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19 Brilliant Techniques of applying Blush Brightly

Gone are the days when bronzer was the only makeup tool which could bring out the beauty of your rosy cheeks. Blushes are back in vogue in today’s time. We usually take a look at our favorite stars gracing the red carpet every now and then. What do you think has made a comeback in their makeup kit? Blushes of course! Yes, the flushed faces are trending nowadays and are considered to be a sign of high fashion. So it is time now to take out all the blushes which you had previously put away!

If our favorite celebrities have willingly embraced the comeback of blushes in their vanity case, so can we! In this tutorial you would find 19 great ways of using blush in order to make your pretty face appear brighter and sexier. You must have comprehended that rosy cheeks are indeed being considered “In” in the fashion circuit at present. The best thing about this article is that each piece will accompany pictures for your ease. So now trying out your favorite technique is a piece of cake. Hope you enjoy this informative article which helps you transform into a Diva!

1.Amber Heard inspired Blush Technique:amber heard

Have a look at the adorable cheeks of this beautiful celebrity. She has used a red blush to bring about the color of her cheeks. Incidentally, the color of her blush complements with the color of her lipstick!

2.Tyra Banks inspired Blush Technique:tyra banks

Our favorite Tyra Banks has made use of a subtle pink colored blush which suits best with her skin tone. Also with a dash of light lavender color lip gloss, she surely looks chic.

3.Lea Michele inspired Blush Technique:lea michele

Who doesn’t recognize this Glee star? Here she has used watermelon colored blush to add a bling to her cheeks. As her blush shade isn’t overpowering, she opts for lipstick of a darker shade which looks impeccable overall!

4.Mandy Moore inspired Blush Technique:mandy moore

Mandy Moore, the very famous singer-turned-actress employs the use of peach color blushes so as to put more emphasis on her eyes as well as lips. The reason behind this is that she possess a long face shape. So this technique is good for those who have long face shape and wish to put more emphasis on their eyes instead of their jawlines.

5.Rose McGowan inspired Blush Technique:rose mcgowan

Doesn’t Rosy McGowan look pretty with her blush on? It complements perfect with the leather top donned by the celebrity. To get this super awesome look at home, it is suggested to go for a much wider brush which would help you provide a wider space for the application.

6.Elizabeth Banks inspired Blush Technique:elizabeth banks

Did you notice how the 30 Rock star had employed the use of a dusty rose colored subtle blush which she had applied on her cheeks and extended up to her temples.

7.Jennifer Love Hewitt inspired Blush Technique:jennifer love hewitt

Here Jennifer Love Hewitt had applied a peach and pink color blush to her cheeks which look simply fab and to die for!

8.Kate Bosworth inspired Blush Technique:2010 Hollywood Style Awards - Arrivals

Have you noticed the high cheek bones that Kate Bosworth possesses? And did you also notice how cunningly she had hidden this fact by applying blush on the outer curve of her cheeks.

9.Keira Knightley inspired Blush Technique:keira knightely

If you are totally into Goth, then this look donned by Keira Knightley is apt for you. To get this dauntingly haute look, simply apply powdered blush on the cheekbones under the eye portion.

10.Kristen Wiig inspired Blush Technique:BAFTA Awards 2012 - Arrivals - London

Now who says that redheads cannot go for dark colored blushes? You simply have to take a look at this star to know that the above sentence is a total myth. She has applied a red and orange color blush to enhance her cheek’s radiance.

11.Krysten Ritter inspired Blush Technique:life happens premiere 030412

do you wish to know how to apply neon colored blushes with finesse? Then you should take a leaf out of Krysten Ritter’s book!

12.Lady Gaga inspired Blush Technique:lady gaga

The fashion techniques adopted by Lady Gaga are usually bizarre and outrageous. But here she has gone for gray blush which complements perfectly with her silver hair. You can go for this blush color if you love experimenting with daring makeup!

13.Corinne Bailey Rae inspired Blush Technique:corrine bailey

Doesn’t Corinne look marvelous in this picture? She has applied a cream shaded blush just below the apple portion of her cheeks and has blended it thoroughly and nicely to give her face a radiant look.

14.Christina Milian inspired Blush Technique:christina milian

The singer Christina Milian has teamed up a stunning looking pink and purple party dress with a blush color which complements with her dress totally. She has applied lavender blush on her adorable cheeks.

15.Nicole Richie inspired Blush Technique:nicole

We simply commend the way in which Nicole Richie had used brown color blush which gives her entire Boho chick look a Safari tone. Quite awesome!

16.Hayden Panittiere inspired Blush Technique:hayden panittiere

Hayden Panittiere surely looks sophisticated in her spot on makeup. She has applied a frozen pinkish color blush on her cheeks which suits completely with her golden-ish skin tone. This is quite a clever makeup technique!

17.Scarlett Johansson inspired Blush Technique:Focus Features & Loreal Premiere Scoop - Arrivals

Doesn’t Scarlet Johansson looks pretty and petit in her makeup face? We love the fact that she has gone for red color powder blush to apply on her cute cheeks which looks lovely along with the same color lip gloss and amazingly fiery red tresses. You go girl!

18.Sophie Monk inspired Blush Technique:sophie monk

This actress from down under looks simply gorgeous in such an expert makeup. Do you wish to get the same effect at home? Simply apply cream color blush on the upper portion of your cheeks and blend it properly to get this look.

19.Zooey Deschanel inspired Blush Technique:cover zd

The super cute Zooey Deschanel looks beautiful with such a great eye makeup. What adds to the radiance of her face is her matte color blush.

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