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30 Mind-Blowing Prison Tattoo Ideas

Are you more towards the daring side and wish to show off your adventurous nature to the world? Is there a darker side to your charming personality which you hesitate to bring out in front of the world? Each one us possess a dark side. But prisoners are the ones who act solely on their dark side and thus are heavily punished. Life of a prisoner isn’t a luxurious one. It consists of hardships which makes most prisoners suffer from depression. Prisoners and their lifestyle has always intrigued us a lot and we crave to know more about them. So these prisoner tattoos can serve as a great source of database with respect to the prisoners, the events they have gone through in their life, their mindset and lifestyle.

Prison tattoos are those worn by the criminals who are serving their sentence in the jails. Usually they get it inside the prison itself which is quite painful procedure. But the prisoners wear their tattoos like medals which reminds them of the hardships they had to bear while they were in prison once they are out living normally. So let us a have a look at the best 30 tattoos wore by the prisoners as their great talisman!

1.The very Famous Swastika Design:swastik            

Who can ever forget the rebellious German symbol Swastika. The prisoner hear is etched with this rebellious symbol as well as barbed wire around his arm which shows the hardship he has gone through.

2.A Full Torso Tattoo:full torso

The prisoner here is sporting a cool looking grey as well as black colored tattoo inked on his tattoo which looks really beautiful and creative at the same time!

3.Gang Tattoo Design:gang tattoo

This prisoner is sporting a bold H letter on his shoulder which connotes that he is associated with a gang and supports it wholeheartedly.

4.Neurosis Tattoo on the Forearm:neurosis

This tattoo tries to say that the prisoner is suffering from the illness called neurosis due to the depression he is suffering from after so many hardships in his life.

5.Evil yet Funny Tattoo:evil

The criminal here tries to show that he is evil yet funny at the same time through his skull tattoo sporting a cap and grinning evilly.

6.Getting Live Tattoo:getting live tattoo

Here you can see how prisoners usually get inked inside prisons via skilled tattoo artists. Although deemed illegal, still practiced in most prisons!

7.A Clown with Axe:clown with axe

An evil looking clown holding an axe and donning a menacing smile on his face sure gives creeps to almost everybody! This is one creepy and scary prisoner tattoo to get inked with.

8.Beloved Tattoo:beloved

Here you can see this prisoner sporting a portrait of his girlfriend in the form of a tattoo inked on the upper back portion of his body.

9.A Tattoo on the Calf:on the calf

This prisoner surely looks super cool wearing the tattoo of a grim reaper on his calf which surely speaks volumes of the crimes committed by him!

10.The Webbed Tattoo:webbed

This web tattoo sported by the prisoner signifies how long the prisoner has to serve his sentence in the prison.

11.Only Time Will Tell Tattoo:only time will tell

This tattoo holds a deep meaning in the heart and mind of the prisoner wearer as it especially tells about the uncertain fate of the prisoner.

12.The Bullied One:bullied one

This picture shows a prisoner sporting numerous tattoos etched on his body. So what do you think- is he a prisoner bullied badly by his inmates in the prison or is he the one who did all the bullying? It is up to you to decide!

13.The Offensive Gesture Tattoo:offensive gesture

This is one offensive tattoo which throws a direct jibe at the head of the jail and the prisoner authorities!

14.Breaking out of the prison:breaking out of prison

This tattoo shows two men fighting with each other which can be seen as the desire held by the prisoner to break free from the bondage he is in!

15.A Skull Tattoo on the Head:skull tattoo on head

This tattoo comprises of a skull etched on the head of the prisoner which shows how aggressive and frustrated the prisoner is.

16.A Colored Prisoner Tattoo:colored prisoner tattoo

This tattoo comprises of the word prisoner above which is perched an axe and a sword criss crossed. This tattoo surely looks awesome!

17.Death Around the Corner:death around corner

The prisoner is sporting this tattoo to show that he is a recipient of capital punishment and is going to die soon.

18.Tattoo on the Thigh:tattoo on thigh

This is an awesome looking tattoo showing skull with its fangs out and roaring crazily!

19.A Carefree Skull:carefree skull

If a prisoner wishes to look cool and carefree he can get inked with this tattoo of the skull smoking a cheroot with a crown perched on his head.

20.Tattoo on the Stomach:tattoo on stomach

As you can see in the picture yourself, the guns surely makes the goon a gun and crime-lover!

21.Gang inspired Tattoo:gang inspired

This tattoo shows that the prisoner’s love for his gang even after his sentence and imprisonment.

22.Aggressive Man Tattoo:aggressive man

An aggressive man inked on the arm of an equally aggressive prisoner is surely a scary idea and creepy to look at!

23.Blasting Tattoo:blasting
this prisoner believes in crimes and criminal activities so much that he would indulge in these activities even after being imprisoned!

24.Thigh Portrait:thigh portrait

This portrait of the famous tv actor inked on the thigh of the prisoner looks really amazing and is a great tattoo idea.

25.Ferocious looking Skull:ferocious looking

This feisty looking skull with its dangerous tongue out looks really ferocious and scary inked on the thigh of the prisoner!

26.Prisoner Teardrop:prisoner teardrop

This is one emotional prisoner with a teardrop at the base of his eye and the word heart-breaker inked on his neck.

27.Tattoo on the Chest:tattoo on chest

This is one mysterious prisoner tattoo with the meaning of the tattoo known only to the prisoner!

28.Tattoo over Tattoo:tattoo over tattoo

Cool tattoo to get inked with when previous one gets faded!

29.Aztec Tattoo:aztec tattoo

This prisoner tattoo is a wonderful tattoo idea.

30.Tattoo on face:tattoo on face

This is a great tattoo idea quite famous amongst the prisoners!

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