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26 Astonishing Finger Tattoo Designs

So do you think that nail varnishes and nail rings are the only things that could be made use of to enhance the beauty of your hands and feet? If you feel so then you are greatly mistaken! With beautiful tattoos inked on your fingers I guarantee you that they would increase the beauty of your fingers tenfold! Finger tattoos are not something which has come to trend recently. This is something which has been worn by women who used to get their ring finger inked with the name of their husbands. But nowadays the finger tattoo is not restricted just to the women, men can get them too. And it isn’t restricted to just one finger, you can explore your creativity and get two or all of your fingers inked in whichever design you wish.

Since the fingers are the part of the body which remains exposed to one and all, you would aim to get a cool tattoo that would impress the onlooker at just one glance! Few like to get their fingers inked with simple and subtle designs while others opt for much more loud designs, depending upon an individual’s personality. So today I bring to you 45 most astonishing finger tattoos. So just sit back and check them out! Happy Tattooing.

1. Really Expressive Finger Tattoo Design:really expressive 1

really expressive 2

Have you ever felt that people remain unaware of your emotions and how you feel and this makes you feel really hapless and frustrated. Now you can ink your emotions on your fingers and show the world how you feel!

2. Similar Wedding Ring Finger Tattoo Design:same wedding ring1

same wedding ring2

If you wish to show how committed you are to your spouse, you should definitely get identical ring tattoos inked on your ring fingers which can be your wedding bands!

3. Tribal design inked on Finger:tribal ring

If you are an adventurous guy who treats life as a challenge each and every day then you should get this tribal design inked on your finger which would reflect your daring persona.

4. Finger Tattoo Design saying “Shh”:shhh-finger-tattoo

Are you super cool and wish to exude your charm wherever you go? Then you should get your finger inked with cool and unique texts!

5. Anchor inked on the Finger:anchor1


This blue anchor looks gorgeous when inked on your finger. So get strong with your anchor tattoo!

6. Teardrops inked on the Finger:teardrops

Now the crybabies can really get their fingers inked with these super cute looking teardrops which you can place on your face to fool anybody you wish to!

7. Music and Lyrics on your Finger Tattoo:music1

This tattoo idea is great for the music lovers as well as for those who are musicians themselves!

8. Hearts and Aces inked on Finger:hearts and aces

If you wish to have something subtle as well as elegant, then you should get inked with heart and aces design which exudes good vibe and positive energy.

9. Piston inked on the Finger:piston

If you are an engineer, then you should probably get this cute piston inked on the middle finger and show off your love for machines.

10. “Insert Right Words Here” finger Tattoo:insert-right-words here

This finger tattoo idea is cool if you wish to give confident statement through your words!

11. Cute Skull inked on the Finger:cute skull

This tattoo comprises of a cute looking skull adorned with an equally cute pink bow sitting on its head and vines protruding from its skull. Now that is really adorable!

12. Finger Tattoo spelling out “Bookworm”:bookworm

If you stay immersed in books almost all the time, then you should get inked with this bookworm tattoo on your fingers. Looks really cool!

13. Skull with a number inked on the Finger:skull with number

Get this skull along with your favorite number inked on your finger. As the tattoo would be in warm tones, it would give a really soothing appearance to the entire design.

14. Finger Tattoo exuding Love:couple name

If you are head over heels in love with your spouse then you should get their initials inked on your ring finger to show your love!

15. Couple Tattoo on the Finger:couple tattoo

Get a finger tattoo similar to that of your spouse to show your commitment for each other.

16. Tiny Teardrop on a Finger:tiny teardrop

This tattoo comprises of a really cute looking single teardrop inked on the middle finger of the wearer.

17. Letters inked on the Finger:letters original

If you love playing cards then you can get the hearts, aces, diamonds and clubs inked on your fingers!

18. Mysterious symbol Finger Tattoo:mysterious symbols

You can ink mysterious yet unique looking symbols on your fingers to give them a cool and brilliant look!

19. Childish Tattoos on Finger:childish

Bring out the child in you by getting your finger inked with cute symbols such as rabbits, stars, paws, carrots and stardust! This would make your fingers look absolutely adorable.

20. Camera inked on the Finger:camera

If you love capturing life through your camera then you should definitely get your fingers inked with the same design to satisfy your fantasy!

21. Funky Finger Tattoo:funky

If you wish to exude funkiness then you should try wearing cool rings with your finger tattoos!

22. Delicate Rose on the Finger:rose

If you have beautiful hands and fingers, enhance the beauty furthermore by getting your ring or middle finger inked with an intricate and delicate looking red rose with leaves.

23. Diamond inked on the Finger:diamond

It is not possible for everybody to buy a diamond ring. That cants top you from getting a beautiful looking diamond inked on your finger!

24. Love inked on the Finger:love

Show love for your family or spouse by getting this Love tattoo with a cute looking heart.

25. Censored Language Finger Tattoo:censored language

You can find enough space on your fingers to vent out all your anger and frustration. So get this intriguing yet badass tattoo if you are brave enough!

26. Hello Kitty Finger Tattoo:hello kitty

Show your love for this famous and cute lil kitten!

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