form gives you the perfect classy lips you wish for. It has nutrients which will nourish your lips and the color lasts for long. And one of the shades are named Kiss Kiss which is really appalling.

7.Gloss which says it all :gloss which says it all

This boom boom product is by NARS which has a perfect lip color that every girl asks for. This lip gloss provides your lips with the nutrients which they require and it comes with perfect shade. A gloss with nutrients and perfect shade is what every girl needs.

8.Chic Lip gloss for all time :chic lip gloss

This lip gloss by TopShop has a color which goes with any look and place. It is a gel based lip gloss which you can apply anytime of the day. This lip gloss is for both tom boy girls and as well for cute princess.

9.Sexy Neon lip gloss :sexy neon lip gloss

This product by Physicians Formula named as pH Matchmaker is a neon lip gloss which makes every girl gaga for it. The color is sexy and goes with any attire and as you know it Glows in the dark. Men find Neon really fascinating. So girls this is your thing.

10.Herbal Treatment for lips :herbal treatment for lips

This product is filled with nutrients like Ginsing, Aloe Vera, Chamomile etc are perfect for lips because it nourishes your lips and gives you better plumped lips. This lip gloss by Palladio is a must buy for every girl.

11.Sheer Lip Stain For sexy lips :sheer lip stain

This lip gloss by Yves Saint Laurent is a perfect lip stain which gives your lips the perfect sheer color. This lip gloss is amazing as it is pretty lightweight and it lasts for long. It works for both classy occasions as well as gleaming party. A lip gloss can do wonders.

12.Sparkling Satin for lips :sparkling satin for lips

This sexy lip gloss by Victoria’s Secret named Sparkle Gloss gives you perfectly shimmering lips which makes men weak for their sparkling lady. This lip gloss has a great pink color which makes your lips look shiny pink.

13.Cutie Pie baby pink lip gloss :cutie pie baby

This cutie baby pink lip gloss is to die for and it tastes like sugar which makes your love more keen on tasting your lips. This product by NYX is a big hit. This product helps you to get the perfect yummy kissable lips which will make any Hunk your biggest fan.

14.Classy lips for any occasion :classy lips

This lip gloss gives you classy plus sexy look which works for every occasion . It has a perfect color and is pretty smooth. This is a Lightweight lip gloss which is very easy for women to carry. This lip gloss is by GloProfessional which should be bought by and sworn by every girl!

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