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23 Glamorous Diamond Tattoo Designs for 2013

You must have studied in chemistry that diamond is the most hard element found on earth. So it is obvious that Diamond is the symbol of strength and beauty which if rare to find. It comprises of various facets which results in it sparkling like a beautiful bright star in the night sky. The lights which reflect off these facets give the beautiful rainbow hues which makes women all over the swoon over this expensive piece of rock which denotes love and beauty. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this saying indeed stands true! People who are madly in love with this stone get themselves inked with it on their wrists, arms, ankles, shoulders, legs and even on their fingers!

You can even combine some beautiful texts such as quotes with the diamond to make it look more glamorous. Let us have a look at the various diamond tattoo ideas so that you can decide later which would suit you the most!

1. A Diamond Tattoo on the Ring Finger:ring finger

Waiting for your love to get you the rock that every woman wishes to acquire someday in her life? Why wait when you can get this pretty diamond tattoo inked on your equally pretty ring finger. Have a look at how the cute sparkles surround the beautiful stone. Do get one for yourself till you get the real one from the love of your life!

2. A White and Heart shaped Diamond Tattoo:heart shaped diamond

The white glowing sparkle exactly in the middle of the diamond makes the stone look bright and beautiful. Gifting yourself a diamond was never so easy!

3. Diamond Tattoo with the number 13:number 13

Is your lucky number 13? Then why not get it inked on your finger along with your favorite diamond tattoo design! Have a look at this beautiful picture in which the number 13 sits atop the diamond and is surrounded by the rays of sunshine!

4. Diamond in the Sea Tattoo Design:diamond in the sea

The image of a beautiful diamond clasped in a serene looking cyan colored sea gives a sense of calm in the mind of the wearer as well as the person appreciating such an artistic work

5. Diamond Tattoo in Shaded form:shaded diamond

Now you can easily give a 3-D effect to your diamond tattoo by making sure to get it shaded expertly with black tattoo ink! The black color acts as a catalyst and easily enhances the beauty of your stone, giving it a 3-D appearance. You can get it inked on your finger, wrists, arms and at the back of your shoulder!

6. Diamond Tattoos inked on your Collarbone:diamond on collarbone

If you have really gorgeous collarbones and wish to show them off, then you can get an equally gorgeous diamond inked on your collarbones. Girls would surely love this idea. But let me not dishearten boys by saying that guys love this tattoo idea too! Go for it!

7. Cat grasping the Diamond Tattoo Design:cat and diamond

Get more creative and explore the artistic trait manifested in you by combining your favorite stone with images of animals, texts etc. in this particular design you can notice a cute looking cat grasping a beautiful diamond in his paws, kind of protecting it! Think out of the box and you can use some other design instead of a cat!

8. Diamond in a Monochrome Look:monochrome tattoo

A diamond when shaded monochromatically looks very gorgeous. If you plan to get such a tattoo, try getting it done on the side of your ribs or your back.

9. Diamond surrounded by a Web:surrounded by web

Get artistic and creative by inking yourself with a diamond surrounded mysteriously by web woven by a spider. It really looks ethereal.

10. Diamonds on the arm:on arm

Get a diamond tattoo shaped as heart and get it inked on your arm in the form of a beautiful armband! Try more cute designs if you do not wish to use heart. Do not forget to add sparkle on your diamond!

11. Distance between Two Diamonds:distance diamond

Distant hearts grow fonder is a saying quite apt and which can be inked on your body by depicting it with diamonds instead of heart! Two diamonds separated by an intriguing text which reassures them of their coming closer someday.

12. Diamond with Golden Border:golden border

How does a diamond combined with gold look? In one word- Spectacular!

13. Diamond with the Rainbow:diamond rainbow

Sparkles of the diamond combined with the colorful hues of a rainbow would give this tattoo a bright and gorgeous look if you wish to get one!

14. Diamond Tattoo on Hand:diamond on hand

Make your beautiful hand look more chic and graceful by getting it inked with this diamond in which different hues of blue have been used while shading.

15. Diamond Tattoo with a Border:tattoo with border

A blue diamond with a black border would look beautiful, especially if you get this tattoo inked on your finger.

16. A Subtle Diamond Tattoo:simple tattoo

Nothing beats simplicity, so if you are a simple person and hates anything over the top, then this design is just for you!

17. Diamond Tattoo with Leaves:with leaves

In this picture, beautiful green leaves surround the equally beautiful diamond gracing the wearer’s hand. Get one for yourself too!

18. Diamonds in the Wave:waves

This tattoo comprises of various sized diamonds dancing along the wave which is mauve in color. It really looks pretty.

19. Diamond with an M:m diamond

This tattoo design consists of a beautiful looking letter M, golden in color, along with the diamond. The letter surely adds a bling to the design!

20. A Highlighted Diamond:highlight

This design comprises of a blue colored diamond along with these white colored highlights which add to the beauty of the stone.

21. Pink Floyd inspired:pink floyd

Tattoo for the Floyd lovers.

22. Diamond for Dad:dad

This tattoo shows the place your dad holds in your heart and life.

23. Baby Pink colored Diamond Tattoo:baby pink

A pink colored diamond with sparkles which are black in color stands out remarkably in the crowd!

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