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25 Engrossing Celtic Cross Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are what you are. They represent you and your personality to the outside world. People usually judge you by getting a good look at the various designs and symbols inked on your body. There are various creative designs available in the tattoo market at present. The most famous amongst these designs are Celtic Cross. Now you must be wondering what Celtic Cross means. A Celtic Cross comprises of a cross with a ring entwined at its stem. It originated in Ireland when the Christian missionaries introduced the cross to England. Nobody knows the basis of its origination but in the present times it holds a great spiritual value. People love getting inked with Celtic Cross in order to be in touch with their spiritual side.

A basic Celtic Cross comprises of an interwoven cross filled with dark colors and exhibiting serene beauty. So if you would like to get yourself inked with this spiritual symbol, read on further to know more about Celtic Tattoo designs.

1. Colorful Interwoven Celtic Cross:celtic interwoven1

celtic interwoven2

This tattoo idea comprises of a beautiful looking interwoven cross filled with alternating yellow and green color. Get this tattoo if you prefer a lighter tattoo.

2. Celtic Cross with a meaningful Ring:meaningful ring

This tattoo consists of a Celtic cross with a ring enclosing it. The ring holds some mysterious yet meaningful significance which is known just to the wearer.

3. Celtic Cross inked on the Ankle:on ankle1

on ankle2

You can get a small yet cute looking Celtic Cross inked on your adorable ankle which would give a really beautiful imagery in the end.

4. Celtic Cross inked on the Hand:on hand

You can now use the Celtic Cross to give homage to your loved and near ones who have passed away. Now you can recall them in your own special way.

5. Celtic Cross in Cool Shades:cool shades

cool shades2

Give a colorful twist to your cross by filling colors such as orange , green and various other bright colors in your tattoo! Give a trendy appearance to your spiritual cross.

6. Attractive Celtic Cross Tattoo:attractive celtic cross

This tattoo consists of a cross with black background and interwoven patterns against the background which looks extremely striking. You can also get the names of the people close to you inked around the ring of your Celtic Cross!

7. Celtic Cross on the Bare Back:on bare back

Show off your beautiful back by getting it inked with a tiny and beautiful looking Celtic Cross and ward off all the evils!

8. Celtic Cross with innovative Fonts:innovative fonts

Use traditional fonts whenever you are planning to get something written inside your Celtic Cross tattoo to make it look more real and beautiful instead of cheesy!

9. Celtic Cross across the side of the Torso:side of torso

These Celtic crosses used to be carved on the stones in early days. So you can get this beautifully intricate design inked on the side of your body to give it a more attractive appearance.

10. Dazzling Celtic Cross:dazzling celtic

Now combine spiritualism with fashion by adding bright hues to your gorgeous Celtic Cross design.

11. Gothic-looking Celtic Cross:gothic looking

You can use dark colors (especially black) to add a gothic touch to the Celtic Cross tattoo which looks really attractive once inked properly!

12. Celtic Cross tattoo on Leg:on leg1

on leg2

If you know a tattoo artist with great prowess, then you should get this extraordinary and unique design inked on your leg. A bit unconventional but sure to turn many a heads!

13. Artistic Celtic Cross Tattoo:artistic

The interwoven Celtic tattoos are renowned all around the world and it greatly shows off the toiling effort of the skilled tattoo artist.

14. Celtic Cross tattoo with angel Wings:angel wings

As already mentioned, Celtic Cross holds a spiritual value of great significance. Add angel wings to it to give it a more beautiful look!

15. Celtic Cross with a Rose:with rose

This tattoo comprises of a shaded Celtic Cross with a Red rose lying in its center. This tattoo looks spectacular especially as it is in contrast with the black background.

16. Bold looking Celtic Tattoo:bold looking

Show the love you have for God by getting inked with this huge and bold looking Celtic cross inked at the back of the leg. It can be inked on your torso or back too!

17. Blended Celtic Tattoo Design:blended

Look how beautiful it looks with the triangle patterns blended so impeccably with the Celtic Cross. You can create your very own innovative blend too!

18. Golden Celtic Cross:golden celtic

Celtic Cross tattoos are mostly inked on the biceps by the men and this tradition would be carried on for a long long time if the tattoos look as strikingly beautiful as this one!

19. Mystic looking Celtic Cross Tattoo:mystic looking

Give a mystic look to yourself by getting yourself inked with this equally mystic looking Celtic Cross which holds the belief that the soul of the loved ones still resides with a person!

20. Sleeve Celtic Cross Tattoo:sleeve celtic

If you wish to get inked with a sleeve tattoo then choose Celtic Cross as your design, especially shaded in bronze so that it renders a metallic appearance to your strong arm!

21. Celtic Cross in the center of the Back:on center back

This tattoo comprises of a beautiful Celtic Cross inked across back (at the center) and meaningful sayings and thoughts engraved near the tattoo which is a reflection of the wearer’s thoughts.

22. Celtic Cross in black and blue shades:black and blue

This tattoo comprises of a Celtic Cross filled with alternating blue and black colors which enhances the mystic appearance of the cross.

23. Celtic Cross with Skulls:skulls

In this tattoo, the Celtic cross accompanies skulls which is considered to be the symbol of departure of near ones or the commencement of a new life.

24. Neat looking Celtic Cross:neat looking

Avoid all the complexities by getting inked with a neat and clean looking Celtic cross on your hand or arms.

25. Green color Celtic Cross:green color

This tattoo enhances the beauty of the cross!

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