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22 Best Skin Care Trivia, Tips and Must Know Tricks For Fall

Does dry and dead skin worry and irk you each winter? A skin devoid of any moisture sure sounds irritating and something which we women wish to avoid like a flu! Here I would be giving the must needed tips and beauty regime which each and every girl should sworn by heart! Gone are the days when you would just have to depend solely upon oodles and oodles of medicines to get a healthy skin. But instead of ending up with sexy and soft skin, we usually end up having much more itchy and dry skin!

This is the season to enjoy to the fullest without being bothered by worrisome skin ailments this winter! Just swore by few healthy foods, veggies and drinks and you would end up having as soft and smooth as sheer silk. All you have to do is strictly adhere to the tips mentioned here. Then you would be able to flaunt of flawless skin as much as you want without being worried about having ruthless skin. Winters had never been so welcoming ever! Hope you find this article quite informative. Happy Reading girls!

1.The Wondrous effects of Kiwi:kiwi

Kiwi other than having wonderful taste has amazing specialties. It is high in Vitamin C . it gives flawless hydrated skin and helps in protecting your skin against wrinkles.

2.Go Green for better skin :go green

Spinach , Arugula and many other vegetables are amazing for skin as it provides you skin without blemishes and  these greens are full of antioxidants which gives skin a better complexion.

3.Sweet touch for lips :honey       

Honey works wonders on lips as it cures dry lips, cracks and black lips. It keeps lips hydrated and helps in curing sore lips.

4.Retinoids Skin Creams :retinoid

Retinoids helps in keeping the skin younger than the actual age. It works wonders as many Doctors and Dermatologist prescribe these.

5.Cure for Damage tissue :tissue repair cream

Scars can leave the skin dark which looks disgusting. Applying Tissue repairing creams which will remove the scars from the skin. It even works on stretch marks.

6.Less Cell Phones for No Rashes :less cell phones

Talking over call can damage your skin and leave you with bad looking rashes on your cheeks or jaw line. Talking less over cell phone and antibacterial wipes are a must for such conditions.

7.Eat Healthy For Healthy Skin :eat healthy

Nothing can be better than a healthy diet filled with protein and nutrients. Body requires vegetables, fish, fruits etc. Intake of healthy diet helps your body to regulate blood properly.

8.Handle skin with care :handle skin with care

We obviously don’t use hair products on face but while spraying hair spray it unknowingly comes to your face. From now on protect your face from a towel while using hair products. It will give a less moisture to the skin.

9.Good night’s Sleep for Flawless skin :good night's sleep

A goodnight sleep gives you wonderful skin. Over thinking and stress and give you dark circles under your eyes which gives bad appearance. Better sleep leads to better skin.

10.Eyewear for summer season :eyewear

Eyewear are a must during summers because squinting while the rays irritate you can lead to crow feet near your eyes. That is definitely not wanted by girls and moreover we get to flaunt our sexy sun glasses during summer.

11.Feel Healthy for better skin :feel healthy for healthy skin

We should know that we reflect what we feel, so it is a must to feel healthy to have a healthy skin. A regular visit to spa will keep your skin hydrated and give great appearance.

12.Avoid Aging at early stages :avoid aging

We can avoid aging at earliest, aging starts near the eyes and forehead. Using good aging cream will prevent your skin to age. Look for the early signs to avoid aging.

13.Exfoliation is the Key:exfoliation

Exfoliation is one of the best method of getting rid of unwanted dead pale skin. It is a good method of rejuvenating your skin and hence is recommended the most! Give a healthy glow to our skin by getting rid of dead top skin!

14.Milk in the bath:milk in bath

Yes, you have heard me correct. Using milk when taking shower results in you ending up with super glowing skin! This is due to the lactic properties present in milk.

15.Appropriate Body Wash:appropriate body wash

Usually after your workout session, you sweat awfully lot. This can cause your skin to breakout which you should avoid! So go for body washes which comprises of ingredient such as salicylic acid.

16.Avocado the Best:avocado

Some fruits are just not meant to be gulped down our throats. One of such fruits are avocados. Avocados are rich in vitamins like C and E. hence welcome them as much as you can!

17.Tomatoes for the Skin:tomatoes

Whenever you feel that you are experiencing dry skin syndrome, immediately yank open your refrigerator and take out the tomatoes you have stocked in! as it comprises of antioxidants, this is good for your skin!

18.Sleep with Precaution:SleepOnYourBack660

It is a proven fact that if you sleep with your face pressed down against your bed sheets, you may end up having unwanted wrinkles. So avoid this habit as much as you can.

19.Avoid Smoke Buddies:Avoid-Smoking

Even if you do not smoke, you should not be in the vicinity of those who smoke awfully lot if you wish to have a healthy and glowing skin.

20.Embrace Exercising:embrace exercise

Do not avoid your workout session as they present you with an opportunity of having healthy skin! The sweat clears off all your toxins and gift you a glowing skin.

21.Reduce Puffed Eyes:reduce puffy eyes

Cucumbers aren’t the only things which can be used to reduce the puffiness of your eyes. You can use anything cold to reduce the puffiness, yes even ice-cream!

22.Avoid Popping Pimples:avoid popping pimple

If you do not wish to end up looking like the evil twin sister, then you should definitely avoid meddling with your pimples. It would only increase them! Do resist the next time!

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