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30 Rib Tickling Funny Tattoos Ever

One thing may seem hilarious to somebody, but the same thing might hold some significant value for another. This is an amusing article so let us have a look at the hilarious levels to which the people would go when it comes to funny tattoos! For Creativity- sky is the limit. So usher into the world of freedom and choose any design you wish to get inked with. People like to show that they are super cool and hence go for tattoo designs that have no particular meaning, but maybe it hold some secret significance to them! The funny tattoos doing the round in the tattoo industry are the nutty hello kitty tattoo, spinach can of the famous cartoon character Pokemon or some killer poster girl!  So let loose and create your very own weirdly funny tattoos by getting inspired from the Freaky ideas mentioned in this article. Happy Tattooing folks!

1. Tattoo of the famous Pac Man:pac-man-tattoo

Who can ever forget this famous game of the 90’s? If you miss your childhood days and wish to connect to those days again, get this funny looking Pac Man on your forearm!

2. The Freaky Onion under the arms:under-arm

Remember those days when we used to stick an onion under our arms to raise our body temperature and bunk school? Get inspired by those memories and get this tattoo!

3. A Cheesy Hot Dog Tattoo:hotdog

This is one super cool and cheesy hot dog, standing in a stylish way and exhibiting cool attitude!

4. The Stitch Tattoo on the arm:stitch tattoo

If you are a great fan of Lilo and Stitch, especially Stitch, then you should get this cute looking character inked on your arm and relive your lively childhood days!

5. The Note and Lyrics Eater:note eater

This tattoo looks very innovative with the devilish note and lyrics eater chasing the notes, ready to grapple them in its deadly hands. Explore your creativity by adding your personalized touches to this tattoo.

6. Zombie as a Pet:zombie as pet

This tattoo looks extremely freaky with this cute little girl taking her very personal zombie pet out for a walk wearing the leash! Creepy!

7. The Murderous Chef:murderous chef

It would scare off anybody who throws even a glance at this creepy looking tattoo with a girl holding the chef knife, ready to strike any moment.

8. The Donald Duck Tattoo:donald duck

Get back to the past by getting inked with this famous Donald Duck Tattoo who has made us laugh always!

9. Twin Duck Tales:twin duck

Funny and creative tattoo with twin ducks on each thigh, with one duck saying “Hey You” and the other replying “Who Me”?

10. Funny giraffe Tattoo on the ribs:funny giraffe

This is one “rib-tickling” tattoo to get inked with! It shows a giraffe inked on the ribs of the wearer with its nose high in the sky!

11. Girl Fight Tattoo:girl fight

This tattoo describes the famous cat fights that occurs between girls and motivates them to fight hard and never give up!

12. A Bat in Flight:bat

This tattoo shows a bat running away with the blood bag (maybe stolen from the blood bank) and is quite amusing as it connotes that it isn’t getting anymore preys in the wild!

13. The Funny Frog Tattoo:funny frog

This tattoo shows a funny frog blowing raspberries at the on lookers and making funny faces too!

14. An HTML inspired Tattoo:html

If you are a geek who is in love with the HTML and other geeky topics, then show your obsession by getting inked with this permanent HTML tattoo.

15. The Scary Hello Kitty Tattoo:scary hello kitty

Who would have ever thought that something as cute as a Hello Kitty could look so murderous, scary and vindictive when designed in such manner. Scare people around you by flaunting this version of hello Kitty.

16. An Adorable Monkey Tattoo:adorable monkey

Won’t this monkey look super adorable when inked on your body? Do get this cute bundle of love!

17. A Funny Teddy Tattoo:funny teddy

This tattoo is a great idea if you are planning to get a sleeve tattoo for yourself! The teddy looks grumpy and adorable!

18. Cute Bird on the Leg:cute bird

This tattoo would look great if you plan to get a leg sleeve tattoo in near future! The yellow bird looks quite startled and yet adorable at the same time.

19. Scary Little Kid Tattoo:scary little kid

If you are into freaky horror flicks and love freaking out everybody around you then you should definitely get inked with this scary looking girl! It would give goose bumps to everybody who takes a look at it!

20. Pencil behind the Ear Tattoo:pencil behind ear

This tattoo looks extremely realistic, with the pencil placed behind the ear the way we usually do with any ordinary real pencil!

21. The Anti-Nazi Tattoo:anti nazi

This tattoo shows a Nazi struggling for his life and almost on the verge of dying.

22. An Anti-Rash Tattoo:anti rash

Get inked with this creative looking anti rash ointment and keep the rashes at bay always!

23. The frogs and the Toads:frogs toads

The legs full of toads and leaping frogs look quite cute and gives an appearance of playing in a muddled pond!

24. Angelic Rat Tattoo:angelic rat

A cherub like rat resting peacefully on the arm of the wearer with its wings spread out looks quite serene and beautiful.

25. A Different World:different world

This tattoo is best for those who remain lost entirely in their own world and existence.

26. A Corset Tattoo:corset tattoo

This corset tattoo looks so real that it would give off animpression that the wearer is wearing a totally real corset!

27. The Creepy Eye Tattoo:creepy eye

This tattoo is that of a cute looking octopus red in color, with a protruding green colored funny eye. This surely looks very funny!

28. A Scary Halloween Tattoo:scary halloween

This creepy looking character would surely give many a creep or two!

29. Popeye the Sailor:popeye

Get strong like Popeye with his spinach!

30. Bright Octopus:bright octopus

Add glitz to your elbows with this tattoo!

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