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27 illuminating Magical Tattoo Ideas For All

Tattoo is everything about creativity and innovation. If you are creative and innovative, you are accordingly rewarded. The job of a tattoo artist is to bring our dreams, hopes, thoughts and expressions to life, and this job is one difficult task. Being creative, innovative and artistic, all at the same time is a difficult task. But this task is easily accomplished by the skilled tattoo artists. In another word we can say that the tattoo artists turn our dreams into reality. You must be wondering how. Many a times we have some cool design idea regarding a tattoo in our mind but we are usually unable to put that design on a paper due to lack of artistry on our side.

Here enters the tattoo artists who put the idea of ours on the paper and bring it to reality. This article would show such beautifully artistic tattoo designs inked by extremely skilled tattoo artists all over the world. Hats off to them!

1.    The Marvelous Tattoo of the Grim Reaper:The Marvelous Tattoo of the Grim Reaper

Who can ever forget the angel of death? Get forged with the tattoo of this forbidding angel and stand apart from the crowd.

2.    The Blinded Beauty Tattoo:beauti

This is one meaningful tattoo and extremely apt for those who are deep in pain after losing the only love of their life. Do get this tattoo if you feel it reflects your inner pain.

3.    Japanese inspired Tattoo:japanese inspired

Japanese had been first in the world to delve into the art of tattoo making. Get inspired from them through this beautiful tattoo of the traditional dragon.

4.    The Tree of Life Tattoo:trees of life

Tree teaches us to live life completely, strongly and remain deeply rooted to our values and traditions. Follow this meaningful mantra and get inked with this tattoo.

5.    The Men and Women Tattoo:men and women tattoo

This gender tattoo looks cool and expertly states that men are from mars and women from Venus. Sport this tattoo to look super cool.

6.    Cross of a Zebra and a Butterfly:cross of a zebra and butterfly

This tattoo looks startling at first look, but creative in the second with the butterfly possessing the stripes of a zebra. This is one creative tattoo of all time.

7.    Death Wings Tattoo Design:death wings

Look cool and dangerous at the same time with this skull tattoo having wings and places on a forbidding sword.

8.    Name Wings Tattoo:name wings

This tattoo comprises of angel sings inscribed with the name of the wearer. This is a cool tattoo idea to show off your name in a really flattering way!

9.    Motivational Portrait Tattoo:motivational portrait

Tattoos with motivational and inspirational themes are in trend nowadays. So why not choose this tattoo? Follow your dreams and get motivated by your tattoo to achieve success in life.

10. The Warrior Tattoo:the warrior

If you are a fighter who has passes all the musters thrown in your way by life and if you have emerged as a winner in the end, then this warrior tattoo is totally apt for you!

11. The Sun Tattoo:sun tattoo

Sun is the life source of everything on the earth. So why not get this powerful sun inked on your body? Get energized by this sun tattoo!

12.  A Giant Snake Tattoo:giant snake tattoo

Just have a look at the minute and complex looking designs inked into the body of the snake. The wearer did choose a really skilled tattoo artist to get this tattoo!

13. The gypsy girl Tattoo Design:gypsy girl

If you are a girl who hates being bounded with oodles and oodles of limitations and prefer to be free, then you should get this tattoo!

14. A Phoenix Tattoo:phoenix tattoo

Phoenix birds possessed special power of rebirth, being born from their own ashes. So celebrate your rebirth as a new and a much more improved person with this tattoo.

15. An Artistic Flower Tattoo:artistic flower

This tattoo surely looks basic when viewed first, but if you closely scrutinize the art work involved, you will be awed.

16. The Chinese inspired Lion:chinese lion

This design is probably one of the most sought after designs by the tattoo lovers all around the globe!

17. A Girl in Melancholy:girl in melancholy

This tattoo comprises of a tearful mysterious girl with a unicorn horn on her head, this tattoo makes for an amazing weird fairy tale design and is surely intriguing!

18. The Butterfly and the Bud:butterfly and the bud

This tattoo shows best the working of nature!

19. The Shy Angel Tattoo:shy angel tattoo

This tattoo comprises of an angel who is quite coy about something and looks really cute!

20. The Rose with a Key:rose in a key

Rose is usually said to be the symbol of love. So this tattoo connotes love and deep commitment.

21. Various Tribal Art:various tribal art

As mentioned in my precious articles, tribal tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo designs in vogue at present. Have a look at these beautiful tribal designs and choose one for yourself now!

22. Sketch of a Dragon:sketch of  a dragon

Once again, this tattoo is inspired from the famous Japanese culture. This tattoo shows great sketching technique used by the tattoo artist which makes the dragon look really scary and real!

23. Tribute to the Friend:tribute to a friend

Pay tribute to your friend who used to be close to your heart but has left this world forever through this beautiful and touching tattoo.

24. Skull with the roses:skull with da roses

This is a meaningful tattoo conveying the message that beauty is never eternal and has to end one day.

25. The Cute Angel Guardian:cute guardian angel

This angel has a cute smile on his equally cute face which radiates with innocence and mischief both at the same time!

26. Sword with the Wings:sword wid da wings

This tattoo tries to say that the warriors who die for their country and sacrifice their lives are equivalent to the guardian angels of the heavenly abode!

27. Tribal Dragon Tattoo:tribal dragon tattoo

This tattoo looks unique as the dragon is embossed with tribal artwork. Looks marvelous and is a great tattoo to opt for if you want a unique tattoo for yourself!

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