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50 Best Love Statuses for Facebook of All Time

Facebook is the name which starts a new revolution in the world of internet. There are a lot of social networking websites, But Facebook is the most popular among those websites. It’s a social networking site that consists of more than 1 billion users. Many People (of all age groups) use Facebook on a regular basis. Most of the youngsters become addicted to it and hence share each and every moment of their life among their Facebook friends.

People share different status according to their mood on their Facebook wall including  Music Status For facebook . Expressing the love for anyone is a very difficult task and it’s more difficult on Facebook. Some love status can express user’s feelings for anyone. Don’t worry about the source of such love status. We try to collect some love statuses which are full of sentiment and emotions and perfect way to express personal feelings. Here you will find 50 Best Love statuses for Facebook of all time.

love statuses for facebook

• LOVE is when you don’t know why you seem to be attracted to that person.
• Its so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you.
• You Know your in Love when every kiss is like your First and your Last! <3
• ‘Cause tonight will be the night that I fall for you over again.<3
• I don’t have to ask for much – Because with you I have everything.
• Someday you’ll fall on your knees & You’ll beg for me.
• A kiss is a love story distilled into a single moment.
• It’s amazing how stupid you can be when you are in love.
• “Dreams are shadows cast by truth shining on our darkest secrets”
• I’m not letting you go because I don’t love you… I’m letting you go so that you can realize that you love me.
• I may not show it, but I’m crying inside. You may not know it, but it’s you that I want.
• sometimes I wish you would see me in the same way that I see you…
• I don’t miss you. I miss who i thought you were, but in reality your just a liar and a fake
• You said you’d love me forever
• Once you care about a person, it’s impossible to be logical about them anymore.
• Love is a language spoken by everyone but understood only by heart.
• Hi … A word that is too simple. But admit it, This is where the love starts 🙂
• It takes a strong heart to LOVE but it takes an even stronger heart to LOVE after its been BROKEN.
• I love it when I see old couples in love b’coz it makes me believe that TRUE LOVE does exist.
• Nothing is perfect in love. If you expect it to be, better be ready for disappointment.
• LOVE does not need to be perfect. It just needs to be TRUE.
• One thing is for sure, Love keeps us going when everything else stops moving.
• Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness.
• Love is just a word. But when your BF says it, they give it a meaning.
• I finally got my past, present and future correct today. I loved you. I love you. I will love you forever.
• True love does not have a happy ending, because true love never ends.
• Love is sweet when its new, but sweeter when its true.
• Love is like quicksand. The more you are in it the deeper you sink.
• Before I met you – I never knew what it was like to look at someone & smile for no reason.

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