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25 Adorable Belly Tattoos for Girls

Do you know what the best thing about a tattoo is? Tattoos are something which can be placed anywhere you desire! Usually men go for tattoos being placed on their forearms, biceps, arms and shoulders. But women love to get their tattoos inked on places which makes them look more sexy. And what better place is sexier than a belly? Girls opt for belly tattoos because they look extremely unique and exhibit style. They also prefer to get inked on their bellies to show it off when hitting the discoes or partying wild with their friends! Also the placement is something which can be easily hidden under the clothes if you wish to be super coy!

So what are you waiting for? If you are extremely interested in getting inked with an adorable tattoo on your equally adorable belly, just sit back and enjoy this article which would throw light on various trendy designs which can be etched on your belly along with the pictures! Happy Tattooing!

1. A Beautiful Blooming Lotus on the Belly:lotus-tattoo

Just have a look at this beautiful design and you will surely be awed. This design comprises of a lotus right in the middle of a striking tribal tattoo design.

2. A Tribal Tattoo adorning the Belly:tribal belly

tribal belly2

This tattoo comprises of a tribal tattoo inked exactly below your bellybutton. A belly button piercing would add ten-fold to the beauty of this tattoo.

3. Shower of Stars on the Belly:shower of stars

Are you in love with shooting stars and everything astronomy? Then this tattoo is definitely for you!

4. Neuron inked on the Belly:neuron

If you are a girl who is an adrenaline junkie and an excitable chick, then this tattoo is definitely for you.

5. A Curved Black Tattoo Tribal inspired:curved tribal

This particular tribal design comprising of elegant twists and turns looks chic when inked on the belly. This is one tattoo worth getting inked with

6. A Girl in Love with Butterflies:girl in love with butterflies

Every girl loves butterfly. Show your love by getting your belly inked with glittery butterflies in flight!

7. A Flowerful Belly:flowerful belly

If you are a flower and a garden person then you should definitely get floral with this beautiful looking tattoo on your belly.

8. A Touch of Feather on the Belly:feather


Add chicness to your tattoo by getting etched with a subtle looking feather on your belly.

9. Shaded Rose on the Belly:shaded rose

This tattoo consists of roses which are shaded and accompany beautiful stars which add to your sex appeal!

10. A Traditional Belly Tattoo:traditional

Beautiful looking swallows, waves, fiery fire and waves. You name it all and this tattoo has it all! That is why it makes it so delightful to look at!

11. Tattoo surrounding the Bellybutton:surrounding bellybutton

A beautiful floral garland surrounding the bellybutton makes the design and its placement looks beautiful.

12. Flying Swallow Belly Tattoo:flying swallow

Soar high in the sky by getting inked with this beautiful looking swallow and enjoy the freedom you deserve!

13. A Devilish Heart Tattoo on the Belly:devilish heart

Are you a dash of naughty and a dash of innocence? Then celebrate this personality of yours by getting this beautiful and spicy devilish heart tattoo inked on your belly!

14. Tibetan Language etched on Belly:tibetan language

This tattoo consists of a beautiful flower placed on the lower portion of the belly with a Tibetan text inked right above this design.

15. Meaningful Script inked on the Belly:meaningful script

This tattoo comprises of a beautiful text inked across your equally beautiful belly, on the lower portion of your abdomen. The placement of this tattoo is what makes it look deliciously beautiful.

16. Butterfly along with Stars on Belly:buttefly with stars

This tattoo consists of a cute butterfly accompanied by four stars on each side of the butterfly and place on the side of the abdomen.

17. An Appy Skull Tattoo:appy skull

As the name itself connotes, this tattoo shows a very cute looking red apple imitating a skull with bones across it, usually meaning that this is one evil apple!

18. Heart around the Bellybutton:heart around belly button

heart around belly2

Now you can wear your heart on your bellybutton, seriously! Have a look at this tattoo to get inspired for your own!

19. T Virus inked on the Belly:t virus

If you are a true geek inside out then you should definitely get inked with this geeky tattoo and be the center of attraction wherever you go!

20. Bird singing in the Morning Tattoo:bird singing in morning

What better than to wake up to the melodious singing of the birds early in the morning. Get this beautiful image inked on your belly!

21. Keep Hope Belly Tattoo:keep hope

Get inspired by etching inspirational sayings on your belly such as this one which reads fantastically “Never to Lose Hope Ever”.

22. Cute Moogles inked on the Belly:moogles

If you are an avid final fantasy admirer and love everything about this particular series, then you definitely love moogles too! These creatures look deliciously cute and you should definitely get inked with such cuteness. So what better place than your belly!

23. Music and Lyrics etched on the Belly:music and lyrics

music and lyrics2

Are you the music kind of person and stay glued to your ipod non-stop the entire day? Then you should show your love for music by getting inked with this beautiful tattoo on the belly. Bring music to your life, permanently.

24. Eagles etched on the Belly:eagles

So are you a bird person? Are you in love with these beautiful beings of nature avidly? Then you should have a look at this particular tattoo which comprises of two formidable looking eagles, each inked on each side of the lower portion of the belly. Give a scare to everybody around you when you flaunt this tattoo one fine day on the beach!

25. Hearts near the Navel:hearts near navel

Tribal designs are totally in vogue in the tattoo fraternity. So you can pair up any design with the beautiful tattoo designs and motifs easily! Such an example can be demonstrated by the above shown tattoo.

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