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8 Unique Rugs that Everyone Should Own

One of the biggest misconceptions about rugs is that you need a simple design for a subdued or conventional interior space. Unique rugs have the amazing ability to fill a room with personality without being too loud or distracting.

If you want to give personality to a living or dining room, a rug should be the first thing to consider as a solution. Rugs are mostly affordable, they can age and get worn down without giving the room a dilapidated appearance, and they are considered to be art for your floor in the same way paintings are art for your walls.

Let’s take a look at 8 unique rugs that you should definitely consider for your living space.

Raffin Beige Brown Leaves Area Rug

Area rug with a size of 3’ x 5’ from Andover Mills is ideal for the living room or common area. It is big enough for a small living room set or dining room table and has natural tones, but a unique and simplistic design. The best thing about this rug is its price tag. Relative to other high-quality rugs with similar themes, this rug is ideal for the starter or student.

It is made from machine-woven polypropylene and eco-friendly and recycled wool and cotton. Overall, this is a high-end area rug that has a pile height of 0.47” –  making it more suitable for high-traffic areas and not really as a comfortable and soft floor cover.


This abstract-themed rug by Alyson Fox features triangular and parallel lines with grey, black, blue and earthy tones, providing soft and aesthetic relief to an abundance of clean and modern lines, especially in an interior space that is dominated by cool hues. This rug has a size of 4’ x 6’ and perfect as an area rug that has to double as a visual focal point.

The rug is made from wool and cotton, and a pile that is low enough to accommodate a lot of traffic. It is easy to clean and the perfect addition to the interior of a suburban space.

Marrakesh 001N0

Two-tone rug from Sphinx that has an authentic, yet sophisticated pattern with a brown ivory hue that is indigenous to Marrakesh. This is one of the more unique rugs with an art style that is primitive and minimalistic and is perfect as an area rug for setting a basal atmosphere, rather than a focal point. They are available in 6 different sizes, making it a unique and versatile choice for any space in your home. The pile is half an inch, so as to accommodate traffic as well as to provide an element of comfort and softness.

Nomad 633R5

This exquisite rug from Sphinx is incredibly versatile and can be used to accentuate its immediate environment, whether it is contemporary, classic, or even minimalistic. The orange, purple, and pink shades are known to match most interior styles and since this rug is available in 6 different styles, chances are that this is the rug for that special area in your home.

Moroccan Collection 3

A beautiful handmade rug from NW Rugs’s Moroccan Collection has a unique design that is almost dominated by simplicity. The typically Moroccan art style may remind one of other contemporary trends and the tone is warm and neutral. It has a size of 8’ x 10’ and is ideal for living room sets. The pile makes it perfect for adding softness and warmth to your room.

Marrakesh 8022N

If you are looking for a rug that finds it uniqueness in simplicity, take a look at the 8022N from Sphinx’s Marrakesh collection. It has a comforting dark brown color with a simple tribal pattern. The darker background has some lighter parallel details that add a lot of personalities and visual interest.

This rug is available in 6 different sizes and will match most contemporary and classic spaces. The pile is perfect for use in high-traffic areas.

Himalayan Art 5

An NW Rugs edition with a unique Himalayan flower theme. This design is strikingly unique, especially since it has a natural theme and neutral tones. This rug will liven up any modern or minimalistic space with cool tones and clean lines. The floral theme is filled with personality and will work especially well as a focal point for your floor. This rug truly reminds one of dreamy destinations.

Gabbeh Collection 1

Beautiful rug with neutral warm tones and a pattern motif in the center. This rug is made by hand and has a size of 7.09’ x 9.09’, making it ideal as a basal area rug to provide a warm atmosphere in your room.

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