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30 Hard Core Bad Ass Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are considered a style statement by the wearer in today’s world. It is a style statement which reflects the personality and nature of the wearer. The tattoos have evolved awfully lot from the time they came into being in ancient cultures. So now more and more of the people are preferring to wear their thoughts and personality on their body in the form of tattoos to show off to the world! Bad ass tattoos are usually the one in which a tattoo artist does not inhibit his vast creativity and let flow his thoughts, ideas and designs without any hindrance. As you will see later in this article, the bad ass tattoos are cool tattoo designs to get inked with as it speaks volumes about your love for anything, be it small or big!

The tattoos can consist of a single bold color or maybe infused with variety of colors, depending totally upon the choice of the wearer! The tattoos vary in various sizes and can be placed wherever you wish to. So sit back and have a look at these following awesome bad ass tattoos!

1.A Free Dog:free dog                         

As you can see by the tattoo itself, it shows a dog running away, chasing his freedom and breaking free from the bondages of the world.

2.Sexy Upper arms:sexy upper arm

If you are already sexy and wish to ooze with more sexiness then you should probably get inked with this beautiful looking tattoo.

3.Well-Patterned Tattoo on Back:well patterned

Tattoos do not need to be extravagant all the time. This can be proved if you have a look at this subtle yet beautiful looking tattoo in such a great pattern inked on the back of the wearer.

4.Girl on the Thigh:girl on thigh

Many people do not prefer getting a cute looking tattoo inked on their thighs. But this black color tattoo looks extravagant inked against the fair skin of the wearer.

5.Colorful Divine Tattoo:colorful divine

This is a Divine tattoo whose beauty increases tenfold after the addition of such beautiful colors to it!

6.Ominous looking Wings:ominous looking

If you are into the concept of gothic and are a true and avid follower, then you should definitely get etched with this forbidding looking wings that would make you appear mysterious to the onlookers.

7.Tattoos with some Mystique:with mystique

Getting inked with mysterious looking human figures is favorite with the tattoo lovers all over the world. This particular one looks like one skilled tattoo design.

8.Tribally Yours:tribally urs

This snake tattoo fashioned in a tribal way surely looks enchanting and charming and is a good tattoo to get inked with.

9.In Love with Veg:in love with veg

If you are a vegan and proud of this fact then you should probably get inked with beautiful vegan tattoo and show the world your pride!

10.Your Favorite Pet:fav pet

Do you have a pet dog with whom you are madly in love with? Then you should show this love in the form of this beautiful and touching pet dog tattoo.

11.A Beautiful Outline:outline

Outline of this pretty looking girl with her hair blowing with the breeze surely makes a beautiful scene to look at.

12.Heart Wings on the Back:heart wings

A winged heart of course is a common tattoo choice. But if done with great and different creativity and by an impeccable tattoo artist, this tattoo would look really gorgeous.

13.Artistic Shaded Tattoo:artistic shaded

It is a known fact that the shadow technique is totally in vogue nowadays and looks spectacular in this tattoo shown here.

14.Amazing Tattoo on Hand:amazing tattoo on hand

Doesn’t this tattoo looks really artistic? Get ine for yourself, especially on your hand!

15.Guitar with the Stars:guitar with stars

This tattoo looks really innovative if done in a proper manner as shown in this picture.

16.Adorable Owl Tattoo:owl

This adorable looking nocturnal creature would look beautiful when inked on your body. Do get one for yourself too!

17.Animal’s Tattoo:animal tattoo

If you are in love with the nature and wildlife around us, then this tattoo is completely apt for you.

18.Appealing Flower:appealing flower

The colors with which this flower has been filled makes this tattoo looks stunningly beautiful and a must have for every girl tattoo lover!

19.Innovative Necklace Tattoo:innovative necklace

This tattoo in the form of a neck piece looks unique due to its inspiration derived from ancient patterns!

20.Gorgeous Floral Tattoo:gorgeous floral

Look gorgeous by getting etched with this equally gorgeous looking floral tattoo whicj=h looks extremely feminine!

21.Enchanting Mermaid:enchanting mermaid

The mysterious mermaid looks beautiful and enchanting and is sure to make everybody fall in love with her.

22.Creative Cutout Tattoo:creative cutout

This is an extremely creative and innovative tattoo design and hats off to the highly skilled tattoo artist who thought if this design!

23.Tattoo with a Symmetry:symmetry

Sometimes an abstract and symmetrical tattoo looks amazing and takes away the admiration of the onlookers around the wearer.

24.The Gramophone Tattoo:gramophone

It is a rare sight seeing a gramophone around us nowadays. So get inked with this music player of old days and keep it with you forever.

25.Quote on the Waist:quote on waist

This quote tells us to appreciate beauty in everything which a person usually neglects in this world. This is an inspirational quote accompanied with a beautiful looking true making it quite a striking looking tattoo.

26.An Extensive Back Tattoo:extensive back tattoo

Tattoo covering the entire back extensively looks fab and is a great idea, especially with this beautiful looking peacock in the tattoo.

27.The Mighty Horse:mighty horse

If you are a black horse meant to go a long way and achieve every success on your way, then you should get inked with this mighty and strong looking horse tattoo with a deep meaning attached to it.

28.Tattoo saying Bake:bake

You should get this tattoo if you love baking cakes, cookies and all the yummy goodies!

29.A Blooming Lotus:blooming lotus

Bloom like this beautiful lotus in your life and be successful always.

30.Skull on the Ankle:skull on ankle

A skull with a cute looking bow on its head looks evil and cute all at the same time. So get it immediately!

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