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30 Appealing Wrist Tattoo Designs for Girls

A girl’s wrist is one of the most sensuous part of her body and appeals to their senses. It also looks extremely elegant and is quite popular amongst girls all over the globe! So if you have a really graceful looking wrist then why abstain from flaunting it to the world? Yes, you can get inked on your wrists because they can define you and your personality beautifully. Nowadays girls are becoming quite flashy. So do not put a lid on your creativity, you should get innovative ideas and jot them down on a piece of paper to get a really beautiful design which would adorn your delicate wrist.

There are various designs to choose from- be it a cute saying, professing love, getting a bracelet like tattoo around the wrist or even getting your very own armband around it. So think out of the box and explore your creativity. Experiment with your ideas, twist and turn your wonderful designs so that you end up with a really wonderful looking wrist tattoo! Have a look at the cool wrist tattoo ideas provided in this article. Happy Tattooing!

1.A Motivational Wrist Tattoo:motivational wrist

Get a really beautiful motivational thought inked on your wrist to remind you of the positives of life and how to live it your own way.

2.Your Cute Bunny Pet Tattoo:bunny pet

Do you have an adorable looking bunny rabbit as a pet of yours who is the apple of your eye? Show this love of yours for your cute little ball of fur by getting inked with this cute looking bunny tattoo.

3.Tattoo Saying “Someday”:someday

This tattoo makes the wearer believe that there is a colorful rainbow in the sky after rains. So a person should not lose hope and always keep faith in herself.

4.Your Anchor Tattoo:anchor

Your life is your anchor. Celebrate life by getting inked with this cute and meaningful tattoo on your wrist.

5.A Garland Tattoo:garland

This wreath of flowers would look really beautiful around your wrist.

6.Fly Away Bird:fly away

Now you can show your carefree attitude and nature by getting inked with this cute looking bird which stands as a symbol of freedom and immense joy.

7.Letters Tattoo on wrist:letters tattoo

This tattoo looks beautiful and encourages you to hold on during the difficult times life throws on your way.

8.Adorable Angel Tattoo:adorable angel

This cute little angel sitting peacefully on your wrist would capture the attention of every onlooker in the vicinity!

9.Cute and Colorful Butterfly:butterfly

Every girl loves butterflies. So you should definitely get inked with this cute looking pink colored butterfly on your wrist.

10.Music Lover Tattoo:music lover

Are you a musician who loves her music and believe that music sets a soul free? Get this tattoo to show the world what music means to you.

11.Snow on the Wrists:snow on wrist

Snowflakes look beautiful as it reminds us of holidays and Christmas. Rejoice in the festive season by getting inked with this beautiful snowflake inked on your wrist.

12.Starry Night on the Wrist:starry night

The shooting stars zooming right across your wrist would look like a really beautiful piece of art when properly inked. Make sure you use appropriate color combination for this tattoo!

13.Cute Flower on the Wrist:cute flower

Simplicity is the best beauty. This saying is very true as this colorful little flower looks beautiful, sitting delicately on the wrist of the wearer.

14.Motivating yourself Tattoo:motivating yourself

When you seem to lag behind in your life, motivate yourself with these quotes and move forward with a confidence stance!

15.Cute Little Dino:little dino

Doesn’t this cute little dancing Dino with a red heart looks adorable and heart warming? This is a wonderful tattoo to get inked with on your wrist!

16.Music gives Freedom:music gives freedom

If you are one of those who find solace in music, then this tattoo is a perfect design for you girls!

17.Prints of the Paw Tattoo:print of paws

Dedicate a tattoo to your pet dog by getting adorable looking paws inked on each of your wrist!

18.The Angel Tattoo on Wrist:angel tattoo on wrist

The wearer of this tattoo dedicates this tattoo to a special friend of hers.

19.Polynesian inspired Tattoo:polynesian
Polynesian tattoos are in vogue nowadays. You should take advantage of it and get a Polynesian styled armband inked around your wrist!

20.A Cuff Tattoo:cuff

Have a look at this tattoo and you would immediately note the creativity of the tattoo artist and the way he/she had transformed a tattoo to resemble cute cuffs!

21.The Lucky Horse-Shoes:lucky horse shoe

Get double lucky by getting inked with two horse shoes on your wrist! Your luck would be in your hands, literally.

22.Like a Diamond:like a diamond

Now even you can shine bright like a beautiful diamond by getting this sparkling stone inked on your wrist!

23.A Beautiful looking Carpe Diem Tattoo:carpe diem

Carpe Diem tattoos are in vogue right now and it is a great idea to get it inked on your wrist.

24.The Friendship Tattoo:friendship

Pay a tribute to your best buddy by getting this adorable and meaningful looking tattoo etched on your wrist.

25.Bracelet styled Tattoo:bracelet styled

This is a creative tattoo idea and being adopted by many tattoo lovers all over the world!

26.Live with Love Tattoo:live with love

Celebrate the love of your life by getting this tattoo which speaks volume about how special love is for you.

27.The Tron Tattoo:tron tattoo

If you are a fanatic fan of the movie Tron, then you can get inked with this symbol!

28.Peace with Love Tattoo:peace with love

This is a meaningful tattoo combining peace as well as love on both the wrists saying spread peace wherever you go and keep love in your heart forever!

29.A Total Noob Tattoo:total noob

If you are a nerd and remain immersed in the theories of data communications etc, then you should get inked with this total geeky looking symbol of USB as well as a Firewire!

30.Harry Potter on the Wrist:harry potter

If you are crazy for everything about harry potter, then you should get inked with this Potter Scar on your wrist and cherish it forever.

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