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17 Hawaiian Tattoo Designs to Die for

What comes to your mind when you hear of Hawaii- The sun, the sand and of course the cool water. But these three things are not the only aspects Hawaii is famous for. Almost everybody is well versed with the captivating tattoos that originated in Hawaii and is still practiced here. And I would like to add that the business is still booming here! The art of tattoo making in Hawaii can be traced back to the time when the tribe from Polynesia used to practice this ritual and an enormous manner. Thus its roots can be traced way back! Here in this article I would present you with the best Hawaiian tattoos ever which I ensure you would capture your heart in a jiffy! So let us have a look at the deeply rich culture of Hawaii which is impeccably reflected in their beautiful tattoos.

1. Hawaiian Tattoo of a beautiful Portrait:portrait2


Have you ever heard of a Hula dancer? They are the traditional dancers of Hawaii emanating ethereal beauty and elegance and hence reflecting the same qualities of the island. This tattoo speaks tons about the culture of Hawaii and the way they live their life. Do notice to beautiful traditional headpiece and pearls the hula dancer is wearing.

2. Hawaiian Tattoo reading the word Ohana:ohana2


In Hawaii, Ohana stands for family. Thus if you want to pay tribute to your loving family, get inked with this beautiful Ohana tattoo depicting an equally beautiful message of paying respect to your family and loved ones.

3. Map of Hawaii Tattoo:map1


If you love your island nation and wish to show it off to the world, then get inked with this stunning map of Hawaii (cluster of the beautiful island) tattoo which looks equally gorgeous when placed on shoulder or back.

4. Hawaiian Tattoo of a stunning Honu:honu1


Honu in Hawaiian stands for turtle and is an extremely popular form of motif in the island. In their culture, this symbol shows the importance turtles hold in the island. For the people of Hawaii, turtles are the symbol of life, longevity and protection from evils. And hence to ward off evils, do get this tattoo!

5. Hawaiian Tattoo of a fiery Shark:shark1


Considering the love of sea of the Hawaiians it is only too natural for them to have dearest affinity for the aquatic life living in the vast sea. The way the turtles are important for them, so are the sharks! Show your fiery and rebellious nature through this beautiful shark tattoo!

6. Hawaiian Tattoo of Lono Tiki:lono tiki1

lono tiki2

Most people have no idea what the word “Tiki” means. Tiki refers to the deities the ancient tribes of Hawaii used to worship. Lono means the god of music, life, peace and creativity in this island nation. Hence this tattoo holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Hawaii as it speaks volumes of their beliefs in their Gods and the ones they still hold firmly even now.

7. Hawaiian Tattoo of a Hibiscus:hibiscus1


Do you know that hibiscus is the national flower of Hawaii. So it is only too obvious that this flower is important for the people of Hawaii not only in the national sense, but also culturally. When one wears a hibiscus behind her ear, it signifies that the woman is engaged and ready to get married soon! Hibiscus is a beautiful flower and suitable for every woman out there!

8. Hawaiian Tattoo of a Gecko:gecko1


Geckos are lizards in Hawaiian culture and are revered by people of Hawaii as they are considered good luck charms! If somebody kills a lizard in a Hawaiian household, it is thought that a great misfortune would fall on them! Get this tattoo to be lucky always!

9. Hawaiian Tattoo of a Hula Girl:hula girl1

hula girl2

If you wish to flaunt your love for the Hawaiian sun and beach, this tattoo of a vibrant hula girl is apt for you. Get this colorful tattoo inked on your arm or your back and show your love for everything Hawaii!

10. Hawaiian Tattoo of beautiful Shells:shells1


In Hawaiian terms, shells are considered as artifacts which brings prosperity and extreme wealth to people who covet them. The ancient Polynesian tribes even used shells as currency when bartering goods! So get inked with this beautiful tattoo which would surely bring immense prosperity to you!

11. Hawaiian Tattoo of ferocious Dragons:dragon1


It is a known fact that dragons are mythological animals which exude qualities such as power and courage. Hence show the world how powerful you are by getting this tattoo immediately.

12. Hawaiian Tattoo of gorgeous Orchids:orchid1

Orchid Flower2 oroginal

Orchid is the symbol of beauty, luxury, love and magnificence in terms of people of Hawaii. So if you wish to get this Hawaiian orchid tattoo, it would translate to you being a completely unique, mysterious and free spirited soul!

13. Hawaiian Tattoo of a Anthurium:anthurium1


An Authurium is a flower which is red in color and holds high symbolic value in Hawaii as it translates into qualities such as kindness, hospitality, mercy and friendship!

14. Hawaiian Tattoo of Tribal Pisces:tribal fish1

tribal fish2

If you are born under the Zodiac sign of Pisces, then it is must for you to get inked with a Hawaiian tribal tattoo showing off a stunning fish. Pisceans are usually considered sensitive and extremely emotional. So if you exhibit these qualities, then the Hawaiian tribal fish tattoo is just for you.

15. Hawaiian tribal Flower Tattoo:flowers1


Does it sound eerie to you when we combine flowers with a quality termed as tribal? But I assure you the outcome looks stunningly beautiful. The flower is usually drawn as an outline and sometimes combined with the lucky turtles of Hawaii.

16. Hawaiian Tattoo in the form of Bands:armband1


This kind of tattoo is usually inked on arms and legs of the wearer and showcases the ancient culture of Hawaii with an ultra-modern twist.

17. Hawaiian Tattoo of Tribal Arrows:arrow2


Show off your strength and masculinity by getting an arrow inked on your body in a typical tribal form. This tattoo looks best on forearms and shoulder!

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