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24 Volatile Grenade Tattoo Designs

Who loves war? Nobody does and now you can express your feelings against the war by getting yourself inked with a grenade tattoo. These tattoo designs are also sported by soldiers all around the world. But at present times this tattoo is being inked by people who want the world and all the nations in it to be at peace with each other. Most of the times grenade tattoo isn’t inked all alone. Various other elements can also be inked alongside a violent looking grenade. For example, you can get yourself inked with a brain looking grenade which signifies a creative brain bursting with creative ideas!

You can also give a realistic look to the tattoo by giving the grenade a 3D effect. It is not necessary to color grenades in traditional black. Add bright hues to the grenade to give it a more fun look. Grenades which appear to be monochromatic also looks appealing. So if you would like to know more about grenade tattoo read on further and check out the intriguing pictures along with this article! Happy Tattooing.

1. Grenade inked on the Neck:grenade on neck

If you wish to encourage anti-war thoughts all around you, you can get inked with this grenade tattoo on the neck with a message saying “grim” which means that war always results in grim and grave consequences.

2. Heart shaped Grenade with Wings:heart shaped with wings

heart shaped grenade with wings2

Spread the message of peace by getting a grenade done in the shape of a beating heart and accompanied by powerful and strong wings.

3. Grenade tied with a cute bow:grenade with bow

You can even accessorize your grenade tattoo with cute embellishments such as this adorable looking bow. A combination of violent with cuteness is surely intriguing to all!

4. Grenade on the Hand:grenade on hand

This tattoo comprises of a simple looking black outlined grenade inked on the hand along with words spelling out “evil” inked on the fingers of the wearer. It clearly indicates that the wearer wishes to say that war is evil.

5. A Comical Grenade Tattoo:comical grenade

Give a comic twist to your grenade by getting inspired by this cute red as well as black grenade inked on the hand of the wearer. This tattoo is apt for those who are devoted to comics!

6. Grenade sitting on the Flowerbed Tattoo:flowerbed grenade

This tattoo comprises of a grenade lying on flowers. The hidden meaning of the tattoo is that there lies extreme power, hope and strength in love!

7. Grenade with the shaded effect:shaded effect

Add a monochromatic effect to the grenade which makes the tattoo looks much more beautiful and adds great dimension to the resulting tattoo.

8. Grenade along with a Delicate Rose:with rose

with rose2

Spread love and peace by getting this rose and grenade tattoo which consists of half rose and half grenade symbolizing the blooming of a violent grenade into loving rose.

9. Colorful Grenade Tattoo:colordul grenade

This tattoo comprises of not black but bright color grenade which looks dazzling, comical and funny!

10. Water and Fire Grenade Tattoo:water and fire

This tattoo comprises of a beautiful looking fiery grenade along with dots of water! Here water is putting out the flames of the fiery grenade.

11. Grenade tattoo on the Fist:on fist2

on fist1

This is a Miami ink style inspired tattoo which consists of a black grenade with a wrapper around it inked on the fist of the wearer. It serves as a perfect tattoo if you wish to spread peace around you!

12. Extremely stylish Grenade Tattoo:extremely stylish

In this tattoo geometrical flames overlap with this fiery looking grenade. This can be categorized as war tattoo and is sported mostly by people who fight in the battlefields.

13. And Exploding Grenade Tattoo:exploding grenade

This tattoo impeccably sends the message that fighting is pointless with the blue grenade exploding and black smoke surrounding the explosion.

14. A Rabbit like Grenade:rabbit like

This tattoo comprises of an innocent tattoo with a grenade perched on its back. This tattoo is a perfect way of showing that wars result in the loss of millions of innocent and humble lives.

15. Love and Grenade Tattoo:love

Now you can celebrate the power Love holds by getting yourself inked with a powerful grenade along with word “Love” written in cursive manner.

16. Simple looking Grenade Tattoo:simple looking

You can protest against all the violence occurring in the world by getting this basic tattoo of the grenade.

17. A Brain Grenade Tattoo:brain grenade

This tattoo shows grenade in the form of brain. It is a very creative and clever way of saying that a brain is exploding with various creative thoughts and ideas!

18. Grenade surrounded by Red Rays:red rays

This tattoo consists of a bright eye enclosed within a red heart which furthermore is enclosed at the heart of a grenade. The vital feature of this tattoo is red rays protruding from the grenade which complements well with the red heart in the tattoo!

19. Graphical representation of Grenade:graphical representation

This graphical looking grenade looks quite powerful with its design and suits well to people with equally powerful persona!

20. Grenade Tattoo with a Smiley Face:smiley face

This tattoo shows a shaded grenade which looks extremely beautiful. Furthermore it comes with a pin which has a smiley face. This tattoo most probably encourages war.

21. Sketch of the Grenade Tattoo:sketch of grenade

Give a realistic appearance to your tattoo by getting it inked in a sketch form!

22. Grenade Tattoo with a 3D effect:3d effect

It comprises of a pastel colored grenade shaded in such a brilliant way that it gives a 3D effect to the tattoo. Do get this tattoo if you are an avid 3-D fan!

23. Grenade in the form of Monster Tattoo:monster tattoo

This tattoo comprises of a green colored monster with stomach shaped as a grenade. It is a clever way to show how monstrous wars are in reality!

24. Lovely Heart Grenade Tattoo:heart grenade

This tattoo comprises of grenade in the shape of a heart red in color. This tattoo is a great way of showing that one should spread love.

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