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30 Breathtakingly Beautiful Harry Potter Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are a medium through which you can express your emotions, thoughts and excitement. They are also a medium through which you can show your craziness for a particular thing, person, famous personality, actor, animals or anything! But in this article we would love to give a mighty good present to all the Harry Potter fanatics out there! Yes, this J.K Rowling creation has stolen the hearts and minds of all the kids and adults alike all over the globe! And after the books were adapted to movies, the people got crazier and fell head over heels with this legendary character. From there came the idea of showing your love and craziness for harry potter by getting harry potter tattoos inked on the body!

These tattoos contains designs of just not the wizard but also the various props like magical wands, brooms and various other characters jotted down in the book. You can choose any design you wish (according to the love you hold for your favorite harry potter character) or customize your very own tattoo. So brace yourself and have a look at the 45 best Harry Potter Tattoos in trend at present.

1. Text from the Harry Potter Book:text from harry potter

text from harry potter2

Take a look at this particular tattoo and if you are an avid harry potter fan then you would have guessed by now that this dialogue was said by the very famous wizard of his age Professor Dumbledore. A beautiful dialogue with deep meaning and a cute looking time turner is worth being inked on your body.

2. The Magical Broomstick Tattoo:magical broomstick tattoo

Commence your magical journey by getting yourself inked with this cute magical broomstick!

3. A Portrait of Harry Potter:harry potter portrait1

harry potter portrait2

What’s better than the picture of your favorite fantasy hero inked on your body! This tattoo looks particularly good when inked on arms and back!

4. Harry Potter with Blue eyes:blue eyes

Etch this cool looking Harry Potter face with striking Blue eyes and signature Round glasses on your body.

5. Dark Mark of Lord Voldemort:dark mark lord voldy

dark mark lord voldy2

Who can forget the signature symbol of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named? The dark mark surely looks very formidable comprising of a skull with its snake like tongue protruding out from its mouth! This was his method of summoning his loyal death eaters. This tattoo surely gives chills!

6. Deathly Hallow Tattoo:deathly hallows

Start your own journey in search of the deathly hallows (elder wand, resurrection stone and a cloak of invisibility) by getting yourself inked with this attractive deathly hallows design.

7. Creepy symbol of Dark Lord:creepy symbol dark mark

It creeps the living daylights off people after having a single glimpse at this creepy looking Dark Lord symbol. So go get it for yourself and scare your friends!

8. Harry Potter as a ring Tattoo:harry potter as a ring

The wearer has got a cool looking HP etched on his calf which is surrounded by intriguing words uttered by Professor Dumbledore.

9. Platform 9 and 3 quarters Tattoo:9 and 3 quarters

Go get a joy ride in the infamous Hogwarts Express by getting yourself inked with the platform 9 and 3 quarters tattoo.

10. Adorable Dobby Tattoo:dobby tattoo

Who can forget the adorable elf in Harry Potter? Get the Dobby Tattoo now!

11. Hogwarts Crest Tattoo:hogwarts crest tattoo

This tattoo comprises of the school crest along with the image of the strict Professor Snape.

12. The Golden Snitch Tattoo:golden snitch

Are you a Quidditch Lover? Then you should get this golden snitch tattoo done immediately to show your love for the wizard sport!

13. Dark Mark on the Leg:dark mark on leg

You can also get You Know Who’s Dark Mark inked on your legs which would look really beautiful!

14. Harry Potter Scar:harry potter scar

The simple Harry Potter scar on the feet looks exceptionally pretty.

15. School House Tattoo:school house

Get yourself inked with a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin House Tattoos. Choose Wise!

16. Harry Potter Always Tattoo:harry potter always

Show the love and loyalty you have towards harry potter by getting inked with this beautiful tattoo with a beautiful message.

17. A Marauder’s Map tattoo:marauder's map

If you are up to no good then you should definitely get this tattoo!

18. Hogwarts Emblem Tattoo:hogwart's emblem

“Never wake up a Sleeping Dragon”. This is what the school motto in Hogwarts is. Go get inked with this Emblem!

19. Quotes of Albus Dumbledore:quotes of albus dumbledore

Get yourself inked with beautiful and wise quotes of the witty Professor Dumbledore.

20. Similar Harry Potter Tattoo:similar harry potter

So now girlfriends and boyfriends can get inked with the similar harry potter tattoos too!

21. Harry Potter Stuffs Tattoo:harry potter stuffs

This tattoo comprises of all the Hogwarts stuffs of Harry Potter. Dive into the fantasy land and get them for yourself too.

22. Cute Harry Potter Tattoo:cute harry potter tattoo

These famous lines said by J.K Rowling looks impressive when etched in red on your pretty toes!

23. Mischief Managed Tattoo:mischief managed

Mischief Managed was said by Harry Potter whenever he wanted to erase the Mauarauder’s Map. It looks cool when inked on your back!

24. Awesome Hallows Tattoo:awesome hallows tattoo

This Black and White Deathly Hallows Tattoo would look really beautiful due to its skilled shading technique.

25. The Hogwarts Castle Tattoo:hogwarts castle tattoo

Whenever the students used to approach the Hogwarts castle for the very first time, the view of the castle used to be breathtakingly beautiful. Get the same image inked on your body!

26. Snitch on the Wrist:snitch on wrist

This snitch would look perfect if you would fashion it like a bracelet around your graceful wrists.

27. Harry Potter Hallows on ribs:harry potter hallows on wrist

If you can bear pain, then you can get the hallows inked on your ribs!

28. Harry Potter Fanatic Tattoo:harry potter fanatic tattoo

This tattoo is suited for the fans all over the globe who are madly in love with harry potter and everything connected to the famous wizard.

29. Golden Snitch behind the Ear:golden snitch behind ear

A golden snitch inked behind the ear would look adorable! The snitch with its wings fluttering madly looks gorgeous.

30. Harry Potter Muggle Tattoo:muggle tattoo

Muggle means non-magical folks. Do get this tattoo as it would look really cool on the forearm or the hands!

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