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35 Adorable Baby Tattoo Designs

Nobody can ever define the role a baby plays in the life of a parent. Babies are the blessings poured into the life of the parents from the Almighty God. They are a bundle of joy that brings smile and genuine laughter on the face of a mother and a father each and every moment. So great are the babies and precious to the parents that they prefer to get inked with the image of their precious babies.

Be it the foot prints of the babies, hand prints, cute little chubby faces or a cute family portrait, the parents and guardians love getting inked with these beautifully unique designs. A child is an angel gifted by the God to the parents in this world. So they want to celebrate this bundle of joy in their life b getting inked with a gorgeous tattoo in a way to say thank you to God for blessing them with such a beautiful baby. Let us have a look at 35 gorgeous looking baby tattoos famous all over the world and hope you get inspired by them too!

1.Inked on my Heart:inked on my heart

The portrait of a chubby baby inked directly over the heart of the father which seems to be saying how important the baby is for the parents and how very much they are in love with the baby.

2.A Cherub Looking Baby:cherub looking       

Doesn’t this baby looks like a cherub? The parents must be one proud parents of this baby!

3.Cute Devilish Baby:cute devilish

If you have a baby who is extremely naughty but yet lovely, you should get inked with this beautiful baby tattoo!

4.The Joyous Baby:joyous baby

If a baby has brought immense joy into your world, then this tattoo is totally apt for you!

5.Puzzled Baby:puzzled baby

This is quite an adorable looking tattoo with the baby having his hand on his forehead, wondering why there are so amny strangers at his home!

6.The Rockstar Baby:rockstar baby

If you believe that your baby is going to be a rocking rockstar in future then go ahead and get inked with this tattoo!

7.Baby in a Cart:baby in a cart

This tattoo is a funny idea to get etched with showing an adorable baby riding a cute little cart pulled by an insect!

8.A Sleeping Baby:sleeping baby

This tattoo shows a cute little baby sleeping peacefully and undisturbed and is a fascinating tattoo to get!

9.The Adorable Daughter:adorable daughter

If you are in love with your adorable angelic daughter then show this love by getting this beautiful tattoo this instant!

10.Have a Nice Sleep:have a nice sleep

This is a touching tattoo which seems to say that baby sleep well we are with you protecting you always!

11.Cutie Boy Tattoo:cutie boy

The tattoo shows a small baby boy wrapped warmly in bundle of clothes and donning a content look on his face.

12.New Born Baby:new born

This tattoo seems to say that the baby has just arrived in this world with some confusion in its eyes as everything is new around him.

13.Angelic Little Baby:angelic baby

The angel with wings is the reflection of a baby of the wearer of this tattoo who considers his baby to be as angelic as a cherub.

14.A Smiling Angel:a smiling angel

A baby looks like a precious angel when it smiles like one. That is what this tattoo is trying to portray here.

15.Enclosed in the Wings:enclosed in wings

This baby enclosed protectively in wings symbolizes a baby being help protectively in the warmth of a mother’s arm.

16.My Dear Baby:my dear baby

This tattoo comprises of a content baby girl in two cute ponytails looking happy where she is!

17.Sad Baby Tattoo:sad baby tattoo

This image of a sad baby is a tribute to the unborn baby who didn’t see the light of this world due to grave and tragic consequences.

18.Footprints of the Twins:footprints of twin

Here in this picture the mother has inked herself with the adorable looking footprints of her twins whom she must adore lovingly!

19.Baby on the Chest:baby on the chest

This baby is inked on the chest of the father wearing a cute cap on its head and looking amazed at something!

20.Tribute To Mom:tribute to mom

Raising a child is not an easy task, especially for the mother! So this tattoo is a tribute to the mother of the child, the mother who is like a real life robot when handling her kid!

21.Footprints on the Leg:footprints on the leg

Here once again you can see a pair of beautiful looking foot prints imprinted upon the leg of the father who clearly is in love with his child.

22.Innocent Baby:innocent baby

The eyes of the baby in this tattoo would captivate the heart of any onlooker with an ease as they look so innocent and warm!

23.A Playful Baby:playful baby

This tattoo comprises of a playful little angel playing which connotes how the wearer’s baby usually plays all day long!

24.Baby in a Hand:baby in a hand

This tattoo consists of a baby face etched inside the hand of the baby of the wearer. This is one catchy tattoo to get etched with!

25.Lovable Baby:lovable baby

A lovely baby with a lovable look on his face is all about this tattoo which would bring warmth into the heart of every onlooker around the wearer!

26.Droopy Eyed Baby:droopy eyed

As the name itself suggests, the baby here is so sleepy that he is unable to even keep his eyes open properly! Sleep baby sleep.

27.Cherubic Baby:cherubic

Have a look at how this small new born angelic baby is enjoying her very first sleep in this world.

28.The Real Footprints:real footprints

I can assure you that this is one creative and innovative baby tattoo. It comprises of the footprints of the baby, the actual footprints recorded at the time of the birth of the baby! Now isn’t that a warm tattoo idea?

29.Baby with Toy:baby with toy

In this tattoo the baby girl is grasping her toy and looking expectantly at somebody.

30.Baby with a Name:baby with a  name

Here the wearer of the tattoo has chosen to get his child’s name inked along with the face of the angelic baby!

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