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25 Rad Gangster Tattoo Ideas

A gangster’s world revolves around just two things mainly- Arms & Guns. Hence the tattoos they prefer to get inked with naturally comprises of their favorite guns and other ammunitions. This shows the taste of the gangster and the lifestyle led by them usually. Most of the gangsters also prefer to get inked with the tattoos representing the gangs they belong to so that whoever gets a glimpse of their tattoo knows immediately that they belong to a particular gang. As for the placement, many prefer to get their whole body and torso etched with the various symbols, motifs and gang logo’s while others prefer to get sleeve tattoos signifying their affinity to a particular gang.

Guns and bombs are not the only themes that gangsters prefer. Nowadays gangsters can be seen sporting various tattoos with designs such as a colorful letter inked on their arm, a motif, the traditional gang symbols and even funny looking designs holding guns etc. So in order to deeper about a life that gangsters live have a look at this article and let us get a good look at the tattoos worn by them!

1.The Gangster Fun Tattoo:gangster fun tattoo

Have a look at the tattoo sported by this gangster on his torso. The skulls and other motifs surely make him look cool!

2.The Arm Sleeve Look:arm sleeve             

This sleeve tattoo rocks the arm of the wearer who has chosen to get inked with huge faces and names of some significant people in his life.

3.The Famous Scarface Tattoo:scarface

The movie Scarface is every gangster’s favorite movie I am sure! So this angry Al Pacino tattoo is a legend amongst the gangsters!

4.The Masked Man Tattoo:masked man

As you can see in the tattoo yourself, the man’s face is covered with a red mask in order to hide his identity when he is all prepared to attack his enemy!

5.Jesus with the Guns:jesus with guns

This is one bizarre looking tattoo with the image of Jesus Christ along with two pistols grasped tightly in his hands!

6.The Angry Gangster Tattoo:angry gangster

This black tattoo of an angry gangster holding pistols and determined to kill his enemy would look awesome on the forearm of a gangster.

7.The Famous Skull Tattoo:famous skull

The symbol Skulls and gangsters are almost a synonym as they both represent danger! So this skull tattoo would naturally look awesome when inked on a gangster!

8.The Evil Angel Tattoo:evil angel

Have you ever heard of an angel being wicked and evil? Get a look at this tattoo to see that it can be true! A guy clad in jeans with angel wings and smoking a cigarette looks rebellious.

9.The Killer Tattoo:killer tattoo

This tattoo looks scary and creepy as the clown and skull etched on the forearm of the wearer surely look hell bent on killing somebody!

10.The Retro looking Gangster Tattoo:retro looking

This sleeve tattoo shouts vintage as loud as possible! With a vintage car as well as casino slots etched on the arm of the gangster, it shows the affinity the gangster has towards everything vintage, chic and classic.

11.The Game of Death:game of death

As the name itself suggests, this tattoo shows a maniac skull laughing menacingly along with the pack of cards, dice as if saying that the death is just around the corner.

12.The Calligraphy Tattoo:calligraphy

Even the gangsters can go for something artistic and classy, just like this beautiful calligraphy styled tattoo inked on the wearer’s body.

13.The Hidden Murderer:hidden murderer

This colorful tattoo looks awesome, with the image of a killer masked protectively and holding pistol, ready to attack any moment!

14.The Hip Hop Tattoo:hip hop

This shaded tattoo looks breathtakingly awesome, with the guy near his boom box looking naturally techno!

15.The City of Dreams Tattoo:city of dreams

A Really cool tattoo to sport with the image of a mafia guy laughing roguishly at the dreams with which you have come to a big city.

16.The Lunatic Skull:lunatic skull

The tattoo comprises of a skull wearing goggles and laughing like a total lunatic! A cool tattoo to sport!

17.A Mad Dog Tattoo:mad dog

This sleeve tattoo looks quite menacing with a ferocious looking dog holding pistols in his hand.

18.An Anonymous Tattoo:anynomous tattoo

A gangster’s main feature is maintaining his anonymity in front of the world. So this tattoo would look really apt with a faceless man holding pistols in his hand ready to explode the brain of his enemy.

19.The Skull donning a Hat:skull donning hat

Have you ever seen a skull looking kind of official, prim and proper? If you have not yet then take a look at this tattoo which is impeccable to be sported by a gangster with a great taste and good creativity.

20.Skull with a Bandana:skull with banana

This is one violent tattoo, with the skull wearing a fiery red colored bandana, teeth bearing and ready to strike its enemy in a jiffy!

21.The Female Goon:female goon

This particular gangster has inked his arm with the portrait of a female mafia holding gun in her hands which looks very attractive and devilish at the same time.

22.A Comical Gangster:comical gangster

As Mentioned above, a gangster doesn’t always have great affinity for skulls, guns and ammunition tattoos! In this tattoo you can see the love the gangster has for the cartoon character called Hobbes which looks quite cute!

23.A Creepy Skull:creepy skull

Only a hardcore gangster who loves committing crimes at the drop of a hat can get inked with this creepy and scary looking skull which would surely scare the living daylights off most normal people!

24.The Star Gangster Tattoo:star gangster

This tattoo comprises of a blue colored star with red colored pitchfork criss crossing across it. As pitchfork is a symbol of Devil, you can imagine how devilish the gangster is!

25.A Sporty Skull:sporty skull

This playful skull looks quite sporty, wearing a cap and sniggering at the probably onlookers! It is wearing a black colored cap with letters LA inked in red over it. This is one funky tattoo to get inked with!

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